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In this historical fiction novel, readers explore life in 1924 England when Lady Elodie Caraway and her daughter Melissa are trying to escape her abusive husband and restart their lives (while also trying to uncover the secret of Elodie’s mother’s death back in 1916). Finding refuge on Beamer Street, Elodie and Melissa start over with new lives, a job at an apothecary, and new supportive friends (including Aiden, Elodie’s longtime friend who works as a gardener for her husband). With a chance to start over and new friends, life in Liverpool at Molly Haywood’s boarding house. This new life is wonderful, peaceful, and safe, but Elodie’s husband finding them looms over their heads throughout this novel. Readers should be aware of the presence of IPV and domestic violence in this novel and proceed with caution. The characters in this novel are honest and wonderful, with complex backstories and fully formed personalities from the first page. The relationships between the characters are charming and wonderful, while the setting of Beamer street is busy yet cozy. With its many characters and charming setting, Riley’s latest novel is an excellent piece of historical fiction for fans of women’s historical fiction set in the early twentieth century.

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Have read the previous books and thoroughly enjoyed them. This author manages to grab the reader's attention from page 1 and keeps hold until the final page! Lots of characters easily understood with plenty of intrigue......even although you have a good chance of knowing the outcome, it's how the author takes you there!
Enjoyed this book and hope there will be another on the way soon.
Many thanx to NetGalley, the author and the publisher for allowing me the chance to read and review this book

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Elodie found herself in a terrible predicament. She must flee from her husband and find "A Safe Haven on Beamer Street". Her safety and the well being of her child was dependent of it.

There was no better place for Elodie than Beamer Street. The people on the street were more than just neighborly. They became family. Well, one neighbor can be a little bit of a pain.

I read the previous book "Finding Friends on Beamer Street". I would recommend reading this first as you get to know the characters that appear in this book as well.

I really enjoyed the book. I was afraid for Elodie. Her husband was pure evil.

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This was a fantastic sequel in the Beamer Street series and I really hope it won’t be the last. I was instantly pulled back into the lives of Beamer Street residents old and new. This is a wonderfully written series that will leave you feeling every emotion going. All the characters are great well-rounded people who genuinely just want to help each other get through the war in any way they can. If you want a heartwarming historical saga I would definitely recommend

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A Safe Haven on Beamer Street, by a new to me author, Sheila Riley is an emotional heartfelt story that I could not put down. The author takes her readers on a picturesque journey from Lancashire village of Lavender Green in 1916 to the docks of 1926 Liverpool.

The story centers around Elodie Kirrin a.k.a. Lady Elodie Caraway. Elodie is forced into an abusive marriage by the villainous Lord Silas Caraway after the mysterious death of her mother. With the help of lifelong love and friend Aiden Newman, Elodie finally makes her escape with her daughter. Aiden takes them to his aunt, Molly Haywood of Beamer Street in Liverpool, who takes them in as lodgers no questions asked. Here Elodie changes her name to Ellie Kirrin. She decides to follow in her mother’s footsteps, and use the training she learned from birth by setting up an apothecary to help heal those less fortunate. With Aiden’s help her dreams come true, or do they? Will Lord Caraway find Elodie (Ellie) and carry out his threats? Grab a copy of this intriguing story to find out.

Riley captured me from the prologue and kept me engaged to the end with her exquisite vibrant prose, vivid characters, and great imagery. Even though I have not read the first book in this series it did not matter as A Safe Haven on Beamer Street works as a standalone due to Sheila Riley’s fantastic storytelling.

Thank you Boldwood Books for the complimentary e-copy of this awesome book via NetGalley. I was not obligated to write a favorable review, and all opinions are my own.

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Escaping an abusive marriage is not an easy thing to do. Can she get away and start a new life or will she be caught out.Read this well written book to find out. as we head back to Beaner Street to find out what happens.5 stars.

Thanks to Netgalley, author and publisher for this ARC

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A Safe Haven on Beamer Street is the second book in Sheila Riley's Beamer Street series.

Elodie, trapped in an unhappy marriage, seems refuse. Aidan comes to get rescue, taking her and her daughter Melissa to his subtle Molly's place in Liverpool, where Elodie plans to open an apothecary, applying skills inherited from her large mother. Can she protect them from her abusive husband?

