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3.5 stars

I love the writing style of this author and enjoyed the previous book in the series very much so was looking forward to this. Nice story, nice characters and a real sense of community and belonging.

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I was so excited to return to the Board Game cafe and I wasn't disappointed. Another arm, witty, heartfelt tale of quirky characters, friendship, love and community. Definitely one I'll be recommending.

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The third book in a series and returns to the cafe that as well as being a cafe promoted board games. This storyline focuses on Taylor a single Mum and Harry. Lots of fun as well as romance. An easy 5 stars. Thanks to Jennifer and her publisher. Thanks also to NetGalley

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A definite feelgood book with plenty of warmheartedness and community spirit. Set in a small town in Yorkshire, the book is part of a series and, although I've read the first book, I think it does stand alone not having read the second. Delightful ordinary everyday characters with even a villain in the piece highlighting different issues of our time. Light read and enjoyable.

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I loved the first book in this series and read this without knowing there was a second. It stands alone very nicely. Such lovely characters with some real life issues such as a single mum trying to help her son cope with bullies while she tries to make ends meet while following her dreams as a fashion designer. The upscaling of clothes is a very topical issue too, and was woven in very well. A truly lovely read, very enjoyable

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This is the third book in the Board Game series but it works very well as a standalone. That said it was a delight to meet the characters from the previous books and meet new ones in this book. It is a gorgeous story following single mum Taylor, her son Max and unlucky in love Harry. Really enjoyed this and read it in a single day.

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Sweet, interesting and meaningful, Second Chances at the Board Game Café by Jennifer Page tells a story about a single mother who dreams of being a fashion designer and a man who lacks confidence in himself after a breakup.

Summary: Taylor Sweet has always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer but had to give it up when she had her son Max. Now, she is a single mother who fixes and alters clothes for a living. But a railway enthusiast named Harry unwittingly provides her with the chance to fulfil her dream.

• strangers to friends to lovers
• single mother
• small town
• slow burn
• contemporary romance
• found family
• set in Essendale and Hebbleswick

Review: The story started a little slowly, but it set up the scene very well. Every little piece of drama in this book was executed well and evoked plenty of emotion. I also love the double meaning of "second chances", one being Taylor's second chance at being a fashion designer and two being both their second chances at love. It's so smart!

Taylor is a single mother who seeks to fulfil her dream, and I find this plot so beautiful. It's nice to see her on her way to fulfilling her longtime dream, and her positivity and contentment are honestly admirable. I love that she never once thought of Max as a burden even though he was the reason why she couldn't pursue her dream. That's on top of the fact that Max is a "difficult child". To her, Max is a gift, and that's simply beautiful. I also love how she upcycles clothes. It's so inspiring!

Harry is a train geek who is afraid to show his true self due to insecurity, particularly after his ex Fay broke up with him because he was a nerd. I feel that this is realistic because many people may feel insecure about certain aspects of themselves that others may deem boring or unattractive. But I just love how perfect Henry is for both Taylor and Max. Just like Harry, Max is a train geek! I already loved him for them from the very beginning.

It's so nice to see characters from the first two books, The Little Board Game Café and Love Letters on Hazel Lane, in this book again. Well, everyone except Tarquin, who never fails to be a jerk that nobody wants to see. He's so gross, but let's forget about him. It's SO NICE to see Emily, Ludek, Jo and Kate (with that one mention of Raz), along with other side characters. The community spirit at Essendale and Hebbleswick is lovely (minus Tarquin).

The classic The Railway Children appeared in this book a lot. As I haven't read that book yet (it's still on my TBR), I didn't understand the references immediately. However, I love that the author explained the details just enough such that I can understand them in context with the story! It adds on to the train theme in this story, along with the board game Ticket to Ride. I didn't even know such a board game existed, and it looks so fun! I want to play it someday because of this book :)

All in all, I recommend this book to anyone who would like to read a slow-burn friend-to-lovers romance with a touch of realistic issues. This book has plenty of references to The Railway Children, that being Max's favourite book, so if you've read that book and perhaps enjoyed it, you may enjoy this book a little bit more!

