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I do not ever get tired of reading the Detective Josie mysteries.
Why did the driver of the car hit the upcoming truck? Why was the dead passenger stabbed? Why is she holding a folder piece of paper in her hand depicting a Child’s drawing with the words help. With clues but also misdirects. I think when it all comes together you will be surprised how it nicely fits but will in the meanwhile have pointed at the various suspicious characters as been the bad guy.
There is still no love lost between Josie and the latest member of the team. Actual her and Gretchen are keeping their tempers under control where the new guy is concerned, I was losing my patience more than once over his attitude. The story is # 20 in this series and can be read as a standalone. Once you read this book, I bet you will go looking for earlier ones. Suggest you read them in the publishing order to get a good sense for the character development and the relationships within the team.

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Her Dying Secret (Josie Quinn Book 20) by Lisa Regan
Pub date: May 14th
5 stars

The latest in a great series is finally here. I love the Josie Quinn series so much, it’s definitely my comfort mystery series. Quick reads, thrilling mysteries, and a cast of (mostly) highly likable and interesting characters, what more could you ask for?

Nothing is ever as simple as it seems in Denton, so when a routine car crash reveals a dead woman and another seriously injured from knife wounds it’s all hands on deck for Josie and crew, especially when a child’s drawing is found in their hands. Is a child in danger? The survivor has no recollection of events, and there’s no connection between her and the other woman. Something bigger is at play, but what? And can Josie keep it altogether while personal matters (of the good kind) play out at home? And what is up with her new coworker who can’t seem to do his
job right or get along with anyone? Only by reading the latest in a long series by Lisa Regan will you find out!

Thank you Netgalley and Bookouture for an ARC of this book!

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Another excellent book in the Josie Quinn series. Plenty of twists and turns and suspense to keep the reader engrossed and then can’t read the book quick enough. Although book 20 in the series it can be read as a standalone but I highly recommend you read the series from the beginning as all the books are so good. I highly recommend this book/series & author.

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Lisa Regan's Detective Josie Quinn is back in her twentieth story, and this one like those that have come before is a real cracker!!!

As Josie gets embroiled in a murder investigation. When her new colleague calls her to take over a road traffic accident. That is anything but.

As Mira Summers has crashed her car with a dead woman in the passenger seat. A 'Jane Doe' who is severely malnourished and has a weapon sticking out of her body.

And Josie wants answers.

Answers she'll stop at nothing to get.

But the case soon becomes even more bizarre and complicated. As the driver claims to have no idea who the passenger is or where she came from. Furthermore, Jane Doe is clutching a child's drawing with the word 'HELP' on the back.

Which makes Josie and husband Noah. Who are looking to adopt even more determined to get to the truth. Only there is a mountain of secrets to wade through first.

Not to mention a new detective. Who isn't exactly the team player Mett was.

And with plenty of twists and turns Her Dying Secret was a real page turner that proves Josie Quinn is here to stay and I for one am extremely happy about that!!

My thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for the opportunity to read an early copy of Her Dying Secret. 😊

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Did not see that coming! Page turner with feels. Josie and Noah are dealing with possible adoption issues on the home front and murder at work. We have the family at home and the family at work. We also have the "long standing relative no one likes" aka Turner, the newest member who is crass, insensitive and whose work ethics leave a lot to be desired. Gretchen is a hoot and calls things as she sees them. This is a twisted tale of love, abuse, and mental illness along with hope. I thing Lisa Regan is going to floor us even more with Turner and that we will be flabbergasted when we find out things all the while we love on Josie, Noah and the Denton PD. Many thanks to NetGalley, Bookouture for the opportunity to read and review. I freely volunteer my thoughts and opinions. #HerDyingSecret #DectiveJosieQuinn #LisaRegan #Bookouture #NetGalley

