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I went into this one blind, not knowing what I was in for, and boy oh boy, was I in for a treat! I loved this. Everything about this story worked for me. The setting was unique, the characters well-written, and the plot was engaging. I loved the chemistry between Yasmin and Ravi. Wow, at points the heat was coming off the pages. The enemies-to-lovers trope works in this one. Believable. I cannot wait to read more by this author, they have a fantastic writing style that makes it almost impossible to put the book down.

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First of all, I love when you can find information regarding the races or the magic system in a book at the beginning. It makes it easy to go back and check, especially when you are reading a printed book, when it comes to e-books, it can have the opposite effect, especially if there is too much information there.

What I liked most about this book, is how courageous the FMC is. In order to help Ravi achieve his quest, she has to go back to a horrible place (and oh my, the description of that place really made my hairs stand on end).

The only problem was that I felt a bit bored at times, during the journey to that place, but I'm still glad I read this book because it ended up being an interesting story with many troupes I enjoy.

If you want a high steaks adventure in a world with elves and humans, enemies to lovers, found family and forced proximity, I totally recommend giving a try to this book.

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I really enjoyed this book. I hope the author continues to write more books in the future. I can't wait to see what this author releases in the future.

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Okay so this book was definitely fun. I always enjoy going into a new fantasy world and meeting new characters that I know that I'm in the long haul with. It definitely is a little harsh rating the first in a fantasy series because it's a bunch of world building, character building, and magic-system building.
It definitely was slow at the beginning, but it started picking up and thats when I really enjoyed it. Once the pace started picking up, I did not want to put this book down. This is exactly what I look for in a fantasy book, and I am really excited to read the rest of the series!!

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Rising Sun has proven without a shadow of a doubt that Donna Grant is a masterful storyteller who only gets better with time. With no break in the building tension and her trademark dramatic twists, her characters are sure to delight and her glorious storylines will keep your mind and heart fully engaged. The best way to savor the experience is to walk into her stories with an open mind and an open heart. Only then can you truly absorb and see everything that she wants us to observe and feel. The multi facetted and extraordinary journeys that she brings to life are truly breathtaking one of a kind treasures. No one should ever miss out on any of them.

Yasmin knows better then most how harsh and deadly life can be, so she does everything she can to help make life better for those she loves. When life sees fit to drag her back into a past she will do anything to avoid, she figures out the best to fight back. Ravi lives for his job. It defines him, and allows him to help the hands of justice prevail. When doing his job drags an unknown woman with questionable motives into his life, he is ready to be rid of her by any means. Can he complete his mission while keeping his head and heart secure, or will she manage to obliterate his safe life leaving nothing but ashes behind?

Yasmin has been forced to live life in a never ending darkness. With no light to break through, she doesn't know how to lean on another person. That has never ended well for her. Ravi has never been still long enough for anything to catch up to him. He prefers trusting in only himself since his only attempt to break that habit ended in disaster. Can someone who refuses to open his heart to those around him be able to break through the paralyzing walls of someone deeply scarred by a past that will not be laid to rest in order to conplete his mission, or will everything he worked for unravel before his very eyes?

Donna Grant has truly outdone herself with this utterly magnificent journey of blinding love and life-transforming hope! She pulled out all the stops to show us that a blinding and unstoppable love can decimate the deepest and thickest darkness in our world. Nothing can stand against a simple and pure hope offered with no strings or conditions. Good can overcome evil, but it can only succeed if we open our hearts and minds to it. We have to be the means that it uses to travel from one person to another. I ask you to pass along a tender hope and a simple love to those around you until it permeates our entire world with endless possibilities and unbelievable transformations.

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Fantasy romance with quite a few tropes. Believable characters with chemistry from the beginning. It felt like the story behind the mission faded into the background and wasn’t kept in the forefront of my mind. I felt like some scenes really dragged on and some parts felt like it skipped over what could have been some engaging scenes.

The spice was decent and definitely a slow burn.

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An enemies to lovers romance with Ravi and Yasmin. They must put aside heir differences to prevent a war--and of course fall in love in between. Yasmin is a human who may seem rough around the edges but is a strong woman who doesn't take disrespect from anyone. Ravi is a sun fan who is kind of blah in my opinion, he's closed off and reserved and lacked any qualities that had me really rooting for their relationship. They argue and banter any chance they get but that eventually turns to affection. The character development is great. Elves are superior and humans are less than, so Ravi takes some time to warm up to Yasmin based on that right at the beginning.

