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This book was a page turner from beginning to end.. obsessed with hummingbirds and this did not disappoint. Would highly recommend. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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I loved everything about this little book!
There are lots of great details about the hummingbirds of North America that I did not know about and the illustrations are beautiful! A real treat for any bird lover.

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This is a beautifully illustrated and informative book about hummingbirds. It starts with their origins and how they function in comparison to other birds. Learning about 15 out of the 340+ different species was very interesting—I never realized there were so many! And then it finishes with how to attract more hummingbirds to your garden and includes bird-watching tips.

*Provided a DRC (digital review copy) from the publisher for review. All opinions are my own.

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Beautiful illustrations elevate this informative (but not overwhelming) book. I was specifically impressed at the amount and variety of illustrations throughout. I'd love to see more in this format, with a focus on other single subjects like trees, tide pools / beach, whales, etc.

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What a beautiful book!
Contains illustrations and descriptions of the different species in North America, as well as an overall guide to hummingbirds, and everything one needs to know to build a garden that hummingbirds will love or go out and observe them.
I'd recommend it to anyone, whether you have an interest in birds or just want a book with gorgeous illustrations to read with a cup of tea.

Thank you NetGalley and Sasquatch Books for the opportunity to read this ARC.

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Great book about Hummingbirds. So much information about all aspects of hummingbirds, may that I had no idea about. I wished there would have been more photos rather than just drawings of the birds.
If you enjoy gardens, birds and especially hummingbirds you are sure to enjoy this book.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the arc.

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This book has all the factoids you could ever need to learn all about hummingbirds. There's information on the history of hummingbirds, fossils, myths and their meaning in different cultures.

This book also gives details on each hummingbird species, and easy to understand advice for how to spot & decipher each one in the wild. And not just by their color, but by their sounds and mannerisms & locations. I enjoyed how one hummingbird species sound, was compared to shuffling a deck of cards.

The beauty of this book doesn't stop at the cover, the drawings on the inside are stunning and help to visualize what each of the bird's look like.

I appreciate that there is plenty of details regarding how to take care of hummingbird feeders, which flowers, trees or bushes to grow. Just so, so much information all included in this small book. The information is easy to understand and quick to follow. As a fellow hummingbird lover, I absolutely loved this book and highly recommend!

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A Little Book of Hummingbirds is an appealing illustrated guide to hummingbirds written and curated by Tara Austen Weaver as a part of the Little Book of Wonder series. Released 26th March 2024 by Sasquatch Books, it's 144 pages and is available in hardback format.

This is an accessible and very well written guide to the different species of hummingbirds, their ranges, behaviors, and anatomy. The author does a good job of explaining their physiology (including flying of course) in a relatively easy-to-understand manner with scientifically correct terms and information. There's a guide with 40 species, good tutorials for creating an attractive habitat for hummingbirds and other pollinators, some short field trip location suggestions, and tips on birdwatching. The author/publisher have also included an abbreviated glossary and resources links.

It should be noted that this is an illustrated guide. There are no photographs. The beautiful illustrations by Emily Poole are rendered in color, clearly, and attractively. Botanical and bird species are detailed enough for clear unambiguous identification.

Four and a half stars. Well written and beautiful.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.

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This shimmering gem of a book boasts everything you'd want to know about hummingbirds, with lush illustrations, info-rich text, plus a glossary and resource guide.

"If there are more extraordinary birds than hummingbirds-those exotic creatives the Brazilians call beija-flores, flower-kissers-it is difficult to imagine what they might be."

You will learn about the origin and different types of the species, how hummingbirds "work," how to create a haven for them, and helpful tips for bird-watching.

"A group of hummingbirds is sometimes referred to as a hover, a bouquet, a shimmer, or even a tune."

I fell in love with this joy-inspiring book, part of Sasquatch Books' The Little Book of Natural Wonders Series, and now want every title for my personal library!

"A flash of harmless lightning, a mist of rainbow dyes.
The burnished sunbeams
From flower to flower he flies."

Highly recommended for bird, garden, and nature lovers...and anyone who adores beautiful books!

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