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‘Bill Bailey, Please Come Home’ by A.N. Stewart is a charming children's book that follows the story of a cat named Bill Bailey who yearns to be heard and understood. While the book has a sweet and gentle plot, it may not fully resonate with its young audience in all aspects.

Plot: ★★★★☆
The plot of ‘Bill Bailey, Please Come Home’ is endearing, centred around Bill Bailey, a cat who wants to be heard. The storyline is sweet but feels somewhat lacking in depth. The simplicity of the plot makes it accessible for young readers, but it might not hold their attention for long. The narrative could benefit from more layers or twists to keep children engaged throughout the story.

Character: ★★★☆☆
The characters in the book are cute, but they might be difficult for young readers to connect with on an emotional level. While Bill Bailey's desire to be heard is a relatable theme, the emotional connection between the characters and the readers is not as strong as it could be. More character development and emotional depth would enhance the readers' connection to Bill Bailey and his journey.

Illustrations: ★★★★☆
The illustrations are one of the highlights of the book, with very cute and appealing artwork that complements the story well. The visuals help bring Bill Bailey's world to life and add a layer of charm to the narrative. The illustrations are engaging and visually pleasing, making the book more enjoyable for children.

Engagement: ★★★☆☆
Engagement may not be the best, especially for younger readers. While the premise is charming, the execution might not fully captivate the audience. The pacing and simplicity of the plot might lead to a lack of sustained interest. Adding more dynamic elements or interactive features could enhance engagement.

Readability: ★★☆☆☆
The readability of ‘Bill Bailey, Please Come Home’ is average. The language is appropriate for children, but the story's flow and structure could be improved to make it more engaging and easier to follow. The narrative might benefit from more lively and engaging prose to better capture and hold the attention of young readers.

Enjoyment: ★★☆☆☆
This may be a less enjoyable read for younger children. While the book has its charms, the overall execution may fall short in keeping younger readers entertained. The story's gentle and sweet nature might appeal more to a specific audience, but it might not be as universally enjoyable for all children.

‘Bill Bailey, Please Come Home’ by A.N. Stewart is a sweet and charming story with lovely illustrations that enhance its appeal. However, the plot, character development, engagement, readability, and overall enjoyment might not fully captivate younger readers. While the book has its endearing qualities, it may benefit from more dynamic storytelling and deeper emotional connections to better engage and entertain its intended audience.

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I loved the graphics and the plot of this story! It was soooo cute!

Thank you to NetGalley for the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader's Copy (ARC) in exchange for my honest opinion.

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This book is so unique and clever. I love the diversity in the people and the cats in the book. I adored the illustrations and the message the book conveyed to young children. What a beautiful story!

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This was a cute and engaging story and it was sort of in the same vein as The Aristocats which I love! The illustrations are beautiful and I loved getting both the POV of the cat and the owner, it really showed the love between humans and animals. Such a sweet story

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This book was about kittens in New Orleans and their owner Eartha. Desperate to communicate with other humans, the kittens express themselves through music. The book aims to teach children about the New Orleans music culture which I have always wanted to experience myself - so it was nice learning little tidbits about this.

However from a children’s perspective I feel like there was too much writing and not much in the way of a plot to keep them interested. The illustrations were lovely - the little kittens reminded me of the 90’s ‘Kitties in my Pocket’ franchise. It was difficult to read some of the text over these beautiful illustrations though.

I love the fact proceeds from the book go to charities throughout New Orleans - it shows how passionate the author is about her hometown.

Thanks to NetGalley for my copy.

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This is an adorable and interactive picture book with colorful illustrations of cats. Omg I love cats but musical cats... Yeah that's so Disney in my eyes, remember aristocats? This book has an similar vibe! Wonderful!

There is cats who wanna communicate with humans and then we have Eartha, who is kind and love all of her kittens. So of course she shows concern when she doesn't find them at Shotgun shack.

I liked this very much and even if I don't know the song, which the title is based on, I thought that was cute and nice of the author. Encouraging to music, a multi language, is wonderful. Also I liked how the community came together.

Thank you NetGalley and for sending this e-book for review consideration. All opinions are my own.

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Bill Bailey, Please Come Home is about a cat who learns to play music. A very cute picture book with some great illustrations. Very cute

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I love the colors and art style in this little story about a cat who learns to play music. The culture of New Orleans can be felt in the story. I highly recommend playing the song along with the story. I definitely want more stories about the mischievous kittens of the shotgun shack.

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A refreshing story if i might say. I found it cute to have kitties as the main characters. Not only it is written in a creative and imaginative way but also inclusive at the same time.

I love how the illustrations embodies a wide range of inclusivities in terms of physical and other attributes. I like how the human characters aren't white washed, having various range of skin colours and cultural backgrounds. It just made the book much better. Because children are able to be exposed to diversity in life.

