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I enjoyed reading this. It was clear, concise and informative. The information was easily discerned and applied to real life scenarios. It even caught the attention of my kids while I was listening. They started asking questions about the concepts presented.

This would have been helpful to read before I took my college course on this subject. I think I would have done better in the class.

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If you are going to buy one Organizational Behaviors book this year, this book, in my opinion, is it. And I’ve read a lot of books covering leadership, organizational behavior, and learning and development. In fact, this book covers all three of those topics and so much more. There are quizzes at the end of each chapter to check your knowledge. This book should be on the bookshelf of Business students, business teachers, leaders, L&D specialist, Human Resource Specialist, and those seeking to move up in a company. If you seek to optimize your team’s results, success, and dynamics, get this second edition of “Organizational Behavior Essentials You Always Wanted To Know.”

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I received a free ARC from NetGalley, and this review is voluntary

If you remember those *Dummy Guide Books* back in the day, this is similar in the regard of introducing a complex subject matter, and boiling it down into easy to understand language, with examples of practice to reinforce the theory, or to expand on the knowledge of the chapter or section.

What the author does well with besides providing this information in a layman's way is the humanistic approach to the policies discussed, within the overall framework of organizational behavior. Much of this analysis is rightly through the lense of the employee, and how the relationship between labor and company can greatly affect not just the organization in areas such as productivity or efficiency, but also in relation to the employee/s themselves, with focus in areas like level of productivity and general morale.

This book is an amazing reference guide for those already practiced within the field like myself, or for those that hope to learn about organizational behavior. Much of the discussion is realistic, and points directly to the heart of the problem, while also providing a way to solve it. To paraphrase President Kennedy, a great leader knows that a rising tide lifts all boats.

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I'm recommending this book to colleagues who teach business. If you are a business student, an entrepreneur, or business owner, you'll want to pick up a copy, too.

I am none of the above and found myself interested in the chapters on finance, general management, HR, and marketing. Especially helpful are the quizzes and chapter summaries.

There is so much information that, whether you're starting out or plugging holes in your current knowledge, you'll learn something from this valuable text. It's an overview of business systems and essential components. (Which even I, not interested in business in the least, found fascinating and instructional.)

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