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Her Dying Secret is the twentieth book in the Detective Josie Quinn series by best-selling American author, Lisa Regan. Josie and Noah are preparing their home study for adoption when Josie is called out to a traffic accident where it becomes apparent that one of the casualties, a passenger, was dead before the collision. The driver, Mira Summers bears stab wounds to her arms, claims to have no memory of the accident and denies knowing the passenger.

The unidentified passenger is emaciated, shoeless and with stained clothing, hair roughly hacked, and with a tool impaled into her groin. In her hand, a child’s drawing and the word “HELP”. When she is eventually identified, it turns out she’s been missing for a year. How she came to be in the car, where she has been held and by whom are mysteries. But it’s the possibility that a child might be in danger that worries Josie even more.

Tracking the car’s journey back reveals that Mira had recently been at Tranquil Trails, a horse-riding anxiety therapy centre, which points the Denton PD towards a man loosely associated with the place, but it turns out that a number of people who might know his whereabouts are determined to protect this likely perpetrator.

With few leads and information only slowly trickling in, Josie spends time speculating, grasping at straws to try to understand what has happened to the two women and where the child might be. Not helping her state of mind is their newest team member, Detective Kyle Turner, whose attitude belies his effectiveness, and who apparently delights in intentionally irritating his colleagues.

As well as kidnapping, a conspiracy theorist, some tangled relationships, and several twists and turns, this instalment has a dramatic hostage stand-off involving a knife and guns. It does drag in places and is a bit repetitive, with a rather rushed resolution, but the developments in the protagonists’ lives hold the reader’s interest. An addictive series.
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Her Dying Secret by Lisa Regan is book number twenty in the Detective Josie Quinn series. Once, Regan delivered a gripping tale that weaves a complex web of secrets and lies. Prepare for a wild and suspenseful ride while following Josie and her team as they face danger while trying to unravel the puzzling threads of a chilling case.

Detective Josie Quinn and her Husband Lieutenant Noah Fraley are making preparations for a life-changing event. While Josie is agonizing over this decision, she receives a telephone call which led to her turning up at the scene of a motor vehicle accident. A closer look at the scene revealed that this was not simply a motor vehicle accident. An apparent homicide and the possibility of a missing child has Josie and her team working tirelessly to find answers before it's too late.

The case came with a myriad of secrets and lies. Josie had her work cut out for her trying to decipher the lies from the truth. This is one of those cases where you think you have the answers. However, the deeper into the story one goes, one recognizes that they are way off the mark. The many suspects and the woeful lack of evidence will have readers guessing to the end, this coupled with the suspense and danger made for a page turning read.

While solving the case was the main focus, readers have the opportunity of getting involved in Josie's personal life. It was also interesting to see her trying to adjust to the new member of the team. This was not easy as he rubbed everyone the wrong way, not just once but all the time.

I look forward to seeing if Josie and Noah will realize their dreams. Also, I am keen to see if the new member of the team will eventually gel with the other members. At the twentieth book, the series is still going strong. I highly recommend Her Dying Secret as well as the series to fans of police procedurals.

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Detective Josie Quinn, book #20. I found this series just over a year ago and I think there were 10 books at that point. It’s been a ride and this quickly became one of my favourite series.
In book #20 - Josie and Noah are about to make a life change. Josie is called to what seems like a simple traffic accident. - but for Josie even a traffic accident isn’t what it seems.
Quick read and engaging mystery as always. My verdict is still out on the newest member of the team, can’t wait to learn more of his backstory..

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This is an excellent and very long series as this is the 20th instalment.
I was wondering what is making this series “special” and I thought that the character arc and the changes in their life plays a relevant role as Josie in novel #1 is very different from Josie in novel #20 as a lot happened and she moved on and was very happy and very sad at the same as she suffered from a couple of serious psychological trauma.
All the character are developed as Josie: changing and being realistic as there’s always something going on in their life.
This is another gripping and twisty novel, a fast paced page turner that kept me on the edge and guessing.
It brought me to dark places and to hope that everything was going to be well as I was holding my breath.
An excellent police procedural I loved.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to Bookouture for this ARC, all opinions are mine

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Her Dying Secret
Lisa Regan


I think I would have enjoyed this more had I been reading the Josie Quinn detective stories before this one. Without having the background of the working relationship between the characters it felt unnecessary to further any part of the storyline.

