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When the body of a respected undertaker is found at the bottom of a quarry & has a suicide note on him it seems a straight forward case, but Kelly Perter isn't so sure & her doubts are soon to be confirmed- he didn't get where he was found without intervention. He was found on the land that once belonged to one man, but who split it between his two sons- a very unfair division that led to very bad blood between them.

Kelly & her team are still struggling to come to terms with the loss of Rob, who recently died on a previous case, but new boy Fin seems to be fitting in well. Investigating further it seemed one of the brothers owns a retirement home run by his wife (what a totally dislikeable character!) Kelly's friend Mary has recently moved in there & when Kelly's investigations find out more, she worries about her friends safety. Kelly also has problems at home- what has her partner Johnny been up to?

I have loved this series of books from the start & each one keeps me gripped to the page. Thanks to Netgalley & the publisher for letting me read & review this book- can't wait for the next one!

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When a local undertaker is found dead at the bottom of quarry in an apparent suicide, DI Kelly Porter is tasked with trying to figure out how he ended up there. As the investigation gathers a pace, two estranged brothers, one with a farm and the other with a nursing home appear to be in the centre of the mystery.

The plot is convoluted and extremely well thought out dealing with issues that are relevant and very much a discussion point.
The background to Kelly and her personal relationships added another dimension as she struggled to cope with her partner being less than honest and the grief of loosing a colleague.

The setting in the Lake District added to the atmosphere.

This is the first Kelly Porter book I have read, and it does work as a standalone. However, I feel that reading the previous instalments would just help in understanding the personal side of the main characters.

Many thanks to Netgalley and the publisher Canelo for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

4 Stars.

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Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this eARC.

“Shared Remains” by Rachel Lynch is a compelling addition to the Detective Kelly Porter series, marking its twelfth installment. Lynch’s mastery in weaving a complex tapestry of crime and human emotion is on full display in this gripping narrative.

Set against the rugged backdrop of Cumbria, the story plunges readers into a chilling investigation following the discovery of a man’s body at the bottom of a quarry. The evidence suggests foul play, and DI Kelly Porter is thrust into the heart of a bitter feud between two brothers, Arthur and Samuel, whose animosity has festered over decades of shared inheritance.

Lynch excels in portraying the intricate dynamics of family conflict and the lengths to which individuals will go to protect their legacy. The plot thickens as Kelly’s personal life intertwines with the case, bringing an added layer of tension and urgency to her quest for the truth.

The narrative is a testament to Lynch’s ability to balance the procedural aspects of crime-solving with deep character development. Readers will find themselves immersed in the psychological depth of the characters, each rendered with a realism that speaks to Lynch’s keen understanding of human nature.

“Shared Remains” is a study of the human condition, a mirror reflecting our darkest impulses and the redemptive power of seeking justice. Fans of the genre will appreciate the novel’s relentless pace, clever twists, and the haunting beauty of its setting.

Rachel Lynch’s “Shared Remains” cements her status as a stalwart of detective fiction. It’s a must-read for aficionados of the genre and a worthy continuation of DI Kelly Porter’s journey.

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Another good book in this series. There have been big changes to the team and in the lives of Kelly , her team and her family . The plot has plenty of twists and a couple of new team members, who are around but we will get to know them more in the coming books in the series. Although there are a lot of books in this series, but they are interesting and fast paced and each has a different crime. There are strands which run through more of the books (Kelly's family and this time references to Rob) but this is not overdone and feels natural. It is fine as a stand alone, though if you have read more of the series, you will understand the personal lives of the team more.
Thanks to Net Galley for the ARC

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Another great story with DI Kelly Porter. Based in the Lake district DI Porter investigates another mysterious death.
Thoroughly enjoyable.

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A good twisty, gory crime book. Full of red herrings. This author certainly knows how to keep a reader on their toes and want to keep reading through the night if necessary. Worth 5 stars. My thanks to netgalley and the publishers for giving me the opportunity to read this book in return for an honest review.

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This story revolves around the discovery of a body in a quarry one morning and from there a can of worms very much gets opened involving a nearby elderly home. At the home, mysterious deaths are mounting up, and then the paper trail leads to the discovery that the funeral directors are the main beneficiaries of the recently deceased. The only snag is that the quarry body is the funeral director, Vince, and there-in lies a problem.

