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This is apparently the 7th book in this series and I've not read any of the books leading up to this one. I think I probably should have, because I was really lost at the beginning.

Anna, dealing with perimenopause (gosh we all deal with it...why this book give so much time to it I'll never know), job dissatisfaction, the pandemic, and a now mediocre boyfriend, decides to chuck it all and go back to Ireland. After page after page of details, Anna, who was a PR person in NYC, is helping Brigit make the spa her family wants to open, more palatable for the locals. As she begins this task, she comes into contact with a fellow from her earlier years, Narky Joey Armstrong. Not being familiar with the term 'narky' I had to look it up. Apparently Joey Armstrong wasn't the nicest person, sarcastic, snarky...well you get the picture. Much more descriptive dialogue and Joey and Anna are together.

The book was OK, but I felt it dragged along. I'll go back to my first paragraph and again say I really didn't know the backstory of any of the characters and this series should probably be read in order. Three stars since the ending was good.

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This was my first foray into a Walsh Family book by Marian Keyes. Although I was unfamiliar with the background, I found the story quite easy to get into.

Anna is middle aged and facing disappointment and regrets about her life (Easily understood by any of us older folks). She has been been unlucky in love, and although successful in her career, she recognizes that it hasn't brought her the kind of happiness she expected as a tradeoff for all her hard work. Her current live-in situation curdles during the isolation of COVID, and she misses her family in Ireland. An amicable split with her partner and a move home might be the answer to her problems, but it could also be another in her list of many mistakes.

I enjoyed this story and found myself rooting for Anna and her happy ending. Her family is hilarious. Although I was often confused trying to keep them straight, it didn't lessen the pleasure of getting to know them. I think this would be one thing that would have been easier if one had read the previous Walsh stories.

Anna finally begins to find her footing after agreeing to help old friends in the little village of Maumtully, Ireland. Her long time crush but also biggest mistake is also a part of this operation. The challenge of seeing him, much less working with him, brings plenty of tension. Will they ever be on the same page in terms of their relationship? Hint: The answer is revealed by the end of the book.

This was both a serious and amusing story in which I found myself drawn in and caring about the outcome. I so wanted happiness for Anna in spite of all the roadblocks. The characters were real and relatable. It's not a fast paced read, more of a slow burn, which sometimes seemed to drag a little. All in all, I really enjoyed reading "My Favorite Mistake" and plan to go back through some of the earlier Walsh Family books, especially "Anybody Out There?" which is young Anna's story.

My thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this title.

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I'm new to the Walsh Family, so my rating is probably higher than people who have read the other books. I found the story slow, but actually in a good way. I took my time and enjoyed all the hilarious characters (there were a lot, a little hard to keep track of). I love how this book was written to make you feel like you were part of this bug crazy family. I may look for more in the series.
Thanks to netgalley, the publisher and author for the chance to read this advanced copy.

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Many thanks to NetGalley and Penguin Random House Canada for the e-ARC in exchange for my honest review.

I am new to this series and had no trouble jumping right into the story! I will say this is a VERY LONG BOOK at 600 pages so buckle up!

This is the story of Anna, present day, living her best life in NYC in the beauty PR field. Covid hits and Anna decides to turn her life upside down starting with the breaking up with her partner, leaving the city, and returning home to Ireland. The story alternates with Ann's past when she was struggling with grief and life in NY. The "past Anna" really helped build the character for me.

I really loved Anna and this story. Obviously this is a character driven story but I found it very relatable and funny. I plan to find book one and start the series from the beginning.

Loved it and highly recommend!!!

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Thank you to @netgalley and Doubleday Canada for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This is my first experience with Marian Keyes’ work. The writing is fun and upbeat while also very clearly capturing real people, real emotions, and the real complexity of human nature. The characters are lovable and felt fully fleshed out. With that said though, I had a tough time getting through this one. As much as I wanted to love a book that focuses on later-life romances and relationships and is set in a beautiful Irish village, it was just a bit too much. Way too many pages, way too much detail in places where it didn’t help anything about the book except the page count. And I know this is part of a series about the Walsh family but there were just way too many characters who had little to no impact on the book, and I really couldn’t keep straight. So overall it was an enjoyable book but not my personal favorite.

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Wow! This is the first book I have read by Marian Keyes, but I have already loaded up my Kindle with her other offerings based on this book alone! Thanks to NetGalley, Doubleday Canada, and Marian Keyes for this advance reader copy.

Although this book is the seventh in the series, it can be read as a stand alone book and I didn’t feel like not having read the background on others necessary to completely enjoy “My Favourite Mistake”. The author’s hilarious use of dialogue between the sisters and Mom had me howling out loud and gave me enough information that I understood their characters in relation to the main character of this book, Anna.

Anna is a mid to late 40s perimenopausal Irish woman who has spent the last 20 years in New York City. She rose to become a top PR exec, but isn’t exactly sure how except she is good at putting out fires. But she is stressed out and tired of the rat race. Due to the pandemic, she hasn’t seen her close-knit family in almost a year and decides to move back to Ireland.