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Detective Kyle Turner calls Josie to a routine traffic accident since he is "busy" and shorthanded at the moment. Even though it is Josie's day off she figures she'll be home in time for the in-home visit that is scheduled. As she arrives on the scene, she realizes this accident is anything but routine. Josie quickly pivots into crime scene mode, and we are off and running. The fast pace that this story takes keeps the reader engaged and keeps you guessing to the very end. With the cryptic note found in the victim's hand, Josie wonders is there a child in danger? Was she kidnapped? Was she in the car? Why does the driver not have any memory, and who is the woman in the passenger seat grotesquely thin and mortally wounded? In true Josie Quinn style, she will not stop until she has all the answers.
This is the 20th installment in this fantastic series of Josie Quinn and the gang. The bond that this group has is amazing to say the least. This is written as a standalone as all of this author's books are in the series but having read all 19 of the previous books I would say, read the others. They are so good! Lisa Regan has mastered the art of a great story. Her characters are real and relatable. You feel like they are your friends and family. Each book has a different whodunit, but the familiar characters are what keep you coming back.
I can't wait for the next book in the series, and I never want it to end. Thanks to Net galley, Bookouture, and Lisa Regan for the arc of this amazing book.

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When you read a Detective Josie Quinn book you know you are going to be drawn into the story from the very beginning and that there will be plenty of mystery, danger, suspense, and twists along the way until the murder(s) are solved. In addition, there is the continuing dynamics of the team getting into a rhythm with the newest team member, Detective Kyle Turner. He is something else and I can't help but wonder what his back story is because there has to be more than meets the eye. Otherwise, why would the Chief keep someone around who seems to go out of his way to antagonize everyone? You will definitely want to read this book.

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In the midst of preparing for an important visit from an adoption case manager, Josie discovers that her day is about to take an unpredictable turn. Her colleague, Gretchen, is tied up at a shooting incident, which forces Detective Turner to make an urgent call to Josie, requesting her presence at a grim motor vehicle accident scene. This accident, however, is far from ordinary—it involves a single fatality with a twist that beckons Josie into the depths of a chilling investigation. The driver of the Sedan, Mira Summers, miraculously survives but is found unconscious with disturbing defensive wounds, hinting at a sinister prelude that the crash itself could not account for. The scenario grows more macabre as the passenger, found dead, clutches a weapon protruding from her abdomen. This woman's sickly appearance coupled with the evidence of torture before her stabbing sends a multitude of questions.

As Josie delves deeper, she stumbles upon a piece of evidence that raises the stakes—a folded piece of paper in the deceased woman's grasp. It's a child's drawing, marked with a desperate cry for help scrawled on the back in crayon. This discovery propels Josie into a maze of questions, each more perplexing than the last. The apparently random accident now seems like a piece of a much larger, darker puzzle. Was this tragedy a brutal endpoint to a series of torturous events? And, most hauntingly, who is the child behind the poignant plea for help? The layers of mystery surrounding the crash scene keep piling up, and Josie realizes that the visit from the adoption case manager is no longer the only priority on her list.

Lisa Regan excels in creating deeply immersive narratives through her skillful use of rich, descriptive details that vividly capture the essence of her scenes. Her meticulous choice of details and her ability to seamlessly weave these elements into her writing demonstrate her mastery in crafting an engaging reading experience that brings her stories to life. However, her exquisite details do not end here. She also meticulously incorporates a wealth of specific details pertaining to various processes and tests involved in investigations. This detailed approach not only enriches her narrative with authenticity but also enhances the realism of the events depicted in her story. Through this method, this author successfully bridges the gap between fiction and reality, allowing readers to immerse themselves fully in the unfolding drama with a heightened sense of believability.

"Her Dying Secret" is a gripping novel that employs a dual-perspective narrative, intertwining the insights of Detective Josie Quinn, the protagonist, with an unidentified victim, adding layers of suspense and intrigue. This storytelling technique effectively engages readers, prompting them to piece together clues and question the roles of each character in the unfolding mystery. Some of the beloved main characters since "Vanishing Girls" return, their depth and complexity as compelling as ever, while the secondary characters are meticulously crafted, eliciting a range of emotions from empathy to disdain. Through well-written and well-developed character portrayals, the novel masterfully keeps readers guessing about everyone's true involvement in the investigation.

