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I'm going to be honest (always am): I picked this book for review for the cover, because it's a pretty close design to one I nearly went with for mine. And what a lovely treat!

Despite it being written with middle graders in mind, this is a book any adult can also read and enjoy. The language flows easily but brings forth with lots of beauty images of both present and past, of town and forest, river and home.

As one would expect from this kind of book, it is full of feeling, and it does a great job helping the characters (and the readers) work through the fear, insecurities, and wonders of late childhood.

It starts slow, with lots of description, getting us into both worlds (times?) it is set in, but halfway through the story kicks in and it hooks your, making you hold your breath and gasp more than once.

My heartfelt thanks to the author, editor and NetGalley for sending me a digital ARC before publication.

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A historically intriguing, two time line story, with a mystery to solve and a brother to save. A real page turner.

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Picture this: a knife that can heal, but only if you never use it out of anger. And it's been passed down in your family for ages. Now, imagine you're just twelve years old, and somehow, you're the reason it's gone missing. That's the setup for “The Aftertime.” Starting in colonial Virginia and hopping to the present day, it's all about friendship, justice, and figuring out what's worth fighting for. Through the eyes of two kids—one English, one Monacan—the story dives deep into moral dilemmas and standing up for what's right. It's a real rollercoaster of a read, with heart and history all mixed in. Middle Age readers and more will enjoy this heart-warming and educational story.

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I had expectations for this story, but they were well-exceeded. It will definitely be a new addition to our middle grades library. It's getting increasingly difficult to find good new literature for boys that focuses on character, decision making, and growing up while still being interesting and action-oriented. This book does all of those things (and girls will like it, too), plus it features some history lessons, including a lesser known Revolutionary War battle and a Native American tribe that isn't usually talked about in school. For kids living in the coastal NC area or Virginia, there will be more personal connections that make the story even more relatable. Overall, excellent!

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