Falsifying death certificates, grave digging and fraud all come to head for Porter and her team. This macabre set of narrative junctions lead to a less than breezy feel to the reading of the story that stops and starts on occasion with some emphasis put upon the domestic situation for Kelly at home which at times is a bit distracting.

As ever with Canelo Crime reads, the final quarter of the book - when the evidence comes to the fore and exhumations begin - is when the book kicks into gear with a gratifying conclusion for this reader.

The atmosphere of the book with the greys and dismal weather of late summer becoming that unimpeachable autumn is evoked effectively by Lynch, with the old adage grim up north ringing true.

And yet through the gloom, there is a ray of sunshine coming to the surface for Kelly with the hopes of a new relationship ready to bloom as snow falls on the ground

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Shared Remains is another exciting instalment of the DI Kelly Porter series set in Cumbria. When a man's body is discovered at the bottom of a quarry, it unearths a web of dark acts and deceit that have far-reaching consequences. Kelly's personal life, always volatile, takes another hit in the wake of the death of a valued colleague, but there is a chance of unexpected happiness, too. I like this fast-paced, contemporary detective story with believable characters and relationships. The Lake District setting is integral to the story and one of the reasons I have read all the books in this series.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.

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This is book 12 of the DI Kelly Porter series and it continues as strong as ever and feels like it still has plenty more to give. It doesn’t take long for the new guy Fin to be accepted fully into the team and I rather liked him too. Kelly’s home life features significantly and I feel it would be helpful to have read the previous books to fully understand the relationships. A complex case for the team to solve and plenty to keep you turning pages. Highly recommended

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Woah, the book was mind blowing, engaging and unputdownable. Before getting to the plot, let me tell you I loved the characters and setting. The characters are mysterious and they are multifaceted. There are so many layers in the story. I loved the detailed investigation, characters backstories and the detailed procedure of examining the dead body. It all felt so real like a visual film.

A man is found dead at the bottom of a quarry. Everyone is oblivion to his identity while the note is trying to convince that he committed suicide but the mystery is deep. The mystery is connected with two brothers, their farm and the business,DI Kelly Porter is trying to find the missing link between his death and the mystery surrounding it. Kelly believes that his death was no accident or suicide but it was a well planned murder. To get to the bottom of his mystery, she continue the investigation and try to find clues leading to the murder. The mystery gets deeper and secrets begin to bobble up on surface. There were also some characters with secret identity. The plot is just so mind boggling, the author has created infinite layers. The setting has both mysterious and atmospheric vibe. The book blew me away. I wasn’t expecting those revelations at the end. The book will keep you guessing till the end. This is a multilayered story with multifaceted characters.

Thanks to the Publisher and Author

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The body of a missing man is found at the bottom of a quarry. DI Kelly Porter and the team quickly rule out suicide. They need to talk to the brothers who are embroiled in a family feud as the crime scene is situated on one of their portions of land. They're not keen to get involved & even question why they need to.

They are still desperately missing Rob. His replacement is keen to please as well as being very easy on the eye. Things are about to explode at home as Johnny has been untruthful about something massive &. Kelly's not sure she can forgive him this time..

She's also worried about her elderly friend who has just moved into the nursing home run by one of the farmer's controlling & devious wives. It seems there's more to the home than meets the eye...

They've got their work cut out piecing all the evidence together & really pull together as a team..

A real twisty read & in my opinion one of the best ones yet.

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DI Kelly Porter and her team are back but it's not the same without Rob. She has an apparent suicide of the local undertaker, a feuding family and a care home. On top of that she has problems at home and is trying to cope with loss of Rob. There are plenty of twists and turns and the basic story is very much up to date - end of life decisions. The descriptions of scenery around the eastern Lake District are as good as ever and the various characters have enough 'normality' to the 'over the top'ness to be believable. Mary is the one character who really stands out for me. A good read but not quite hitting the mark as usual but hard to put a finger on why. 4.5* rounded up. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an advance copy.