In her storytelling, Lisa Regan skillfully intertwines questions posed by the protagonist, Josie, mirroring those that readers might find themselves pondering as they delve into the role of armchair detectives. This narrative technique not only engages readers but also offers insight into Josie's analytical process, highlighting instances where certain investigative leads appear implausible or inconsistent with the unfolding mystery. Through this method, Regan effectively draws readers deeper into the investigative journey, fostering a connection between Josie’s thought processes and the audience's curiosity.

Over all, Her Dying Secret by Lisa Regan is a riveting narrative that captivates readers with its unforgettable characters, intricately twisting plot, and engaging storyline, enriched with descriptive and relevant details that paint a vivid picture of the investigative case. This book will keep readers in suspense and eager to turn every page as they are kept on the edge of their seats throughout the unfolding events. Lisa Regan masterfully concludes the story with a mind-blowing ending, skillfully tying up all the loose ends and answering lingering questions, leaving the reader satisfied and eagerly anticipating the next Detective Josie Quinn installment.

I received a free digital ARC from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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Another brilliant crime thriller in one of my favourite series.
Josie is called out to a road accident but when she gets there it’s clear the passenger had died before the collision, due to the sharp implement lodged in her stomach.
The driver is taken to hospital but is suffering from memory loss, so Josie is up against it.
With the discovery of a child’s drawing, Josie knows there’s a child involved somehow and is desperate to find them.
With a suspect identified, Josie and the team try and track him down but with others trying to protect him, he’s difficult to find.
This is a gripping crime thriller that I really enjoyed.
Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book.

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This book was really fast-paced and the character building was amazing. It was a gripping crime thriller with jaw-dropping twists.

I read this book in one sitting and just couldn’t put it down. I liked how the characters cared about each other - like this is not just a job but they are actual friends who know each other personally and support each other when needed.

I also loved how Detective Josie had her own personal life and the story showed how hard it can be to manage your work and home and also, how great it is to be supported by your partner, who in this case was her husband Lieutenant Noah.

Overall, it is an unputdownable, fast-paced thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

This was my first book by this author and I really enjoyed it. It is the twentieth book of the Detective Josie Quinn series, but can be read as a standalone. If you've never read a Josie Quinn book, then this is a good one to start with.

This book is perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Robert Dugoni and Rachel Caine. I highly recommend it if you love police procedural thrillers.

Thank you so much Bookouture, Netgalley and Lisa Regan for this ARC copy!

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Another spellbinding read in the Josie Quinn series by Lisa, Reagan, and this suspenseful thriller there is a car crash in Denton with two women in the car. One is dead and they both have stab wounds. Josie and the team need to get to the bottom of it, but they also have to deal with an obnoxious new detective. I absolutely love the Josie Quinn series. It is one of my favorites and I have to read everything by Lisa Reagan as it comes out. The characters are amazing and I love the growth from one book to the next the twist and turns keep you on the edge of your seat. I highly recommend this book and all by Lisa Reagan you won’t regret picking them up.

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Always a joy to reconnect with Detective Josie Quinn! Lisa Regan is keeping Josie fresh with the 20th book in her beloved series as she dives into a brand new case full of mystery. The intrigue in this particular story was good, but I wasn't nearly as invested along the way as I usually am. I feel like the team connection is suffering a lot with many not even being mentioned more than in passing, and the same goes for Josie's family and friends. I want to see a bit more oomph brought back into her personal interactions again in addition to the work stress. This new detective is yet to show his true colors as well. I'm looking forward to the drama to come from that.

I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys a detective who always solves her case and has a lot of human interest in her own life and past along the way. The joy of this series is feeling like they are old friends who we get to dive into a new case with as each new book arrives.

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Let's just start with Josie Quinn is my FAVE!! This book is very fast paced and keeps you on your toes. Lis Regan is a masterful writer who in my opinion never disappoints. Even though it is fast paced you will need to pay attention to details. Fantastic character building and writing. Another one out of the park for Lisa Regan! LOVED THIS BOOK...quick note this is #20 in the series so in my opinion read the others first!
#LisaRegan #JosieQuinn
Thank you to Netgalley & Bookouture for allowing me to read this ARC.

