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I enjoyed some aspects of this book.
How the author reminds us all that we do not actually have an infinite amount of time, but rather that we all should remember that we know we only have so long.
And that we should use that time wisely.
I completely agree with that and I think that I need to read or hear that every incentive in a while becuse the typical day just makes me forget that I should be doing a little something everyday becuse it does make a difference in the long run!

BUT this book is also filled with rather dull and cliche writing and after a while it feels rather preachy. 
On top of that it doesn't necessarily feel a sense of the book is actually targeted towards every reader but rather a very specific niche of the white American  middle class worker. 

All in all this book is okay, it has good ideas and the overall message is a good one, but the way it was written didn't really work for me.
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Tried to get into this book but it just wasn’t for me unfortunately.
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An excellent book that zips through so much information that I've read and gone through it twice with friends as well as personally. We agree, some chapters apply to each of us more than others, but it was all helpful and useful!
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