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Good, light summer read with an interesting array of characters and situations. Narrator was very good.

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I really like this author. I loved everything about this story. The narrator was excellent. A great summer read.

Dawnny Ruby
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Hudson Valley NY

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This was a book with well developed
characters that I could see myself being friends with. Set in Massachusetts, Pamela Kelly wrote in such a way I felt l like I was there experiencing the places myself. The beach, the foods, and the wine made me hungry for a vacation. I really enjoyed getting to know sisters Hannah and Sara in this contemporary romance.

Thank you to Netgalley for the audio of this book!

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This book is just what you'd expect based on the title and cover. It's a happy little beach read that also includes some food for thought. Hannah is a published author whose first book was quite a hit, but she's struggling with her sophomore book. And it's no wonder - she's still grieving the recent loss of her mother, and she's recently split with her long-time boyfriend. Her aunt recommends she come send the summer at her home on Cape Cod where Hannah grew up, and she does. As a result she gets to spend some quality sister time with her aunt and her sister Sara, who still lives there and is married with 4 boys. She loves her life, but is feeling the pull to go back to work in order to have something for herself. It's a book about family and closure and second chances. And books! An excellent all-around beach read (or an anytime read, really). The narration by Stephanie Németh-Parker was excellent.
Thanks to Netgalley and Macmillan Audio for providing a digital copy for an unbiased review.

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I always love a good beach reach! The narration of this audiobook is perfect! The narrator has a soothing voice that will have you falling into the world of Cape Code during summer.

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"The Seaside Sisters" by Pamela Kelley is a romance and family drama fiction novel.

Hannah is a popular rom-com writer, and after the passing of her beloved mother, she decides to move to her hometown in Chatham, Massachusetts, for the summer. She moves in with her Aunt Winnie, who is taking a break from her husband, Richie. Her sister, Sarah, lives in Chatham with her husband, Tom, and four sons. Tom takes Sarah for granted. Spencer is a lawyer and a former classmate. There is kind of an "enemies to lovers" trope in this book. (FYI, no spice.)

The characters are well developed. The plot is very Hallmark-esque, but with more in the subplots. The dialogue is realistic. The narration by Stephanie Németh-Parker is exceptionally done with distinct voices for each character.

The descriptions of the scenery in Chatham on Cape Cod and the delicious seafood were truly mouth-watering!

I don't really enjoy romance novels. I found myself quite bored. I think people who like light rom-coms will like it much better than I did.

Characters -5/5
Writing - 4/5
Plot - 3/5
Pacing - 3/5
Unputdownability - 2/5
Enjoyment - 2/5
Narration - 5/5
Cover - 4/5
Overall - 28/8 = 3 4/8 rounded up to 4

Thank you to Netgalley, MacMillan Audio, and Pamela Kelley for providing this audiobook in exchange for my honest review.

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Thank you to the publishers, author and NetGalley for the free copy of this audio book.

This was a cute little romance, a quick and easy summer read. It almost felt too uncomplicated for a romance at times, but was a nice read. The narrator did a good job.

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Reading "The Seaside Sisters" by Pamela E. Kelley was a heartwarming experience that transported me to the charming coastal town of Nantucket. The novel, centered around three sisters—Jillian, Brooke, and Emily—felt like a warm embrace, full of familial bonds, personal growth, and second chances. Kelley's portrayal of the sisters' relationships is authentic and relatable, capturing the complexities of sibling dynamics with grace and humor. However, the story does have its downsides. The plot follows a familiar trajectory, making it somewhat predictable and lacking in surprising twists or fresh angles. The characters, though endearing, sometimes felt stereotypical, and their development could have been more nuanced. Additionally, the pacing dragged at times, particularly in the middle sections, making it difficult to stay fully engaged. The resolutions to the sisters' challenges felt too convenient, lacking the realism that could have added more emotional resonance. Despite these flaws, it's a delightful read for anyone seeking a feel-good story about family and new beginnings.

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The Seaside Sisters is set in a small beach town of Chatham, Cape Cod. Hannah and Sara are sisters. Sara stayed in Chatham, got married and is the mother of four. She gave up her job as a librarian and stayed home to raise her four boys. She is ready to return to the workforce and takes a part time job at a bookstore. Hannah is an author and is struggling with her second book, as well as dealing with a recent loss and panic attacks. She heads to Chatham for a fresh start and inspiration. She moves in with her aunt, at her ocean front house. Her Aunt Maddie is in publishing and is recently separated from her husband. All three women rely on one another and rekindle supportive relationships to decide what is next in their lives.

