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3.5 rounded up
Second book in the series. I liked Mira much more kn the first book. Will definitely give book 3 a go. Thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to listen to this audiobook

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This was an enjoyable, quick, binge summer read! I liked the setting and the characters--enough that I'd like to read more from the series, though this was great as a standalone. I'll be honest that it's not especially remarkable or memorable, but I liked it. The audiobook narrator was great; easy and pleasant to listen to, clear and a good fit for the story.

Thank you to NetGalley and Brilliance Audio for an audiobook to read and review voluntarily.

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A Delightful Dive

4.25 out of 5 stars

June Bug by Jess Lourey, narrated by the talented Jennifer Jill Araya, is an absolute gem that sparkles with mystery and charm. Having just finished May Day, the first book in the Murder by Month Mystery series, I was eager to dive back into the quaint, quirky world of Battle Lake, Minnesota. Lourey's ability to blend cozy mystery elements with gripping suspense is a true delight, and this book takes it up a notch.

The story kicks off with Mira James, our intrepid part-time reporter, who finds herself caught up in a local treasure hunt. What starts as a fun summer escapade quickly turns into a high-stakes adventure when Mira discovers more than just a faux diamond at the bottom of Whiskey Lake.

Lourey's knack for creating a comfortable yet thrilling atmosphere shines through as Mira unravels a puzzle that spans decades, all while dodging a menacing figure from her past. The balance of "oh no, what's going to happen" mixed with that cozy "everything will hopefully be okay" charm kept me hooked from start to finish.

What makes this series truly special is the return of Mira James. Her character is hilariously relatable, especially when her love interest is around, transforming her into a lovable, tongue-tied puddle.

Lourey's writing also captures the essence of Minnesota, making the setting feel both inviting and eerily mysterious.

Jennifer Jill Araya's narration is the icing on the cake, bringing each character to life with warmth and authenticity. Her performance, paired with Lourey's tight, engaging story, makes June Bug an enjoyable mystery.

Overall, June Bug is a delightful blend of mystery, humor, and heart. If you enjoyed May Day, you'll love this sequel even more. Lourey's storytelling prowess combined with Jennifer Jill Araya's superb narration creates an audiobook experience that is both entertaining and heartwarming. Whether you're a cozy mystery aficionado or a suspense lover, this book has something for everyone. Dive into Battle Lake and join Mira on her latest adventure—you won't be disappointed!

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Book 2 of the Murder by the Month series starring Mira James, who is learning what small town MN life is like, and finding bodies along the way.
I listened to the audiobook of the 2024 release and I am hooked! I plan to complete the whole series. I can't believe I am just hearing about them now, as I have read all Jess Lourey's other books.
Mira continues her job at the library, as well as writing for the local paper. She finds out there will be a contest to find a replica of a necklace that went missing under suspicious circumstances. The person who finds it and opens the box it’s in will get $5000. She knows there is more to it than that and investigates. This story follows her, as she finds out the origin of the original necklace and again helps solve the crime.
Nice, cozy mystery to start and end the day (I listened on my commute to/from work.)

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This updated version of June Bug is a rollicking good time of a book! This fun read has quirky characters, a nice twisty plot and plenty of humor. I enjoyed this audiobook and am looking forward to the next in the series. I received a complimentary copy of this audiobook and chose to write a voluntary, unbiased review.

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Reading Between the Wines book review #45/130 for 2024:
Rating: 3 🍷 🍷 🍷
Book: June Bug
Author: Jess Lourey
Available now!

Sipping thoughts: This was the 2nd book in the Murder by Month Romcom Mystery series. I liked it a little more than book 1. This one had more happening in it in my opinion. I liked the suspense and the characters. I can’t wait to see what Mira James is up to in August!

Cheers and thank you to @BrilliancePublishing and @Netgalley for an advanced copy of @JuneBug.

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• cozy mystery
• LOL moments
• quick read

With the re-releases of the Murder by Month series, we get fresh new covers! Love this one. Our FMC is such a fun amateur sleuth to follow while she tries to solve another mystery.

🗣 Thank you to the author and netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book via gifted audiobook! All opinions are honest and my own.

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This murder by the month series by the author is entertaining. Definitely a little more mystery than rom com, but a great short quick listen. I am always a fan of bookish books and Mira is a librarian. Well, when she wants to work and open the library. But cut her a little break since she keeps getting caught up in these murders.

The idea of a diving competition to find a long lost missing necklace was unique and fun.

Jennifer Jill Araya does a great job bringing Mira and the story to life. Her voice and narration melt right into what I would expect Mira to sound like.

