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I really enjoyed this very unique debut novel by Stephanie Rose! It's an engaging, quick read with a few heart-pounding moments! I enjoyed getting both points of view in this, those from Lydia the forensic photog and from the killer! This will be a great read for true crime fans (although this is fiction), or fans of Silence of the Lambs, Samantha Downing or Gillian Flynn! It is a bit dark and gory so be fair-warned going in. This will be a great fall read when released in October!! You could mark this one down as a dark romantic horror. Thank you NetGalley and Mad Axe Media for this ARC.

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Thank you to NetGalley, Stephanie Rose and Mad Max
Media for the ARC of Hiding Lies.

This book started with a plethora of trigger warnings, a few of which gave me pause…but I’m so glad that I decided to forge ahead with this one. Yes, there were very triggering subjects and vivid depictions. However, they gave the characters such interesting backstories and made you realize why they are the way they are.

The POV shifts between crime scene photographer Lydia and the murder she’s investigating, Adam. Lydia has a dark past in the foster care system which has made her detached and interested in the more morbid things in life. Adam also had a rough childhood, but he has gone down a darker path in life. The two have a meet cute and it the story finds a touch of romance.

This one reminds me a bit of Dexter. It was a fascinating read and I was hooked on the storyline, regardless of the darker moments. Please read the trigger warnings before proceeding

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Stephanie Rose's Hiding Lies is a dark and twisted horror that would put authors such as Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell, and Ray Bradbury to shame with it's gruesomeness. The details of this book would be more in line of a Stephen King book, but the absolute mind games and depravity make Ms. Rose's Hiding Lies a deliciously dark and morbid mind twist that will be sure to keep you up at night.

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Lydia is a forensic photographer with a traumatic past who meets and ultimately falls in love with Adam, a fellow tortured soul. This was a fast-paced read and I did not want to put it down; the alternating POVs were great, and the last chapter was simply not enough, I wanted more!!

5 / 5

Read: 06.03.2024
Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC!!

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Thank you NetGalley, Stephanie Rose, and publishers for an ARC of this one in exchange for my honest opinion!

First off, this cover art is stunning. Unique, gruesome, and haunting - which captures the essence of this book perfectly. The beginning of this one starts off by introducing us to the FMC that has this interesting, but bloody job and immediately you get the feeling that she’s a little… off putting would be my best description. As we get to know her throughout the book, it’s easy to see that she’s been through an immense amount of trauma, but acts very nonchalant about it. And then we meet our MMC, who is as equally creepy. PLUS, we have a serial killer running around slashing people - a lot going on. One thing I will say is that the killers MO was revealed a little too early for me; I like trying to make my own guesses around the killer and their victims (I raised by Criminal Minds re-runs lol) and I was disappointed by how quickly everything was revealed. Around the 40%-50% mark, the book seemed like it was wrapping up until it took a total left turn to… romance? A unique twist I didn’t see coming and while I was kind of on board, I was also a little confused. The execution of said twist felt a little underdeveloped and a little unrealistic, but I was along for the ride and ended up enjoying it more than I initially thought. Overall, a solid thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat while bringing forth the question… do we TRULY know the people around us?

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A twisted and brutal thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat - and far too scared to go camping!

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Fast paced thriller. Some parts were too graphic for my liking but great concept. Did not expect or like the ending as I wanted a twist to capture Adam. Would definitely recommend if you want a fast paced thriller and don’t mind a bit of gore.

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Hiding Lies follows Lydia who works as a forensic photographer who has a love for everything true crime. It’s her job to document the horrific murders that are being committed by the latest Serial Killer targeting those who lie. Lydia soon finds it difficult with the line blurring between helping her coworkers hunt down the man responsible for the deaths and her ability to resonate with the killer’s motive.

This was a fast-paced read and I particularly enjoyed the idea of reading the point of view of the killer in a book like this. I also loved the atmosphere of the book and how tense it could be.

There are a few things that I didn’t like that I think would’ve been better if they weren’t apart of the book but to keep this review spoiler free, I’m going to keep it at that.

Thank you to NetGalley and Mad Axe Media for providing me with this ARC. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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We follow two individuals, one a forensic photographer and the other a serial killer. As their worlds come closer to colliding, we begin to understand that they each hold traumas from their past and how they deal with them will ultimately decide their futures. I really enjoyed this take on the serial killer and those chasing them down. Definitely recommend for those that love You, as we get some real insight into the mind of a killer.

I was provided this as an advanced reader copy to provide my review.