The book is told from multiple POVs, but was easy to follow. I enjoy stories of family, especially sisters and this was a comfortable story. Sara's story will be familiar to many women. The wife and mother that lose their personal identity and are taken for granted. I got very frustrated with her husband and was happy to see her take the steps necessary to force not only her husband, but her children into seeing all she did for them and getting the chance to become more than a wife and mother. Hannah's story was okay for me. She rekindles a relationship and works on her writing with others, but she was just an okay character for me. Aunt Maddie's story was also a bit slow. I thought her feelings about her relationship was a bit forced and it works out quite easily, without much depth. This was an okay story for me, not much happened, except for Sara's story. I listened to the audiobook, narrated by Stephanie Nemeth-Parker and I liked the voices she gave the three women. If you enjoy an easy listening story of family and new beginnings, this one might be for you to read at the beach or by the pool.

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Oh this was so good! I loved the narrator, she has such a smooth, calming tone. The perfect beach read.

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The Seaside Sisters was the third book that I have had the pleasure of reading/listening to by Pamela M. Kelley. Last year I had read The Bookshop by the Bay and was glad to revisit some of the characters from that book in Pamela M. Kelley’s newest book The Seaside Sisters. Once again, Pamela M. Kelley transported me back to Chatham on Cape Cod. The Seaside Sisters was definitely a stand-alone book but I welcomed the chance to step back inside the bookshop that Allison and Jess had purchased once again and see how well Allison was doing. I also enjoyed the familiar and delicious smells from the coffee shop with its relaxed atmosphere and getting to see how well Allison’s daughter, Julia, was doing with her jewelry business. Of course, The Seaside Sisters introduced several new characters as well that I enjoyed getting to know. I listened to the audiobook of The Seaside Sisters that was narrated by Stephanie Nemeth-Parker. She did a great job at distinguishing between the different characters. I enjoyed her performance very much.

The Seaside Sisters was about two sisters who had grown up in Chatham. Hannah Brewster, the younger of the two sisters had become an author and had made Brooklyn her home. Sara, the oldest of the two siblings had gotten married, had four sons and had remained on Cape Cod in Chatham. Sara was a stay at home mom but had recently been thinking about returning to the work force. She had been a librarian before she had had her sons so she wanted to do something that pertained to books. It wasn’t that Sara needed a high paying job, she just wanted something that would make her feel satisfied and like she was making a difference and would coincide with her sons’ schedules. Sara’s husband made a good living so he wasn’t sure why Sara wanted to work when she didn’t need to. Her husband took the things Sara did for granted. A lot of the magic had started to disappear from their marriage. Both Hannah and Sara had recently lost their mother. The grief that Hannah was experiencing was impacting her creative ability in writing her second book. Hannah was finding it difficult to make the progress she was expected to on her second book. She started to fell a lot of stress about being able to meet her deadlines. Between the grief and the stress Hannah was feeling it was not unexpected that she experienced a panic attack. With some encouragement from both her sister and her Aunt Maddie, who was also her literary agent, Hannah decided to leave Brooklyn for the summer and move into Aunt Maddie’s oceanfront home in Chatham. Perhaps a change of scenery and being closer to her sister and aunt would allow Hannah to make the progress she needed to on her second book. Upon Hannah’s arrival, she learned that Aunt Maddie was having marital problems. It was the last thing Hannah expected to hear. Hannah also ran into an old high school friend, Spencer. He had been ahead of Hannah in school but Hannah had had a big crush on him back then. What were the chances that Hannah would run into Spencer after all these years?

The Seaside Sisters by Pamela M. Kelley was a light yet feel good book. It was about family, loss, grief, the willingness to make a marriage work, friendship, romance, ambition and recognizing what others need by putting aside individual wants. I really enjoyed catching up with some of the characters from The Bookshop by the Bay and meeting the new characters that were introduced in The Seaside Sisters. It would be nice if Pamela M. Kelley decided to write a third book that was set on Cape Cod in Chatham. I enjoyed both the setting and the characters. If you are looking for a good beach read with a touch of romance then I highly recommend The Seaside Sisters.

Thank you to Macmillan Audio for allowing me to listen to the audiobook of The Seaside Sisters by Pamela M. Kelley through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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💭 MY THOUGHTS: I really enjoyed this sweet story! It was my first time reading a Pamela Kelley book and I’m definitely a fan.

I loved all the women in the book and exploring the relationships with them other and the men in their lives. The seaside setting in the women’s hometown of Chatham on the cape was the perfect summer setting and you could feel their nostalgia for the place.

The audiobook was great. I loved the narrator, Stephanie Nemeth-Parker’s voice. She made the emotions come to life and it was an enjoyable listen.

Read for:
🩷 Friends to Lovers
🟰 Family Relationships
🔥 Slow Burn
🚪 Closed Door
📍 Cape Cod

⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 / 5
Spice Level: 🧼 Squeeky Clean

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This was a great beach read. It was cute, happy, predictable, and pleasant. The characters were likable, and you definitely wanted them to succeed. The relationship between the sisters was extremely relatable! I loved that their relationship was the main focus of the book, and the romances were secondary. My only regret is that I wasn’t able to listen to this outdoors or at the beach!

