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Anita Waller's books are real page-turners, packed with intense plots, characters you can't help but get invested in, and stories that'll keep you on the edge of your seat. And that is exactly what this one does.

I loved the concept of the four best friends all being born within six months of each other, it really showed how these friends are more like family and the bonds that family have, and what one will do to protect another.

This isn't your run of the mill thriller, this is more of a deep story of connections and family, with some thrill mixed in.

I really enjoyed it and am excited to try out Wallers other stories.

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Aw. This book is really heartfelt and tugs at the heart. Four women with an unbreakable bond. Now that's a sisterhood I want to be a part of.

I like the chemistry of the four bestfriends. They all have different personalities and each of them has their own insecurities and flaws but they compliment each other very well. I am glad that no crime or murder could destroy this unique friendship.

Although sometimes the events tend to be a bit monotonous and tedious, I enjoyed Erin's bookstore and eventual cafe shop. I imagine myself having a cuppa while reading a book. That must be nice.

Everyone likes tea too much, by the way.

A very decent read.

Thank you Boldwood Books & Netgalley for the ARC!

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What fantastic book, I didn't want it to end! Anita is an amazing writer, and has the abilty to bring out the sinister and twisted in the most mundane of situations! I've loved all her books, this is another cracking read.

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Wow! I loved this! Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this ARC in exchange for my honest review!

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Excellent storytelling and the hits kept coming. I really enjoyed the multiple points of view, the friendships between the girls that could withstand anything and an excellent twist that I didn’t see coming at the end.

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This talented author has written a page turner. Friends with secrets…red herrings kept me guessing. Follow the days’ events with these women and try to guess what will happen next. A book to be read all at once…a cannot put down novel that sadly reads like nonfiction, at times. This book would make a suspenseful movie. Thanks Netgalley.

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