Thank you, NetGalley, for the read.

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Board games -☑️. Slow burn romance - ☑️. Cozy small town vibe -☑️.

If these are all things you love in a book, then this wholesome book is for you. It was like a warm hug after a long day, and I found myself really looking forward to it! While it’s not the first book in the series, it’s a standalone novel so can be read on its own. But you can bet I will be going back and reading the rest of the books in the series.

I thought the author did a great job at touching on topics like parenthood, bullying, and having the courage to chase your dreams. I thought Taylor was a great, empathetic FMC and her journey from hyper independent to accepting help from those who cared about her really made me happy.

Harry is also now one of my favourite characters. I love that he doesn’t fit the bill of your stereotypical MMC, and his desire to help others, especially Taylor, and the challenges he faced in previous relationships were handled with such care. Plus his relationship with Max was so adorable.

It’s such a sweet story, that focuses more on relationships than romance (though it’s definitely not without romance!) and I just loved everything about it!

Thank you to NetGalley, Aria Fiction and Jennifer Page for providing me with an early access copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.

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Another trip to Hebbleswick and Essendale. This time it's single mum, Taylor, who has dreams of fashion design but spends her days sewing zips and buttons. Her son, Max, is being bullied at school because he likes trains, not football. Harry is an accountant, who also likes trains and routine, but somehow Taylor disrupts his life without knowing.

This time the board game theme is train games - my family loves ticket to ride and it's lovely to read stories that aren't based around the usual romance themes.

I've really enjoyed these books and the development of the original characters too. It's nice to see what they're up to, even if they're now mainly in the background. I wonder if Kate is the star of the next installment (if there is one!).

Once again, the characters are well written and some are thoroughly dislikeable (Tarquin doesn't seem to have got any nicer in the 2 years that have passed since the first book).

I would note that Max isn't explicitly autistic but likes routines (same food on particular days) and trains, seemingly to the exclusion of all other interests. He's bullied at school, even by the teachers, and that might be upsetting to some readers. Same with Harry - not explicitly autistic but has a backstory of bullying.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an advanced ebook copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Loved going back to the board game cafe. I enjoyed reading what was happening with the characters. So uplifting and warm and fuzzy
Wholeheartedly recommend everyone to get a copy

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hank you to Netgalley and the tagged publisher for my copy.

I'm reading the third book in The Little Board Game Café #3 series, which introduces us to a list of characters within this community. This book focuses on Harry, Taylor, and Max. I appreciate that Taylor is a single mom and that she shares her struggles with her son, who, from my perspective, appears to be neurodiverse. It's heartwarming to revisit this sweet little café run by Emily, who is so wholesome and kind.

Taylor has given up on her dreams of being a fashion designer and settled for making repairs and alterations from her cramped rented flat since Max's father decided he wasn't cut out for fatherhood. She's desperate to move and would like to transfer Max to a closer school where he wouldn't be bullied as much. However, Max is adamant he doesn't want anything to change.

In addition to Max, we are introduced to Harry, a character with similar tendencies towards routine and a sweet demeanour. However, due to negative experiences with females, he can be hesitant around them.

One day, Taylor mistakenly cuts six inches off a pair of jeans that Harry had asked her to alter by only six centimetres. To make up for her mistake, she upcycles the jeans by adding a tartan flare and pockets. This led her to start an upcycling sewing class above the café and eventually put on a fashion show at the local school to showcase her talents. Taylor hopes that by doing so, she will be able to attract more interesting work than just replacing zips and taking up hems.

This class gets a lot of attention and is packed and then we see some progression between Harry and Taylor although there are some hiccups as well that made me laugh out loud.