The uncovering of the mystery and secrets was great, just wish it had been sooner in the novel. Following the investigation journey was engaging! I plan to read more of Lisa Regan! Thank you #netgalley and bookouture for the e-ARC!

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I just love Josie and her supporting cast! I hope the series continues for many many more installments!

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Every time I step into Denton PA with the incredible characters who feel like my fictional best friends!! I love Lisa Regan as a human and as an author!! 20 books in the Josie Quinn series and Lisa Regan always keeps it fresh. This book had me hooked from the very beginning. The way Josie has grown from book one vanishing girls to book 20 her dying secret is bittersweet. I’m going to be honest and say that I still miss a certain character and his replacement is interesting.🤭 we will see what happens I couldn’t help but giggle at the new replacements idiotic comments!! 🥲 I absolutely LOVED the plot it was so fun!! I was so off on who was behind the whole mess! I’m so ready for book 21🥹 this book was fast paced and simply incredible Lisa Regan knocks it out of the park every single time! Such in awe of her talent every single day.

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Lisa Regan does it again! Book 20 in her Detective Josie Quinn series, and each book continues to uphold the high bar she’s set.

Josie thinks she’s responding to a routine car accident, but it turns out to be anything but routine. The passenger is dead, but from her emaciated appearance and the pointy thing sticking out of her abdomen, it doesn’t look like it was the wreck that killed her. She’s got a piece of paper clutched in her hand, and it’s got the word HELP written on it in red crayon. The driver, Mira Summers, who was injured in the crash, insists she has no idea who the woman is or how she got in the car. She says she doesn’t know anything about that paper, and she has no children. But her prints on the paper would indicate she knows more than she lets on. And then Mira disappears.

This book. Up past my bedtime AGAIN. Couldn’t tear myself away AGAIN. Lisa Regan writes some of the best police procedurals I’ve ever read, but her books are more than just a formula. I feel like I know Josie and Noah and the team. I feel like they’re my friends, and had I worked with them when I was prosecuting, I think we would have gotten along swimmingly. They’re dedicated to their work and to doing it well, but they’re real people, too. Trying to do a good job while handling the crap life throws at all of us, only their job is a lot harder and more stressful than mine.

I don’t know where Ms. Regan gets all her inspiration from, either. Each book brings us a new twist on the capacity people have to be awful to each other. Here the focus is on how mental illness can affect not just the person suffering, but others in their sphere of influence as well. Sometimes it’s tough to read. There is a child involved in this story, and their situation isn’t always sunshine and roses. As Mira’s backstory unfolds, as we learn about the dead woman, my heart hurt for what they’d been through. My brain simply does not work to create scenarios like these, but man, I’m glad Lisa Regan’s does. It makes for some compelling reading.

And as an adoptee, I am super excited that Josie and Noah have decided to adopt! I’m thinking positively for them and hoping we see that story arc come to a happy conclusion (and beginning, because adopting a child would really be the beginning of a whole new adventure) in later books. I love that Ms. Regan lets us see these aspects of her characters’ personal lives. This is part of what makes her characters so good, these glimpses into things that go on with them outside of work.

Oh, I haven’t mentioned the new team member yet. Perhaps I should just say the new detective, because he certainly doesn’t act like a team player, and I’m pretty sure no one sees him that way. Kyle Turner. I think Josie must be biting a hole in her tongue to keep from telling him exactly what she thinks, and it sure seems like he never misses a chance to get in a dig or say something he knows will get a rise out of people. Is he just there to be that one co-worker everybody has had to deal with at some point? Will he ever learn how to work well with others? What backstory does he have that made him this way? I hope there’s more to come, because he is awfully fun to hate.

Kudos to you, Lisa Regan, on keeping Josie Quinn exciting and interesting and so much fun to read through twenty books. This is another five-star read as far as I’m concerned, and I’ll keep reading as long as Josie and crew keep having stories to tell!