Through the rest of the story, she crosses paths with old friends, makes new friends, finally find a doctor in Ireland to prescribe her HRT, and runs into the man who once shredded her heart and comes to realize she also hurt him.

Much of the story takes place in a small Irish town nicknamed M’Town and it is richly described, the inhabitants portrayed with enough fullness to make them real and loveable.

I was especially grateful for the author to discuss the much outdated views some doctors hold about HRT based on misanalysed data. Ms. Keyes shows the struggle a woman goes through to get on much needed medication to quell the various life-impacting side effects of menopause. It really is a life saver. So thank you so much. So many doctors do not take it seriously and just want to throw an antidepressant at women instead of taking the time to listen.

This book is on sale in a few days, July 30th. It is such a wonderful read, lifts the spirits and will make you laugh (and sometimes cry). It’s perfect!

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It is always a joy to spend time with the sprawling, gregarious, witty Walsh family, and this book is no exception. Following Anna's triumphs and travails in the US and back in Ireland, this is a lovely balm of a story, with a large, well-rounded cast of characters. It's a lovely book, and a delightful escape.

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for my advanced readers copy!

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Both main characters in this novel are reinventing themselves either personally or professionally. I enjoyed a 48-year-old as a main character. Anna is dealing with perimenopausal brain fog and struggling to have a doctor prescribe HRT but also has the strength to say what she’s thinking. Joey’s love for his kids is also a high point, but my favorite part of this novel is the community of Maumtully (pop 1271). It was fun to see them through Anna’s eyes as they responded to the creation of a new high-end retreat. The mystery of who was trying to stop the build was also intriguing. While there are character cameos from previous books, this easily stands alone. Recommended.

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for an eARC. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Marian Keyes! How do I describe how excited I was to read this title! Have been reading her from the beginning, love all her characters, how real she is and how humour plays into the story line. Thank you for this

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Marian Keyes is one of my favorite authors and I always look forward to a new release by her. Especially when it’s a Walsh Family book. Getting to peek in on how my favorite family is doing is always a treat. And it’s wild that we have gotten to see 25ish years of this family’s life! While this supposedly can be read as a standalone, I think it’s a huge disservice. You’ll be really confused and lacking the backstory to truly appreciate these characters. So I recommend reading this mainly to those who have read the other books, but at the very least you should read the companion novel Anybody Out There (Anna’s story, set about 15 years prior).

While Rachel is still my #1 Walsh, followed by Helen, I’ve always enjoyed Anna. She’s a gentle soul and you can’t help but root for her. She had it bad in Anybody Out There so I was very curious where her life went, and it didn’t disappoint. I loved this small town read about not being afraid to start your life over when it’s just not working and Anna proves what a strong, resilient character she is. Again, I don’t think people who haven’t read the previous books would be too invested in this so definitely read the others and come back to this one!

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What's this book about? Rachel's life from the ages of 47 to 50. She breaks up with her long-time boyfriend, leaves New York, moves to a small town in Ireland, tries to get her life back together. If this description sounds boring, you'll probably be disappointed with this book.

I read Watermelon in the summer of 2000 and became a devoted fan of Keyes's writing. The subject matter of Watermelon (and all her subsequent books) was heavy, a woman being left by her husband at the literal moment she gives birth to her first child. But despite the seriousness of the subject, the book was very funny and it was refreshing to see Claire get her feet under her and become this powerful, independent woman. The series follows each of the five Walsh sisters as they go through similarly difficult situations and while none of them quite recaptured the vibe of Watermelon, they were all good reads.

All this to say that while I hate to give a less than shining review, and in general I'm a big fan of Keyes's work, this book was a slog. The story goes back and forth between the current time and Anna's history, reflecting on past relationships that were dynamited into oblivion. I had a hard time following that and I struggled to get immersed in the story when so much of it was being told like a story over a cup of coffee, a story being recounted by an acquaintance all about people you've never met and frankly aren't all that interested in.

Part of the issue for me was that it's been many years since I read the first five books in the series and I've forgotten the stories of the five sisters. In this book every chapter we get a list of all the people who showed up at the bar, went to the parade, came to visit for the weekend, sent her flowers for her birthday, crashed in her hotel room, attended the art show, etc. It's not just a handful of people each time, it's a dozen or more and I don't know if they're Feathery Strokers, Beardy Glarers, members of the Walsh family, one of Anna's million friends, or a resident of the town. Before I can get my bearings they're off for ice cream, here's who all is going.

There are a lot of good things in this book, the town of M'tully is wonderful, there are loads of amazing people, Anna is finding herself as she approaches 50 and trying to set the right course but approaching it not as a dire mid-life crisis but in an uplifting, you're-never-too-old kind of way. I just didn't feel that this was Keyes's best work. In Watermelon I felt so immersed in Claire's story, my heart broke right alongside hers, in My Favorite Mistake I felt like I was watching it unfold from the window of an airplane flying overhead.