I found this novel delightful. The characters are vibrant and varied, and the vivid descriptions allow me to imagine the setting clearly. I highly recommend giving it a read.

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A Safe Haven on Beamer Street by Sheila Riley is the second book in this series about a street in Liverpool full of welcoming and forgiving people. Elodie Kirrin was just a girl when her mother died, ostensibly of suicide, which she had trouble believing. She was taken in and later married to the local lord, Lord Silas Caraway, and led a pretty miserable life there with her daughter. When her first love, Aiden, returned after having been reported as dead, things got interesting. When she steamed open the letter from the London doctor, she realized that now Silas would realize that Melissa was not his and both of their lives would be over. Aiden spirited them off to his aunt in Liverpool where they would never be found. Elodie had found a home and a place where she could practice her skills with herbs and live a peaceful life. She was still married so she and Aiden would never be together, but after he moved to Liverpool to help her, at least she saw him every day.

It is a shock to recall that people still believed in witches this late in our history. It is also shocking that the local lord could have this much power. Drugs have always been to the detriment of the person taking them and it’s good to be reminded. Stories in this time period show us a simpler time in many ways, but also a more difficult one, sometimes. It is a good reminder when one is able to read an enthralling book with excellent characters and a good plot, that simpler times were not always simpler, just different. Thanks, Sheila Riley!

I was invited to read A Safe Haven on Beamer Street by Boldwood Books. All thoughts and opinions are mine. #Netgalley #BoldwoodBooks #SheilaRiley #ASafeHavenOnBeamerStreet

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Elodie escapes her abusive husband, changes her name and moves to Liverpool. Can she find a new life or will her husband be able to find her? Good read and the start of a new series.

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Book 2 of 2 - Running from her past. I loved the the twists, not being able to guess what is next. Well written, a must read!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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Back to Beamer Street I went, this time with Ellie being introduced to life on Beamer Street with her daughter Melissa in the hopes of escaping her awful husband. Ellie hopes to carry on her apothecary to help the local residents as it has been in her family for many generations. I love Sheila's saga novels, she really draws you into the story, you can feel how the characters feel and feel like you are with them. I can't wait for the next instalment from the Beamer Street residents.


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This is the second book in the Beamer Street Series and after loving the first book I was so excited to start this one. And yet again this author has written another wonderful addition to this series. Right from the prologue I just knew I was going to be completely glued to this story until it reached its final conclusion. The characters are all well developed and there are some who we met in the first book, Finding Friends on Beamer Street and we are also introduced to some new characters. The friends and neighbours on Beamer Street are all united in helping each other even those who struggle at times with lack of money and they are always there for one another in times of need. This is another emotional read in the series and I look forward to the third book in the series.

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Yet another great book in the Beamed Sreet series.Lady Caraway is in an abusive marriage with her 24 year old daughter Melissa.Lady Caraway knows she has to get away before her secret is found out.Her friend Siren helps her get away to Liverpool where she changes her name but her secret is still catching up with her there.Thank you to Netgalley and Boldwood.

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Elodie Kirrin loved to help her mother grow herbs and make tonics and poultices for the local villagers. One particular villager Aiden had already captured Elodies heart. On her sixteenth birthday Elodie should have been happy but her mother was found hanging believed to have committed suicide and Aiden was sent off to War. The last straw for Elodie was her home burning to the ground she now had nothing and no one. Believing Aiden to be dead she marries Lord Caraway. All Lord Caraway wants is a son and he makes Elodies life a misery. After having a daughter not a son Lord Caraway ignores the child too. Unable to live like this anymore Elodie decides to runaway with her beloved child to start a new life in the Liverpool dock lands.
This is an emotional story of the ups and downs that arise as Elodie try’s to build a happy new life for herself and her daughter. It’s a great read that I recommend and is book two in a trilogy. I look forward to reading book three

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Beginning in 1915, Elodie Kirrin and her mother Deborah are well known in the Lancashire village of Lavender Green as herbal healers, or "wise women", as their mothers before them. Unable to afford doctors, villagers seek them for their remedies for all types of maladies. Even the big man himself, Lord Silas Caraway, has Deborah make up his tincture of laudanum despite the law preventing her from doing so. After all, as a high court judge, Lord Silas IS the law.