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This is an enjoyable, cosy romance read which I enjoyed reading. This is the third book by Jennifer Page and although it is a standalone story it follows on with the characters previously met in her other two books. I enjoyed the themes of board games and upcycling clothes, which both appeal to me. I liked the easy flow of the story and the slow build-up which went with it. Taylor is a single mother who is trying to do the best for her son. She has all sorts of dramas in her life and then she meets Harry, a train enthusiast who loves board games.

There are some delightful characters in this book and I liked Taylor. Harry is quirky and lacks confidence but has a kind heart. There are characters from previous books too, so, it was nice catching up on their lives.

The plot line is fairly obvious, though that didn't deter from the story at all, in fact, it added to the easy nature of the story. If you like board games, being creative and a nice romance story then this one would be a good choice.

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Three and a half stars.

Taylor is a single mother of a child, Max, who is just that little bit 'different' from the other children. He is mathematically gifted, socially awkward, doesn't like sport, and very particular about things being predictable eg always fish fingers on a specific day of the week, vegetables not touching the meat etc. Since Max's father decided he wasn't cut out for fatherhood Taylor has given up on her dreams of being a fashion designer and settled for making repairs and alterations from her cramped rented flat. She is desperate to move, and would like to move Max to a closer school where he wouldn't be bullied as much, but Max is adamant he doesn't want anything to change.

Harry is an accountant. He is also quite literally a train spotter, a loner, someone with a set routine, even dressing for the office when working from home. His favourite hobby, aside from watching Michael Portillo's train journeys on TV, is playing train related board games at the Board Game Café. After his last girlfriend used him to fix things around the house then dumped him for being boring he's been a bit reticent around women.

Initially, when they meet, Taylor thinks Harry is a typical grey boring accountant, and she much prefers the flashy estate agent Tarquin with his sharp suits and colourful outfits, but she quickly comes to realise that Tarquin is actually a well-dressed creep who promises much and delivers little, while Harry is kind and thoughtful. But Taylor is convinced Harry would never be interested in a woman with a child, especially one like Max. Whereas, for his part, Harry thinks no-one as beautiful and talented as Taylor could possibly be interested in a train spotter.

After Taylor upcycles a pair of jeans which Harry accidentally asked her to cut six inches off, instead of six centimetres, by adding a tartan flare and pockets, she is persuaded to start an upcycling sewing class above the café and put on a fashion show at the local school to showcase her talents, which might win her more interesting work that replacing zips and taking up hems.

This was a heart-warming cosy romance, Taylor has been brought up not to be beholden to anyone and so her kind friends, customers, and neighbours have to find creative ways to help her (like putting on a fashion show), and Taylor has to learn that help isn't always given out of pity.

So sorry I seem to have missed the second book featuring schoolteacher Jo.

I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.

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Another excellent book from Jennifer Page. Having read her first two books I couldn't wait to read Second Chances at the Board Game Cafe. I wasn't disappointed all three books are well written and beautifully linked to the previous one.
A must holiday read but be warned once you pick it up you won't be able to put it down.

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Thank you to NetGalley and Aries Fiction for approving this ARC.

This is the 3rd book in The Little Board Game Cafe series. I’ll start off by saying I’ve not read the others in the series.

This was described as “perfect for fans of small-town settings”. I saw that and was SOLD! Nothing beats a good old cosy romance and a bunch of colourful quirky characters.

It’s a short read at 260 pages. Harry is a railway enthusiast and Taylor is a tailor and a single mum. I found the novel struggled with pacing. Quite often there was too much description of what they were doing, almost like info dumping, and could’ve done with editing to make it more short and succinct or more engaging.

At 25% in, I had been introduced to characters in name but none had their personality showing through. It wasn’t until the very end that I begun to connect with some of them. We get to know Max, Taylor’s son, but it takes about 60% into the story before a relationship starts to form between Max and Harry. This was probably my favourite part of the book.

Overall, I liked that the book was realistic and detailed the inner struggles the characters had, they weren’t perfect and were flawed, but it took a long time to endear me to them. It felt like a slog to get through most of the book. The ending was lovely, and I loved the sense of community so it redeemed itself there.