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This is a brilliant crime thriller.
Kelly is called when a man’s body is found at the bottom of a quarry. At first it seems like a suicude, but after further investigation, it’s clear he was murdered.
The land that the quarry is on has been split between two brothers and when Kelly starts to asks questions about the murder, she gets the feeling the families are hiding something.
With Mary moving into a care home, Kelly is pleased she’s happy but the woman who runs it is married to one of the brothers from the land nearby and she knows she needs to keep an eye on her.
There’s a few different strands to this story and I loved the way it all came together.
This is a great read and one that I’d highly recommend.
Thanks to Canelo and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book.

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would like to thank netgalley and the publisher for letting me read this amazing book

this series just gets better and better but its also a poignant one for kelly in more ways than one

when a body is found at the bottom of a quarry kelly porter and her team are called out... what they dont realise is the can of worms that is about to opened by the finding of this body and what comes with it....

what at first looked like a suicide turns out to be murder and its down to kelly and her team to find out what happened and as the lies grow kellys concern for her friend mary who has just moved into care home which just happens to be run by one of the people that is being questioned about the murder

what a read this one never know what you are going to get when you open a book by this author and she doesnt pull any punches for her poor characters....

looking forward to the next book in this series...

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The body of a man is found at the bottom of a quarry. His appearance, and physical evidence, rule out the chance he travelled there unaided: he was put there. DI Kelly Porter is tasked to investigate and soon digs up a bitter history between the two brothers who own the Cumbrian farmland that the quarry sits on. Arthur and Samuel inherited half each and have been locked in a feud that’s dragged on for decades. Privately, Kelly has other concerns about the family. Her elderly friend recently moved to a care home on the old farm that is managed by Arthur’s inscrutable wife.
The twelfth outing for Kelly & her team & another edge of the seat thriller. Whilst it could be read on its own I’d recommend either reading in order or at least reading the previous book as it gives an insight into how the team are feeling & coping in this book. The setting is very well described, the story is fast paced & the characters have depth. I always love how the author blends the professional & personal lives of the main characters – it makes them more relatable to me. There are twists & turns before things are resolved
My review is for a special copy I voluntarily read

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DI Kelly Porter is back with a new crime to investigate. The body of the local funeral director has been found in a slate quarry - but did he jump or was he pushed? Shared Remains is a slow burner, it builds and builds the stories of the main characters, uncovering one nugget at a time. Samuel and Arthur are brothers, at odds over shared ownership of their family farm and their differing plans for the land. Add in to this a retirement home with a number of residents handing over their inheritances, and there's plenty for Kelly and her team to look into.

Kelly is also dealing with a lot in her home life as well. There are some significant revelations which rock her (already rocky) relationship with Johnny.

I enjoyed the different pace of Shared Remains; there's still plenty to keep you engaged, and the development of Kelly's story is a highlight.

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Another fabulously entertaining story about DI Kelly Potter. This is a very realistic series of police procedurals and every book adds another layer to the stories of Kelly and her team as well as the solving of an absorbing mystery. Hard to read in places, but it really makes you think. Excellent read.

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This series maintains as one of my favourite police procedural series and 12 books in, it is still keeping up the same excellent level.

Back with the team who are still recovering from the events in the last book, they are soon tasked with investigating the strange death of a local funeral director whose body has been found at the bottom of a slate quarry. What appears to be a pretty straightforward case at first, soon becomes an issue of a family feud that has gone on for years and reaches further than they could have anticipated.

Kelly's rollercoaster personal life is the other main part of the story and having been a big fan since the start of the series, I feel like I have been on that rollercoaster too! Currently in a dip, Kelly has to make some difficult decisions and I am now 'patiently' waiting for the next instalment to see what happens next!

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I really enjoyed reading this book, which like the others in the series shows the author's depth of knowledge of the Lake District - and good knowledge and/or research is always a 'good thing' in a book for me!
It was interesting puzzling our the 'whodunnit' and 'why' of this books, which had plenty of action and was nice and twisty.
The only sad bit, for me, was the late death (I will say no more), after which I had to remind myself it was only a story, not real life.
I look forward to the next book in this captivating series!

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What’s not to like. It’s Rachel Lynch. It’s Kelly Porter. An excellent addition to this series, as Kelly battles Killers and a troubled home life with Johnnny. Loved it. Fast paced, engrossing, a real page turner.

Each book on this series is better than the last. Looking forward to the next one

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