After the death of his wife Lady Felicia and baby son, Silas blamed Deborah and her witchy ways for their untimely deaths. But Lady Felicia was ill with childbed fever after delivering a stillborn child.

A year later, it's 1916 and Elodie has reached her sixteenth birthday. Her one true love Aiden Newman now 18 had just received his papers to go and fight for King and country. But this birthday was to be one Elodie would remember for all the wrong reasons. Instead of the lemon cake her mother had planned on baking for her birthday, she arrives home instead to her mother having apparently taken her life, her world crashing down. Lord Silas offers Elodie a lifeline - marry him and want for nothing. All she has to do is bear him the son and heir he so desires. Grieving for her mother and for Aiden now away fighting, Elodie believes she has nothing left...especially when she receives news that Aiden is missing presumed dead. What has she left to live for?

When 1924 comes round, after six long torturous years married to Lord Silas, Lady Elodie Caraway must make her escape. And so she finds herself on Beamer Street in the Liverpool docklands with her six year old daughter Melissa, and a far cry away from the life she knew in Lancashire and the stifling one she had married to Lord Silas. But here in the docklands, Silas would never think to look for her there. Here, at least, she's safe.

Soon she makes friends with residents Molly Hayward and Mary Jane Caradine. Even little Melissa is coming out of herself and loving having a 'big sister' in Molly's youngest daughter Bridie, who has taken Melissa under her wing. Despite being a newcomer, Elodie makes friends amongst the women and opens her own apocethary across the street where she makes up tinctures and treats maladies to the working class who cannot otherwise afford medical treatment. Life is good on Beamer Street. But Elodie is always looking over her shoulder in case Lord Silas should find her and punish her for leaving him, taking his anger out on Melissa more than likely for not being the son and heir he so desires.

It has been a couple of years since the first Beamer Street book, I had been wondering when another was on the horizon and this one was worth the wait. Although it is the second in the series, the story is standalone and can suffice as such but these sagas are always best enjoyed when one reads them all, aren't they?

The characters are all well developed. From the gossipy women of Beamer Street to dastardly Lord Silas, a character we definitely love to hate. The story as it unfolds displays the resilience of those of their time and I just enjoy revisiting the faces of Beamer Street once again.

I can't wait for book 3. Maybe the new family that pitched up at the end has a story to tell in that one. I look forward to the next one in any case.

I would like to thank #SheilaRiley, #Netgalley, #BoldwoodBooks and #RachelsRandomResources for an ARC of #ASafeHavenOnBeamerStreet in exchange for an honest review.

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Elodie had married Lord Caraway and has escaped with her daughter Melissa. With a change of name will they find there safe haven? This emotional read had my eyes brimming with tears as I got to know the friendliest of characters. It's plot is dark and harrowing with twists that keep you invested. I felt heartbreak and joy. It's a pleasure meeting all the characters even the not so nice ones. I loved the era of the story and I am looking forward to reading the third book.

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1924 Liverpool.
Lady Elodie Caraway and daughter Melissa escapes from Lord Caraway, as dark secrets start to unfold, leaving Oakland Hall to the Liverpool dockland, A safe haven, with a change of names to protect them, what life is in store for this mother and daughter.
Dark, heart breaking, harrowing read from the author as the second book unfolds, so emotional to make your eyes fill up. I loved reading this book getting to know all the characters along the way, looking forward to book three in this fabulous series.

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I loved this book, another in the brilliant Beamer Street series. The story was engaging, with enough drama to keep me interested. This story could easily be read as a standalone book, but, if you haven't already, I really recommend you look at the other Beamer Street books as you won't be disappointed.

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A safe Haven on Beamer Street by Sheila Riley.

If you had to endure the war and living at that time , Beamer St and those that live around that area is the place you'd want be be !
Always great to catch up with the people of Beamer street old and new! Great storyline and characters.

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Thanks to the Publisher and Netgalley for an early review copy.

I loved being back Beamer street and meeting up with the characters.

We meet new characters, Elodie arrives with her daughter. She’s also hiding something, which she doesn’t want known to anyone. Her daughter is her main concern and she needs to protect her.

I can’t wait to see how their story progresses.

I recommend this book.

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