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Mira James is back in another Murder by Month book! I fell in love with her character in the introduction book, May Day. Now I find I adore her just a little more in this book. I feel like she is an old friend, who calls once a month to catch up.
Mira is a reporter/ librarian, and now a treasure hunter, lol. This girl has many tricks up her sleeve, and always surprises. Didn’t know she could scuba, especially since she’s in Minnesota. But I’m here for it. When she’s not diving for treasure, she’s finding bodies and trying not to get murdered. lol I love the trouble she gets into and her determination to get answers.
As usual with an audiobook, you are taken to the next level. Giving a voice to Mira, being able to hear her tone and humor is everything. I only wish the narrator had a quirky midwestern accent! That may have made it over the top, lol.
I laughed out loud a little too much, panicked in certain situations, and frantically page turned to see how this story was going to turn out. Now I’m ready for the next book!

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This is book 2 in the Murder by Month Romcom series. I did not read book one and I hope to soon! I dd not feel it was necessary to read book 1 as they summarize the previous book briefly in this title.
Overall this is a very cute and modern cozy mystery with a millenial-sounding protagonist Mira who is a small town MN librarian and journalist. She’s down on her luck in the dating world but most of all she keeps finding dead bodies. She’s funny, klutzy, and prone to embarrassment.
This mystery involves scuba diving, a lost jewel treasure, a strange circus act, and the small town folks of Battle Creek.
I would recommend this series to fans of Tonya Kappes’ Camper & Criminals series.

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This is a fast-paced, cozy mystery that was a delightful read for me. It's light, hilarious, and features an interesting mystery to solve. I won't spoil it, but let's just say the title is even funnier once you realize how it relates to the story! I laughed out loud – a must-read for anyone looking for a fun and quick escape. The narrator, Jennifer Jill Araya, perfectly captures the charm and wit of the story. Her portrayal of Mira brings the character to life. Her tones and inflections for the different characters were distinct and engaging.

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June Bug is the second cozy mystery I've listened to in Jess Lourey's Murder By Month series, and it was both witty and mysterious. This series is much lighter than her thriller/horror books and it's great to see a totally different side of one of my favourite authors.
In this story Battle Lake, Minnesota kicks off the summer with a treasure hunt. A fake diamond is hidden in Whiskey Lake in a recreation of a local legend, and when Mira dives for the treasure she makes a shocking discovery. Some of the twists are a bit over the top but it's definitely entertaining! And I was happy to hear Jennifer Jill Araya again as the audiobook narrator, she is perfect for Mira's voice and personality.

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Such a fun series! I really like the characters and the storytelling. The narrator is also very good

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This was such a quick and easy audiobook, and it really kept me hooked the entire time. I was glued to my seat!

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A quick and easy mystery read. I enjoyed the narrator, a great pace and voices. The main character was likable and I enjoyed reading about Minnesota as I live there and could envision locations from the descriptions.

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June Bug by Lourey was an entertaining, easy mystery read. This is a perfect mystery book to get you into the summer spirit. It follows Mira as she tracks the story of a necklace being left in the lake for a promotion based on a previous real event in town. As with other mystery series, there were little side quests that helped tie up the overall mystery in a neat little bow. For me, the best part of the story was the overall cast of characters. There were so many unique personalities that Mira found herself surrounded by that made it easy to connect with Mira and her Minnesota town. Lourey also added some pretty great lines that will have you laughing as you read. I had the audiobook for June Bug and while I enjoyed Jennifer Jill Araya’s narration, I think this book could easily be enjoyed either way. Araya did well bringing Mira’s quirky personality to life. This is perfect for cozy mystery fans especially for those that enjoy matching their read to the season.

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I am in love with this series! I’ve listened to the first two books and the narrator is perfect. I love the author’s writing style, especially the witty comments our main character makes. I highly recommend this one and I cannot wait for the next books in this series!

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Thank you to NetGalley, Brilliance Publishing & especially Jess Lourey for sending me the audio widgets for June Bug in exchange for an honest review!

Jess knew I needed this series in my life and generously sent me the widgets for May Day & June Bug and I loved them both and cannot wait for the rest of the series!

In June Bug, Battle Creek is holding a treasure hunt, where a fake diamond is hidden at the bottom of whiskey lake and the first person to find it wins $5,000. The origin of the treasure hunt is the local legend that an uber rich woman who once stayed in Battle Creek, walked into the lake with her huge diamond necklace on, but came out of the lake without it claimed it came off in the water & was never found.

Mira could really use that money, so she decides to participate and dive for the treasure herself. But in true Mira fashion, on her very first dive she doesn't find the diamond at all, but something much more disturbing.

And to top it all off, a menacing person from her past has arrived in town and will stop at nothing to keep Mira out of his way. Of course, Mira wants to solve the puzzle/legend of the real missing diamond all while trying to out-maneuver her foe.

Again, this story had me entertained from start to finish & I am wholly invested in the continuing story of Mira from book-to-book and better getting to know the town of Battle Creek.

This is a fabulous cozy mystery series that I highly recommend picking up. If you're a fan of the Finlay Donovan series and similar stories, you'd love this series!

4/5 Stars

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