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The Devil's Berries by Patti Flinn is book two in the Last Favorite Series. This book picks up right after book one, following Louis-Benoit Zamor, the African slave to Madame du Barry.

The French Revolution is still picking up speed in this book. We also meet other historical figures in this book, such as Thomas Dumas and Joseph Bologna de Saint-Georges.

This book also continues on with the story between Veronique and Zamor, and we’re introduced to their love story, which is exciting.
Before this series, I did not know much about the French Revolution or anything about Zamor in history. I enjoyed learning about the Why behind why the revolution was started, and seeing this time in historical fiction, made the content enjoyable.

I am looking forward to the third and final book in this series!
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"Inspired by the true life of Louis-Benoit Zamor.

Serving Madame du Barry by day and rubbing shoulders with revolutionaries at night, Louis-Benoit Zamor is ready to find his greatness. In this, his time in the sun, he will lend his voice to the revolutionary movement and love like he's never dared.

But the Ancient Régime isn't done with him, yet.

Much like the deadly devil's berries, Madame's bitter anger takes root at the chateau. Zamor will discover that when facing the devil in disguise only one thing is for sure:

Every fox must survive its own hunt...and all that."

Vive la révolution!

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The Devil’s Berries is the second in the series by Patti Flinn which follows the life of Louis Benoit, Zamora, the black page of Madame du Barry, mistress of Louis XV of France. As the Revolution begins, Zamora begins to participate in the revolution clandestinely by writing and speaking for freedom for all including slaves held by the aristocracy. Told in the first person and through letters, details about life during this critical time in French history come to light. I would recommend this book to all French history buffs interested in a slave’s perspective of the Revolution.

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This was a strong sequel in the Last Favorite’s Page series, it had everything that I wanted from this type of book. It continued to tell the story in a way that I was hoping for and enjoyed the historical fiction element to this book. Patti Flinn has everything that I wanted and expected from the world and hopefully there is more in this world.

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I loved it!! A story inspired by a real character set in the turbulent times of the French Revolution ! I had "met" Zamor in book 1, and couldn't wait to hear his sarcastic comments again! The French Revolution felt very vivid and colourful indeed! Because of its rich details of the historical background, this novel gives an accurate account of France in those days. The writing is very lively while the novel is based on extensive research. This novel can be read as a standalone, but I do recommend book 1 as it is also excellent.
I received a digital copy of this novel from NetGalley and I am leaving voluntarily an honest review.

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I always love novels set in seventeenth century France, and this one was no except. I enjoyed the characters especially the main character and would recommend the book highly. Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for giving me a copy of the book.

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