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This definitely is an enemies to lovers romance which I really enjoyed. It was a little difficult to get into the story which I think might be due to having such little backstory. This is a series that is spinoff from another series that I haven't read. I could still read and enjoy the story but was little confused on some of the things the characters were talking about in the beginning.
I liked the characters. I feel really bad for Yasmin and what she went through for being a human. Ravi kinda feel flat for me. He just was there. I really like Dain and Manu, I hope we see more from them. The action in this book is really good and definitely keeps you entertained. I hope there is more from this world.

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This enemies-to-lovers tale features Yasmin and Ravi on a mission to prevent war, forcing them to overcome their prejudices and work together through dangerous challenges. Yasmin's strength and bravery shine despite her difficult past, while Ravi, initially closed off, finds his walls crumbling as they navigate their journey. With a captivating magic system and unique world dynamics, this fast-paced romantasy is filled with adventure, tension, and steamy moments, making it a compelling read.

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Thank you to the author, Netgalley, and the publisher for sending me a free ebook in exchange for an honest review.

Fae, humans, and dragon shifters? Sign me up immediately!

This is a novel about a human girl (with hidden magic) and a sun fae having to team up to try and stop a covert operation planning to kill millions. There are heavy political undertones, which is something to be very aware of when going into this book. This also gives off heavy reverse pride and prejudice, which I was, of course, eating up.


Yasmin, the main female character is amazing. She has a bit of a chip on her shoulder and can come across as quite prideful, however, when you scratch beneath the surface she is strong, stubborn and the exact person the children in her care need. She is braver than most of the secret agents she works with and puts her neck out for every single person she thinks needs help.

Ravi, the main male character is a sun fae with just the tiniest (read huge) amount of prejudice. He is talented and knowledgeable on all things fae, but it took a while for him to warm up to the humans. He immediately assumed the worst of Yasmin and her wards and it took Yasmin saving his life for him to start to trust her and realise there is much more to her below the surface.

The two of them together was incredibly entertaining as they argued, flirted, and burrowed their way into each other's hearts without realising it. Ravi becomes less selfish, and less mission-oriented and starts to think about his actions have an effect on the people around him. Yasmin faces her demons and becomes better for it, learning to trust those around her.

And one honourable mention to the best character in the entire book. Dain. A dark elf who looks after children, comes across as insanely grumpy and yet is the most wonderful character. The only thing that would have made the relationships in this book better would have been if Dain was the main male character. (Sorry not sorry Ravi.)

Moving away from the characters, the writing in this book was amazing. The story itself was well thought out and unique, detailed and it had me hooked from the first chapter. There are elements of enemies to lovers and miscommunication. Usually, I don't like miscommunication in a book, but it really worked in this book. I loved how slow-burn this was due to the prejudice and miscommunication - it made the whole falling-in-love element so much sweeter. This was the kind of book that had me hooked for the entirety and I loved every element of the story.

4 stars

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This is my first book from the author and it had me hooked , I am torn between 4 and 5 stars but for now I am gone stick to 4!!
It’s a true high fantasy enemies to lovers slow burn book and as much as I loved Ravi and Yaz I was secretly wanting a reverse harem plot because I also adore Dain!! 🤭Shhhh don’t tell anyone about it 🤫😅
I am anxiously waiting for book 2 but I will fill my time with all the books in this universe by Donna Grant 🥰
The magic system is unique and although at first the many spices of elves scared me , I quickly found my footing and it seemed very easy to tell the characters apart!!
The end of the book left me with so many questions and I hope I’ll get some answers in the next book !! There are plenty of interesting characters as well as an air of mystery about them , I can’t wait to find all about them !

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I actually loved this book! It made me cry at the end, it made me worry, it made me anticipating what was going to happen next and so much more! Yaz is so relatable and her growth through the book was admirable. Ravi seemed surface level at the beginning and quickly grew to something more. I can’t wait for the next book to release in November! *Adds to cart* 😂 but seriously, I would highly recommend this book to lovers of fantasy with a little romance and enemies to lovers intertwined.

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I did enjoy this book. Overall plot was good, and I felt like the characters had life to them. I throughly enjoyed Yasmin & Ravi’s relationship. The backstories were well written!

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I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the editor for sending me an advance copy of this upcoming title. Your hard work and dedication to this project are truly commendable, and I am incredibly honored to have the opportunity to review it before its official release.

The depth and quality of this work are a testament to your meticulous attention to detail and your passion for bringing exceptional stories to life. From the engaging narrative to the well-developed characters, it's clear that a tremendous amount of effort has gone into every aspect of this book.