Thank you to the author, the publisher, and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC.

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Funny how the things you need are often found at home. When Anna needs to help her family avert a disaster, she finds the life she actually wants is in the place she never imagined. Joey’s character shows growth through out the story but he forgives Anna a little quickly. Not bad for my first time reading the author.

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This book is a lovely story with both heart and humor. It’s hard to describe since there is a backdrop of sadness in a couple of the major plot points, but the sweetness, humor, and “Brit lit” (Irish lit ◡̈) of it all pushes forward and it doesn’t end up a sorrowful read.

I loved the characters, as obnoxious as some could be, and wanted to hang out with them and visit them - saying I want to live in Mtown might be pushing it a bit, but it sounds like such a fantastic community.

Overall a delightful novel with some deeper thinking/feeling aspects, but will leave you missing everyone once you finish the last page.

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Yay another Walsh family book! While Rachel's Holiday will forever remain my favorite Walsh family book, I always enjoy stepping into their vibrant and busy lives. Yes again, I enjoyed spending time with Anna and her new crew of friends living in her new quirky small Irish town Maumtally which is likely not a real place but is sure one I hope was. As she navigates her late 40s, Anna comes to terms with herself, her choices and finally truly reconciles her past and moves forward into her future. Did I enjoy all her choices and somewhat frequent moaning about how people don't change and things just don't always work out? No....but I like the notion of still growing up into your middle age and not always knowing how to truly give something a chance until it's staring you in a face and asking to anyway.

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My Favorite Mistake was a bit of a head-scratcher for me. Where do I even begin? Marian Keyes was one of my original favorite authors. I can distinctly remember reading her books when I was in high school and college (I believe I even included one of her books in the Independent Study I did as an English major on Chick Lit) and loving all of them. I was so disappointed when she stopped publishing new material for so many years and was positively delighted to see a new one available to requrest on NetGally! I read it shortly after approval, and I'm just not really sure how I feel about it. DId Keyes' writing style change? Did my reading style evolve? I don't know for sure, but I felt that My Favorite Mistake was a letdown. There were multiple places throughout the book where entire sentences were repeated word-for-word making me feel like I had deja-vu. I did not love how the narrative switched back and forth between past and present without obvious indication of that being the case. Between the deja-vu and the tense switching (oh and a lot of Irish words/phrases thrown in), I felt lost half the time. Yet, Marian Keyes can still put a smile on my face with her Irish humor and slightly ridiculous characters. Overall...still a fun read with a satisfying ending.

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It’s wonderful to be back with the Walsh family in the newest novel by Marian Keyes. Anna’s story is heartbreaking, inspirational and funny all at the same time. Great to have new updates on the family members and the friends and I really enjoyed the new location in this book.

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Thank you to Netgalley and Penguin Random House for the advanced reader's copy of My Favourite Mistake by Marian Keyes.

I have been a fan of this author's work for many years. Particularly the Walsh family series. If you too are a fan of this series you won't be disappointed by this latest installment as we follow a story about Anna. If you've not read any of the previous 6 books in this series that follows one of several sisters in the Walsh family, they each can stand on their own.

I think this book was a great mix of seriousness and comedy to keep the story line moving along.

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My Favorite Mistake by Marian Keyes is the 7th book in the Walsh family series. I've read this series from the beginning and unfortunately, you can tell it's been 20 years. It was hard to remember the particular quirks of the characters, though the book expected you to. Anna's story is told in present day and then flashbacks to different points in her life. She is having a mid-life crisis and returns to Ireland after breaking up with her long term boyfriend and quitting her job. She has friends who hire her to help disagreements in their town over their new luxury resort that is being built. And wouldn't you know, the man who got away is the broker on the business deal. This town is fuuuullll of characters. I mean that in both senses of the word. So much quirky charm and it was hard to keep them straight. There must be 40 named characters in this book!

I really wanted to pull for Anna, but she just kept being immature and getting in her own way, while thinking she was mature. I really liked the character of Joey who was nuanced and interesting. He grew a lot over the course of the book. But, bevause of Anna's maturity stagnation, at some point in their arduous slow burn I stopped rooting for them and started screaming internally, "just talk to him you nitwit instead of deciding what you think he wants and feels!"

My favorite side character was Courtney. She was multi-layered and I liked her arc. On the whole I liked this book enough. Maybe if I hadn't such high hopes I would've liked it more. I'm glad I read it but probably wouldn't read it again.

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Anna, a widow and successful business woman, decides to leave New York City and return to het native Ireland. Although she is loved by her family, they question her decision to give up a career when she doesn't have financial stability. In the midst of these changes, Anna reconnects with a rogue of sorts. Drama ensues.

This is a fun novel. I enjoyed it! It has romcom vibes.

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Keyes once again delivers a heartfelt novel of identity and relationships. A lovely escape to rural Ireland with characters that become like friends. Fantastic read, especially if you’re looking for a little escapism.

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