I love contemporary romances and small town settings but this was overall a miss for me as it took too long for me to really enjoy it. I’ve rated it 2.5/5 stars, rounded down.

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Delighted to be back at the little board game cafe in Jennifer's 3rd book in the series. Lovely easy read that needs to be added to your holiday must reads to take along.

Thank you to the publishers for the personal invite for this.

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Received as an ARC in return for my honest review.

Single Mum FMC x Train enthusiast MMC
Small town
Board game café

This is the 3rd book in the Little Board Game Café series and I genuinely don’t know why the hell I haven’t ready this sooner?!?! Board games? Check. Cute cosy Yorkshire village? Check. Fiercely independent single Mum FMC? Check. Adorable and shy MMC? Check. What’s not to like……

I loved the writing style for this, it was like visiting home and being drawn back into the lives of your best friends with all the comfort that comes with that. Despite this being slightly longer than average at just over 400 pages I ate this up in record time. Now just to go back and read the first 2 and then patiently wait to see what’s the come next from Jennifer and her brilliant mind.

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I love being able to slip back into a community where I feel like I'm visiting old friends, and Second Chances at the Board Game Cafe was just that.
This time, we meet a single mum, Taylor, who is a sewist/seamstress. She is not entirely living her dream of being a fashion designer but struggles to keep her head above water. She also has a steady life for her son, Max, who finds certain situations a bit tough to handle.
And then we have train enthusiast and accountant, Harry. He's a bit socially awkward and not very experienced with women, but he finds himself strangely attracted to this young woman he keeps seeing in places.
The Board Game Cafe is integral to finally getting them to know one another, albeit under circumstances that have nothing to do with romance! (Don't worry; that follows!)
Taylor is a complex character. Because of falling pregnant, she has not been able to realise her childhood dream, but rather than feel upset, she tries her hardest to give her son the best life she can.
Harry is such a sweetheart, and he really doesn't know it!
I love the way their relationship develops, but the connection Harry has with little Max is possibly one of the cutest! Though it isn't made much of, seeing two people with similar social anxieties and interests come together is just wonderful. I only wish they had met sooner!
Hearing updates on the other characters, such as Mr B and his wonderful ladyfriend and even Jo from the last book, was really lovely. As I mentioned earlier, it's like visiting friends.
A wonderful story with community at the heart and a great message about upcycling, along with raising some awareness of the difficulties some children have at school when they are neurodiverse.
Many thanks to NetGalley and Aria & Aries for an ARC.

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Genre - Small town romance
Dual pov

I was extremely honoured to be invited to review this by @jenniferpagewrites. I have signed copies of her first two books, The little boardgame cafe and Love letters on Hazel lane so I was very excited to start this one!

This book shows us fiercely independent Taylor, a single mother and seamstress, who gave up her childhood dreams of becoming a fashion designer, to battle through the trials and tribulations of making ends meet on her own.

We also see adorable and people pleasing Harry. With his trainspotting and number crunching quirks, combined with a rather awkward and somewhat shy personality, he simply wants to be liked. Romanced is teased with these two but after a misunderstanding, they need a little help from their friends, Taylors son and a huge dose of community spirit to bring them together.

I love that we see characters from previous books who don't lose their intricately crafted personalities. One of my favourite lines is from Mr B. Taylor apologises for her choice of language after the pair witness a tremendous catastrophe. Mr B says, "no indeed, sh*t seems very appropriate given the circumstances." Which if you knew his gentlemanly and dapper character from previous books, would surely make you chuckle as it did me.

The descriptive writing captures our imagination from the very beginning and the pace doesn't drop for a second. This book is uplifting, heartwarming, the characters are relatable and hugely community spirited. We easily find ourselves yearning for such warmth from strangers who become friends as is portrayed in these books.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ From me and I can't wait for the next one! Thank you Jen for making my Easter weekend all the more beautiful with your marvellous writing ☺️

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