I am genuinely excited about this title and eager to share my thoughts and insights. Having the chance to read it in advance has been a wonderful experience, and I am confident that readers will be just as captivated by it as I am.

Thank you once again for this incredible opportunity. Your support and trust in my feedback mean a great deal to me. I look forward to continuing to work together and witnessing the success of this fantastic book.

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High fantasy ~romantasy~

The Tropes:
-enemies to lovers
-forced proximity/teamwork
-magical main character
Some CWs for physical/emotional/sexual abuse

I really WANTED to like this much more than I did. Don't get me wrong, it was a diverting read, but I didn't feel sucked in to the worldbuilding like I wanted to. The MC and love interest fell a little flat for me. I also wasn't super into the racism metaphor of the elves vs humans caste system-- like what if this white person experienced racism?

I spent a good chunk of the book thinking that the main character MIGHT be a dragon princess or was going to fuck a dragon and neither of those things turned out to be true and I was SO disappointed. Maybe in the sequel...?

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This is the first book of Donna Grant that I’ve read and while usually I much prefer the 1st person POV, I’ve had a lot of fun reading this books.

This is a spin-off of her other series but if you’re new to the author like me, don’t worry. You can definitely start your journey with this one.

Rising Sun is a very fun, fast-paced quest romantasy. It has all of my favourite tropes:

- slow burn romance with a lot of tension
- enemies to lovers
- forced proximity
- high stake

The book keeps you hooked from the very beginning and the relationship between two MCs grows gradually and naturally. There is a lot of danger and tension that draws you in and keeps you interested till the very end.

The world building was great, with no info dumping and I can’t wait to find out more about the magical system.

I definitely recommend it to all fantasy romance lovers ✨

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Rising Sun
Donna Grant

Rising Sun is set in a world where Elves are the superior race and humans are left to survive the hand they’ve been dealt. Yasmin hates Elves and all they’ve taken from her, she dreams of fleeing to find others like her. Ravi is a Sun Elf and has nothing against humans… except Yasmin, whom he despises. This was one of the better enemies to lovers I have read recently, we get to delve into the depths of their disdain for a good section of the book. I just hate when the loathing is over too fast! Yasmine and Ravi set off on a world saving adventure as unlikely and unwilling partners. The character growth from Ravi in this book was a real stand out for me, his ability learn and change his perception as he learns about her life and trauma. This was 5 stars from me and I am excited to read any future connecting books.

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I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

"Rising Sun" marks the impressive beginning of a promising new series by Donna Grant. One of the greatest fears when starting a new series from an established author is feeling obligated to delve into a backlog of previous works to grasp the storyline. However, this novel deftly avoids that pitfall. The pacing is impeccable, drawing readers effortlessly into a thrilling adventure alongside protagonists Ravi and Yaz.

The chemistry between Ravi and Yaz is electric, particularly in the forced proximity scenes that sizzle with tension and intrigue. These moments not only add depth to the characters but also drive the narrative forward with palpable energy.

Overall, "Rising Sun" is a captivating read that combines seamless pacing with engaging characters and steamy interactions. It's a testament to Donna Grant's skill in crafting both plot and romance, making it a must-read for fans of the genre and newcomers alike. I eagerly anticipate the next installment in this exciting series.

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Looking for adventure, espionage, romance, and magics? Well this is a book for you! The book contains a great adventure/mission that’s also leads to a steamy slow burn romance all within a fantasy setting!

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What a surprise Rising Sun, Book 1 of Elven Kingdoms, is! It has its own distinct otherworldly personality which leads you into a multifaceted plot of intrigue and romance. The author’s characters are diverse and well thought out creating a fast-paced storyline. The opening chapters take the reader on a wild goose chase trying to figure out who are the heroes and who are the villains. Slowly the author gives the reader more information entrapping them in the storyline creating the desire to read the book in one sitting. Even at the end of the book this reader was wondering on a few of the main characters.

For me I feel this book is a little more to the dark side with its characters which was an unexpected shift from her other series I’ve read and loved. I honestly became very fond of the characters in this book. Some took longer but they grew on me the further I got into the plot.
Some of my favorite characters were Jasmine the main heroine with a secret. Once I found out what her secret was, I was filled with compassion and understanding for her actions and thoughts. The two male characters that caught my attention was Ravi and Dain. Both exciting and diverse in opposite ways. I was surprised by which one caught Jasmine’s eye but you’ll have to read the book to see if you agree.

I am looking forward to the next book in the series. I can’t wait to see if Yasmin can move forward with her life. You can be sure it will be just as good if not better than this book.

I enjoyed this book and gave it 4.5 STARS.

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