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Wow! Book 20 in this captivating Detective Josie Quinn series! She’s a fantastic strong lead female character. You get parts of her own personal life where she is dealing with real-life issues, but also see her professional side as she investigates crimes in her kickass way. This book involves another crime to get invested in.

It’s fun to read each book in order, but it’s great that Lisa Regan makes each installment readable as a standalone book!

It’s obvious that Amazon, USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Lisa Regan, knows what she’s writing in this crime thriller series.

Thank you, Lisa Regan, Bookouture, & netgalley for my early copy! All opinions are my own.

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5 enthusiastic stars!! Lisa Regan does it again with the best Heroine ever… Josie Quinn. Josie and her gang feel like family by now we have become so involved in her life. This book was amazing. A fast paced rollercoaster that grabs you from the first page and hangs on tight to the very end. The characters are always so well done and the plot is wickedly suspenseful start to finish. This one is a real page turner that will keep you up way to late because you need to know how it ends.
This is an absolute must read.

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Let me start by staying that I have read and enjoyed every book in this series. The continuing characters who feel like family (even the sadness I felt when Finn was killed) and the stories that keep you turning the pages until the final confrontation. Detective Josie Quinn and her partner in life and work, Lt. Noah Fraley, have their work cut out for them in this latest case. I have to admit that this was one of the hardest stories to read as the case moved back and forth between their search for the killer to the unknown and unnamed persons who were involved. I think I would have liked to know the names of these people a bit sooner. All the while Josie is pursuing the case, she and Noah must deal with the stress and personal issue of their plans to adopt as her team is still missing Finn and unhappy with the detective who replaced him. A truly exciting ending as Josie is determined to find and save the child who she believes wrote the message “HELP”. I received an advance review copy at no cost and without obligation for an honest review. (paytonpuppy)

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Congrats Lisa Regan on Josie Quinn #20! You did it again with this book, it hooked me right from the start. I love the Denton police team, minus the new guy, he is so frustrating! The rest of the team, however, are a found family.

When Josie gets called to a routine a routine road traffic accident on her day off (thanks to Turner being lazy) she finds out it is anything but routine. A child drawing with the word “HELP” is found, then the one survivor disappears.

As the team continues to investigate more secrets and lies are revealed. The tension, suspense and danger make this book such a page turner. Lisa does such a great job at blending Josie’s work and personal life into these books! The Josie Quinn series is definitely one of my favorites!

Can’t wait to see what more Lisa has in store for Josie, Noah, and the rest of the team in future books!

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for the ARC of this book!

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This is a detective series that I think is strengthened with the intense backstory and continuing storyline that goes on in the background. The characters are robust, and multifaceted and feel authentic. I always love the setting, and Regan does a good job of placing you at the scene. The story was a little convoluted this time, and pretty out there, but didn't take away from the book for me personally. I will always always pick up these up! Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to provide my honest review.

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This book was AMAZING!! The mystery was well done, with great and interesting characters! I love Josie Quinn and I can’t wait for the next book!

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I have to start with congratulations on book 20 of the series. Now that they’ve finally found someone to fill the vacant spot on the team (I cannot write replace Mettner), I am not loving the team dynamic. But I am sure that is the point. I cannot see where I will ever love Turner like the rest, yet I am also sure there is more to his story that will unfold over time. But I do love his new nickname which seems apt since I cringed every time he said sweetheart. I didn’t need an audiobook to hear his condescension.

I also love that you never know who might pop up in the midst of the story. Luke and Blue showed up to help with a search. And this is why when I normally say all the books stand on their own, that I highly recommend reading the series in order. This surprise is explained in the book, but wouldn’t hold as much weight without having read the early books. The depth and growth of the characters is one of the pluses of the series.

I was such a fan of the last book being Josie centric in such a clever way, and this one felt a little less like a team effort due to more than just a shift in the team. That is one of my favorite things of this series. But don’t misunderstand, I liked this one. The case kept me guessing and I fell for everything I was supposed to so I wouldn’t arrive at the right answer before the big reveal. The tension and pacing were spot on to make me never want to put it down.

