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Return on Humanity

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Business, in many cases, has lost its humanity. Leaders are pushing for more with less, focusing on the bottom line… but is that what we should be focused on? Burning people out and struggling with high turn over from employees who feel disconnected from the organization, customer, and the end goal? Phillipa gives the reader a wide array of examples that exhibit the benefits of changing the narrative and focusing on the human aspect over the bottom line. Her examples hail from across the globe and a wide range of business types.

The book was an easy read, and I really enjoyed all the examples provided. Learning about how some companies have leveraged humanization of their teams, customers, and behaviors benefitted their bottom line helped me envision some areas where my own experiences could shift. However, I felt the book lacked context for the world of large, publicly traded companies and the impacts of them being beholden to shareholders. I would’ve really liked to see some focus in this area to show broad applicability.

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Why are human connections important in this age of digital messaging and AI? White offers stories of people around the world who make a difference by networking, doing what they love, and creating where they live.
As an artist, the stories of wonder and connections spoke to my heart. They made me hopeful that people remain when settings and circumstances shift. Life is not all about screens and efficiency and templates. Work is not just about hierarchy and status and ability.

Sometimes the simplest and most direct ways toward positive changes and meeting needs are found in the people who are nearby. People who dream, call others into their circles, and lead by being themselves.

Whether you're in a season of restrictions or others' boundaries, or if you're in a wide-open sea of possibilities, there's a story for you. You'll be inspired and you'll be challenged.

In the global economy, in the season of high innovation and attrition, this is a most-read for anyone working interculturally or developing a business outside their home culture. Don't miss this one if you're spinning your wheels, wondering whether you or your team are an extinct species.

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