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a lovely beach/summer read. I fantastic story and a a wonderful ride. I don't think this book was typically up my alley . but i can totally see how it is for others!

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The Seaside Sisters is a nice addition to those looking for a light summer read in a coastal town setting. I listened to the audiobook in one day. This book is more about relationships than it is romance. It is cozy and slow building with very likable characters.

The narrator had a pleasant voice; however, I think that many of the characters sounded the same and the men sounded slow and flat. I liked the story enough to overlook that.

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Hannah is a best selling romance author who has been struggling with panic attacks and writer’s block. She’s also still grieving the loss of her mother to cancer and decides to return to Chatham, Cape Cod, the seaside town where she grew up. Hannah is hoping the change of scenery will help clear her head and her writer’s block. Plus, she can reconnect with her older sister, Sara, and their Aunt Maddie, who both live there.

Hannah’s not the only one dealing with some challenges. Sara was once a dedicated librarian but gave up her career to get married and have children. She really wants to return to the workforce, preferably in a bookish field, but her husband has no interest in stepping up around the house so that Sara can follow her dreams. Even Aunt Maddie isn’t immune to life’s challenges. She is still grieving the loss of her sister and she is separated from her husband.

There is a sweet, slow burn romance featuring Hannah and an old friend from her past, but what really made this such an enjoyable read for me were the personal journeys of the three women. As the book’s tagline states, “One summer can change everything.”

This was my first time reading Pamela M. Kelley and I really enjoyed the experience, especially the way she writes characters and relationships. I also enjoyed Stephanie Németh-Parker’s narration of the audiobook. She does a wonderful job creating distinctive voices for Hannah, Sara, and Aunt Maddie and bringing those characters to life.

With its charming seaside setting and its heartwarming storyline, The Seaside Sisters is the perfect beach or poolside read.

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Having visited Cape Cod and, specifically, Chatham, Massachusetts several years ago, I enjoyed getting lost in the setting of the book. This was definitely light summer beach read. A little too much romance for my taste. But still the characters were well developed and the relationships were well done. I enjoyed reading about Hannah’s writing process and how she was influenced in a variety of ways. Just a light easy read that is perfect for time by the pool or next to the ocean.

Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Griffin for my advanced review copy. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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Breezy beach read. A little too much telling rather than showing, which made for a tedious listen at times. I enjoyed Kelley’s The Bookshop by the Bay much more.

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This was a really good, very pleasant, feel-good, summer read!

Different from anything I usually gravitate toward, this was such a relaxed and wonderful book that read like a diary or log book of what Hannah and the other MC’s were up to as the summer progressed. Following three primary MC’s—Hannah, Sarah, and Maddie—this had all the “relaxed summer on the Cape” vibes.

Hannah is an author whose first book hit the bestseller lists. She and her sister Sarah grew up on the Cape, and have a close relationship with their Aunt Maddie—especially now that their mom died. Hannah moves back to the Cape from her Brooklyn apartment for the summer and we’re along for the (very pleasant and beachy) ride as she settles into the slower pace of Cape life, writes her newest novel, and makes new friends and dates a little.

I spent a lot of the book trying to figure out what the point of it was—and once I finished reading, I realized that sometimes, a book is written just to be enjoyable and help the reader envision a perfect, relaxing, summer. This also had threads of family and sisterhood—but it was more a “follow your heart” type of read.

The narrator of the audio was excellent, and she added a lot to the book’s ambiance.

Cheers to this book, and cheers to what will hopefully be a wonderful and relaxing summer of reading!

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I would like to say “Thank you” to MacMillan Audio and NetGalley for the privilege to review an ARC copy of the Audiobook.
Publication date June 4, 2024 Narator: Stephanie Nemeth-Parker
The narration was wonderful, the characters were well distinguished and the voices were pleasant and endearing. It made the experience wonderful. I really enjoyed the book.
In this book you meet Hannah who is a successful writer struggling with writer’s block and anxiety. As a best selling author, living in Brooklyn, Hannah decides to return to her home town in Cape Cod for the summer. She is in search of rest, relaxation, and inspiration. Her sister Sara is there with her family. Sara, a former librarian, is looking for a new career now that her kids are old enough to attend school. Stuck in a stagnant marriage where she feels under appreciated, Sara wants to renew her passion for books.
The two sisters enjoy the summer making new friends, rekindling love, and getting lost in the magic of books.
This is a wonderfully charming story - perfect for a summer beach read or anytime you want to feel like you are there! The characters are beautifully developed and interwoven in the story, complete with warm famity reunions and new friendships. I would recommend this book for anyone looking for a light hearted read that is just fun and clean.

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