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A uniquely dark and gritty read. This one blurs some serious lines until you don’t even know right from wrong.
So creative and well written. Unusual characters that make this a different read from most books. And it works! It’s dark and creepy and shocking with every page you flip.
It twists and winds it’s was through a most horrific serial killer with some awful shocking kills.
It’s brutal and nightmare inducing
And then…. And then…. The plot still twists… till the last page

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In Hiding Lies, we follow Lydia, a forensic pathologist, as she's tasked with investigating the killings of a couple in a remote camping spot. A possible serial killer is at large, leaving a chilling message. Lydia resonates with this message deeply, and as the murders escalate, her suppressed dark childhood thoughts resurface. Amidst her probe, she crosses paths with Adam, a kindred spirit and avid reader grappling with his own inner turmoil.

This was a super fast-paced read. I was intrigued by the perspectives of a forensic photographer and a serial killer. I felt like there was potential for more depth in the story, so I gave it 3 stars. Nonetheless, what I did read was pretty engaging at the time!

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Lydia, a forensic photographer with a difficult past, meets Adam while investigating camping murders. Their connection is new and unexpected.

As more bodies surface, a serial killer is revealed. Lydia takes photos, and Adam supports her.

With 240 pages, "Hiding Lies" is a gripping and fast-paced read. The story kept me hooked with its suspense, romance, and characters. It was hard to stop reading. Exploring the killer's thoughts and Lydia's perspective added depth.

Fans of "Dexter" will enjoy this book.

Note: The book covers some heavy topics. Details can be found in the comments section.

An intense, dark, and addictive story!

Thanks to Mad Axe Media and NetGalley for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review. My thoughts are my own.

Comes out Oct 29!

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Rating: 4 stars!

I cannot stop thinking about this book.. Its INCREDIBLY graphic in its depictions of crime scenes and the minds of a serial killer, so if that ain't you thing, I suggest skipping this read. The story is dual POV between a serial killer and a crime scene photographer. The back and forth between the mind of the killer and the mind of the person trying to get in the mind of a killer... Incredibly original.

Thank you NetGalley and Mad Axe Media for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Lydia, a forensic photographer, is assigned a case where a couple was murdered during a camping trip. As more victims turn up she finds that she has a personal connection to the case, which makes her even more determined to figure it out. I love a good thriller and this one definitely hit the mark. The twists and turns the story takes and the writing style kept me immersed in the story from beginning to end and I loved every minute of it. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good murder mystery!

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Whew, what a twisted story this is! It's a love story, deep down. But it's a love story between a forensic photographer and a serial killer. One is working a string of brutal murders that the other has committed.

Throughout this twisty turny novel, we get to hear from both perspectives. And being inside the mind of a serial killer is terrifying. He's friendly, charming, helpful... right up until he decides you're not worthy to be alive.

Our protagonist has a dark vicious background as well. There's something within her that makes her sympathize with killers and murderers. She's not completely innocent herself despite working for the police.

Through a series of events, these two will meet, unaware of what secrets the other holds, and when those secrets are revealed... well, you'll have to read to find out!

This novel has a nice brisk pacing that keeps the narrative moving along while also giving readers the chance to know the characters. And who doesn't like a good book about a terrifying serial killer? 😁

I highly recommend it and want to thank Joey Powell for the ARC. But this review is voluntary and is my own personal opinion.

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Hiding lies

This book was a twisted thriller/horror for sure. Take the trigger warnings at the beginning of the book seriously before reading!!!

This is a dark book Vibes of criminal minds, silence of the lambs, Dexter, sharp objects, and the butterfly garden. This book is completely unhinged.

The main protagonist is a forensic photographer. I enjoyed this fact as so many books only follow police or fbi but a photographer in that line of work was an interesting change of pace.
From a personal taste in books I’d rate it a 3 there were definitely some gruesome parts to much for me but as an over all story it was well written I’d give it a 4.5.

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Thank you NetGalley for giving me the chance to read this book ahead of time in exchange for a review. It didn't disappoint! Must read!!

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This is a really dark thriller/horror, though also a love story. I urge everyone to check triggers before reading, as it for sure is full of them. I had a hard time getting through it, as I was affected by many triggers.

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Wow, this is a short, grim, and violent little gem. It’s hard to talk too much about it without spoiling anything but it looks at serial killers in a very different way than many people are used to, and the results are pretty damn awesome.

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gruesome, sad, happy and everything in between!

it brings together two people who’ve suffered horrific childhoods and shows how they find peace in other peoples horror and despair.

Adam, a serial killer who kills those to expose their lies meets forensic photographer Lydia who is following his crimes and living with their photographs.

honestly, love Lydia, which i know is crazy but i really enjoyed her character and her development, showing at the end she wanted to protect people from others too. I loved her job and how that was written, i especially loved the beginning explaining her backstory before showing her collection of photographs.

i still hate Adam, which i think is fair! he need for exposing lies and getting others to live their truths in death, was just a little annoying for me. obviously he was a psychopath but still.

i did love the overall plot, definitely not something i have read before and i definitely need a second book to carry on from that ending!

so good for a debut novel.

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