I think it would also be a good material in educating our child about body positivity, by letting them be aware of different types of body shape, and not shaped to think that there's only one type body shape that is acceptable in our community. Alas,you should give it a shot! Fun + inclusive story💓

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I found it very hard to rate children's books so everything is a 5 star read for me!!
I really loved this book, the illustrations are so beautiful and captivating that I found myself smiling through every page I read.
The story itself is very beautiful and inspiring <3

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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with this book for free in exchange for my review! All opinions are my own.

As someone who recently lost a cat, this book pulled at my heartstrings. It reminded me how special cats are, and to cherish them while they are on this Earth because they won't be around for our whole life. I really enjoyed the storyline and the illustrations. If I had a child, I would for sure buy them this wonderful book!

Read if you like Cats <3

Many Thanks again to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with this book in exchange for my honest review.


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It's a cute story with lovely illustrations for anyone who loves cats and music. It was an opportunity for me to discover the Bill Bailey song and learn about the whole concept of shotgun houses in New Orleans. Recommended!

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I received a copy of this book as an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for honest review

I was surfing on Netgalley when i saw this book and the cover really sold to me. As a cat person, i've always loved to read anything involved cat and their journey.

Bill Bailey, Please Come Home is a full-illustrated children book about Bill Bailey the kitty who lived in a shotgun shack with a girl named Eartha and a dozen of other kitties. He loved to meow to the neighbours but one day he felt sad when he realized no one truly understand him. That's when the cats in the neighbour prepared this secret surprise!

The story showed two different POVs: Bill Bailey the kitty and Eartha the owner. On Bill Bailey's POV, we're told that there is emotion and willing coming from the cat's being to connect with the world other than the person they trusted. It showed that somehow nature is trying to reach us by sending signal or communication as in this case by meowing. Meanwhile, in the eyes of Eartha we can see affection and love human have for animal espescially pet seeing how much she expressed worry when Bill Bailey and the other kitties isn't home. This book represent the connection between human and animal in a sweet and heartwarming way, it's perfect for children.

Shout out to Virginia de Mahy who illustrated this book! I love how she portayed cat's features in the book with a beautiful pastel-ish coloring. Some of the pages were connected and it showed versatility, for me it was totally satisfying to see.

I believe this is a beginning of a series and i'm looking forward for the next adventure of The Shotgun Shack Kitties!

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The story is detailed in such a way that it teaches a huge amount of information about New Orleans in a fun and accessible way. The sense of setting evoked is very strong and it serves as a love letter to the history of jazz in New Orleans and a testament to the universal power of music. The illustrations in this book are unique and absolutely beautiful - I love the colour palette they utilise. Overall a bright and joyous story.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and Netgalley for providing an ARC of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.

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I liked the overall story and the illustrations were adorable. I only struggled a bit with some of the wordiness of the sentences that seemed to hault the story (ex; the scenic descriptions of Eartha on her bike right in the middle of the story). There were also bits where the story pace was choppy, some bits were over descriptive while others seems to rush through plot points without enough description. It was a good story, just feel like it needed another set of editors eyes perhaps.

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The writing didn't flow very well and it wasn't well received by the children it was read to. Might be great for those more familiar with NOLA and jazz culture. Would probably do well for a music class story.

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What a simply adorable book that combines cats, music and New Orleans. The cats struggle to communicate with the humans until they meet some older cats who help them unlock the magic of communicating through the universal language of music. This was so delightful to read and I think the story of Bill Bailey through the eyes of cats in New Orleans is wonderful. The illustrations are so well done and children will enjoy meeting these characters and following their adventure. Come home Bill Bailey ......

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Thoroughly enjoyed this tale featuring New Orleans cats and music. Well done with good illustrations. Thank you ANS and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

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This book was not for us.
The story is about a group of cats learning the language of music.
At first my son was really into the book and loved the pictures of the cats, but he quickly decided their were too many words and they were too repetitive.
Overall, I would still say, it's a decent story with adorable pictures.

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Thank you to NetGalley and to the publisher for this free electronic book in exchange for my honest review.

Bill Bailey, Please Come Home is a sweet story about a young girl and her cats, who learn how to play music one day while the girl is at school. I really wanted to love this book because I love cats and I am a musician. But unfortunately, I thought this book was just fine. The illustrations are cute, but they feel slightly unfinished. Also, the writing is a little too clunky and wordy and the text not easy to read over the busy and colorful backgr0unds. Also, the main reason Bill Bailey wants to learn music is so he can communicate with all humans, but we don't see closure of this wish in the end.

The author includes a page with details about the song and the shotgun houses that inspired this book. I do think that this would be useful for a teacher's lesson about New Orleans.

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