While I wasn’t loving the team dynamic, I did love the blend of Noah and Josie’s personal life and how it is progressing. The decisions they have made and the surprise at the end of the book makes me excited to see what happens next for them.

Is it too early to be watching for the next book?

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Book 2o! How are we hear? What an achievement! Thank you Lisa for writing this awesome series!

I am still behind on the series as I have still not read books 1 and 2 but I have followed Josie since book 3 and 17 books later I’m still here! I don't plan on going anywhere while this series is still going!

What a bang for book 20..this dark, twisted and extremely realistic storyline kept me hooked. When I wasn’t listening to it i was reading it, I kept flicking between the two medias so I can get the answers and be with the team. I was hooked and needed answers.

We have a host of characters in this book, but I didn't realise how twisted some people were, but seriously after so many books I shouldn't be surprised! The main ones here were despicable, the treatment of people just makes me incredibly sad. It opens with a bang with a shocking accident. One that leads to too many questions.

After I had read book 19, I didn't like Turner…this book cemented it. What a douche. I’m hoping eventually he will either endear himself or transfer out. He can’t behave in the way he does. He's always disappearing, palming cases off and too busy flirting in times of crisis, but I do sense some baggage which will need unpacking. I just want him to eat a bit of humble pie and try, rather than act the way he does.

Still fresh, still solid, still amazing. Josie is forever evolving and I love watching her. Her life is taking a different path and it's exciting!
A solid entry in to the series but a HUGE book 20

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Oh my goodness I was hooked from the beginning. A little different and a slow build but I was intrigued and couldn't wait for the author to put all the pieces together.
The new cop on their squad is such an inappropriate dude, I think he's there so we can all despise him.
As for the crime of murder, so many subtle clues to keep us guessing until the end.
I did not see that twist coming and I'm so glad I was clueless.
Exciting story and a wonderful glimpse into their lives outside of the daily horror they witness.
This one is not even out yet but I can't wait for the next story.

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A brilliantly written haunting story. This intense mystery is filled with complex characters, lots of twists and turns, murder and mayhem and will capture you on the very first page! I could not put this book down! The ending was unpredictable and this page turner is a must read!

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Lisa Regan never fails to shock me with her imagination - she brings us one incredible thriller after another.

Her Dying Wish is yet another roller coaster of emotions and adrenaline as Detective Josie Quinn and her team chases one more serial killer down through Denton and area and uncovers so many twists and turns I thought I had figured out and was proven wrong in my guesses over and over again… there is someone seriously sick on the loose and the team is finding a trail of bodies of pregnant women. Don’t read this one if that’s a potential trigger point! Otherwise, it’s incredible and every detective thriller lover needs to pick it up! Best if you’ve read previous books in the series for the continuing team storyline.

I think this is one of my tops among the 20 books in this series - most definitely! I’m glad the team and all the characters are back together again after being split up for book 19, though I understand why book 19 had to be what it was with Josie on a soul searching mission. Book 20 was a refreshing return to what we’re used to, though getting used to the “new” team after the painful thing that occurred in book 18 is still difficult (why, Lisa, why!! Has Katie forgiven you for her namesake?!). I love Josie and Noah’s personal family plot in this book!

I received an advanced copy from NetGalley and Bookouture, and this is my honest feedback.

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I do not ever get tired of reading the Detective Josie mysteries.
Why did the driver of the car hit the upcoming truck? Why was the dead passenger stabbed? Why is she holding a folder piece of paper in her hand depicting a Child’s drawing with the words help. With clues but also misdirects. I think when it all comes together you will be surprised how it nicely fits but will in the meanwhile have pointed at the various suspicious characters as been the bad guy.
There is still no love lost between Josie and the latest member of the team. Actual her and Gretchen are keeping their tempers under control where the new guy is concerned, I was losing my patience more than once over his attitude. The story is # 20 in this series and can be read as a standalone. Once you read this book, I bet you will go looking for earlier ones. Suggest you read them in the publishing order to get a good sense for the character development and the relationships within the team.

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