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Wow, wow, wow!
With each book we get to know these characters better as they face intricate cases. This case starts with Josie investigating a car accident, but as is common in Denton, nothing is what it appears. One of the clues at the scene leads the team to believe a child might be in danger. With very little to work with the team concentrates their resources on solving this case. With each chapter the story becomes more complicated and suspenseful and working with the newest teammate seems to challenge Josie. I could not put this story down and the ending was jaw dropping! A must read.

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Her Dying Secret is book 20 in the Detective Josie Quinn series by Lisa Regan.
Regan did it again with a book that pulls you in from the first sentence and doesn’t let go until long after the last.
The story had me hooked from the start and with all the twist and turns.
The storyline was very fast paced, absolutely nerve-racking and heart racing and kept me consistently on the edge of my seat.
Her characters always draws the reader in and holds them hostage till the very end,
Overall a heart racing, page turning, addictive and unputdownable fast paced crime thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Thank You NetGalley and Publisher for your generosity and gifting me a copy of this amazing eARC!

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Detective Josie Quinn was called to a road traffic accident, even though she was on a day off, but it was anything but routine. One fatality, and one badly injured driver. And it was obvious to everyone the injuries weren't caused by the accident. Trying to interview the driver, Mira, at the hospital, Josie was frustrated at her lack of cooperation. And when Mira suddenly disappeared, Josie and her colleagues knew there was so much more to this case.

A child's drawing with HELP on the back; a woman who'd been missing for over a year; a police officer who'd been missing for three years; and the brother of a person of interest keeping secrets. And that wasn't all. The frustrations of Josie, Gretchen, Noah and the chief kept them working long hours and gradually, slowly, pieces began to make sense. But would they be able to find the child who'd scrawled HELP on the piece of paper? Or the other missing person? They were desperate...

Her Dying Secret is the 20th in the Detective Josie Quinn series by Lisa Regan and it was another riveting addition to this completely addictive series. Turner was an absolute pain and earned the nickname Gretchen gave him - Jackass! As usual though, Josie, Gretchen and Noah jelled perfectly, each knowing what the other was thinking. I'm loving this series and feel it's important to start from the beginning. Highly recommended.

With thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my digital ARC to read in exchange for an honest review.

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Her Dying Secret is a thrilling and gripping addition to the Detective Josie Quinn series. From the very first page, Regan masterfully draws readers into a suspenseful world filled with unexpected twists and turns that will keep them on the edge of their seats. The stakes are high, not just for Josie but for an innocent child whose life hangs in the balance. The emotional depth of the characters, especially Josie's unwavering determination to protect the vulnerable, resonates deeply and adds a powerful message to the thriller.

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Another great addition to this excellent series.
Somehow we are at number 20 in the series but it's still as fresh as the first.
A complex read with lots of characters and twists. This could be read as a standalone but to enjoy the subplot I'd urge you to start at the beginning and I envy you the binge read

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I’ve been reading about Josie Quinn for many books now. I’m so exited this is the 20th book in the series! One of the best things about this series is you can jump in at any book and not be lost. I have the first several books in my TBR but I don’t feel lost that I haven’t.

This book is a quick and satisfying read. Perfect for you if you like police procedurals mixed in with personal stories. Josie and her husband Noah are trying to adopt and I love reading the personal side of their story. Josie and her team are trying to solve a murder and find there is a lot more than meets the eye. This is a great book that will have you turning the pages late into the night!

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Josie is back in Denton but a car crash produces one body and a host of questions that have very elusive answers.
Josie and Noah’s quest to become parents is a marginal story line but some exciting news toward that endeavor does occur.
I found the mystery compelling and loved all the intricacies of the story that I never saw coming.
I love when Josie homes in on something and usually that leads to major case breakthroughs.
As for for the pain in the rear Turner, yes he provides the irritation foil but I was ready to dump him in the river along with his phone and his energy drinks,

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