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Thank you, Berkley, for the eARC of My Vampire Plus-One, and a special thanks to Jenna Levine for letting me be a part of your traveling ARC! I was already obsessed with My Roommate is a Vampire, so I had high expectations for this one—and let me tell you, Jenna Levine did not disappoint.

In this hilariously charming paranormal romantic comedy, Amelia Collins is a successful, single woman who’s had enough of her family’s constant matchmaking. When faced with yet another family wedding, she decides it’s time to find a fake date to shut everyone up. Enter Reginald Cleaves—a dashing, albeit peculiar, vampire who seems perfect for the job. Little does Amelia know that Reggie isn’t just any quirky stranger but a centuries-old vampire looking for some fun while keeping up his human pretense.

What unfolds is a delightful and witty fauxmance that soon turns into something much more meaningful. Reggie’s charm and wit are off the charts, making him the most swoon-worthy vampire you could imagine. Amelia and Reggie’s interactions are filled with the kind of chemistry that keeps you hooked and laughing out loud. I loved watching their relationship evolve from a strategic ploy into a genuine connection.

Jenna Levine’s writing is, as always, fantastic. She weaves humor, romance, and a touch of the supernatural into a story that feels both fresh and familiar. My Vampire Plus-One had me hooked from the first page, and I couldn’t get enough of Reggie’s irresistible charm and the way Amelia’s perceptions of him shift from curiosity to deep affection.

This book is a perfect blend of funny, swoony, and just a bit magical. If you loved My Roommate is a Vampire, you won’t want to miss this one. Jenna Levine’s knack for creating lovable characters and engaging plots shines through once again, making this read a total winner.

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I really enjoyed My Roommate is a Vampire! So, when I saw Levine was coming out with another book I was super excited! This book did not disappoint! It can be read as a standalone, but I highly recommend reading My Roommate is a Vampire first! You will get a fun introduction to Reginald.

I really enjoyed Reggie! He’s a fun, quirky, and easily lovable character. His “old timiness” is top notch. Being a centuries old vampire trying to navigate the current world made for some funny moments. I loved his chemistry with Amelia! It took a little while for her to grow on me, but once she did. I found them to be an easy couple to root for.

I definitely recommend this book to readers who enjoy fake dating, quirky characters, and supernatural romance! I’m looking forward to more books from Jenna Levine in the future!

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this was so incredibly fun. the beginning really gave boss bitch x himbo, but the rest of the story illustrated that this was a love story between an insecure, tortured golden retriever mmc and the fmc that made him see the point in wishing for more in his life.

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I had such a great time reading this book. Levine's debut was a great read, and I'd say this is just as good but with a shiny filter on top. Reginald is his biggest star so far, even though I suspect Zelda might steal his throne if her next novel is about her. Reginald and Amelia's fake dating scheme was a delight to read and the comedy tone is a constant note in the book. Overall, this was marvelous!

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My vampire plus-one

Amelia needs a date to her cousin’s wedding. Reginald needs to avoid “The Collective”, a society that’s been hunting him down. They literally run into each other at a coffee shop and end up plotting their arrangement, so Amelia’s family can get out of her love life, and Reginald can blend in. Amelia doesn’t know he’s a vampire… or does she?

I loved …
🧛‍♂️A 300 yr old vampire who has a bullet journal
🧛‍♂️He likes David Bowie, The Original Muppets and adores Edward Cullen.
🧛‍♂️He asks for certain advice like “kissing advice for humans.”
🧛‍♂️The discord chats! 🤣 i loved them so much.
🧛‍♂️He thinks talking about taxes is sexy (at least when Amelia does it.)
🧛‍♂️Cameos from Frederick & Cassie / new characters introduction.

This was so fun, and lighthearted. I really enjoyed My Roommate is a Vampire, so I got SO excited when saw that Reginald was getting a book! Jenna has a fantastic way of writing fun and quirky paranormal romances while creating such likable characters.

🩸Fake dating
🩸Only one bed
🩸Forced proximity
🩸Email / text message exchange (I adore these so much.)

Thank you Berkley and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange of my honest review.

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Honestly this was the perfect sequel to me. I love that we got to see a bit about f Freddie and Cassie to know what their future looked like, but not so much that they took over the story!

Reggie and Amelia’s story was so sweet to me! I love how earnest Reggie is and how unique and wholly himself he tries to be. It brought out such a good side of Amelia, while her careful serious ways also brought out the real side of Reggie. Their love story was sweet and I was giddy and smiling the whole time while reading it

Also my favorite part of the first book were the little chapter intros and I’m so happy that they continued in this one as well. Reggie’s bullet journey entries were an absolute joy to read, along with his discord convos.

And saving the day with TAXES?! Honestly hilarious.
Overall I just had an absolute blast with this book!!

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Amelia Collins is determined to put an end to her family's incessant prying into her love life, and what better way than to bring a vampire as her fake date to a wedding? In this paranormal romantic comedy, the stage is set for hilarity and unexpected romance when Amelia meets Reginald Cleaves, a centuries-old vampire with a penchant for pretending to be human.

At first glance, Reggie seems like the perfect choice—handsome, mysterious, and certainly not the average wedding guest. As they navigate the charade of their fake relationship, sparks fly in unexpected ways. What begins as a strategic alliance to ward off familial interrogations soon evolves into something more genuine.

Amelia, initially skeptical of Reggie's oddities, soon discovers a loyal and charming companion beneath his supernatural facade. Meanwhile, Reggie finds himself drawn to Amelia's spirited determination and finds joy in experiencing human customs through her eyes.

As their fauxmance deepens, both characters find themselves questioning their initial assumptions. What started as a convenient arrangement quickly becomes a journey of self-discovery and unexpected feelings. With witty banter, delightful antics, and a sprinkle of paranormal charm, this novel keeps readers entertained from start to finish.

This is a delightful blend of humor, romance, and the supernatural, showcasing the magic of finding love in the most unconventional circumstances. Fans of paranormal romance will delight in Amelia and Reggie's quirky adventures and root for their happily ever after in this fang-tastic tale.

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Once again Jenna Levine brings the world an adorable supernatural romp! It is my firm belief that accountants are superheroes who deserve HEAs, and what better way to reward Amelia the accountant than by pairing her with Reginald, a sexy vampire with golden retriever energy? These two were so cute together! The whole story had me laughing and swooning. My absolute favorite parts were Reggie's journal entries at the start of many chapters. Loved it!

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She's a single tax accountant in her 30s who needs a fake boyfriend to get her family off her back about her spinsterhood, and he's a centuries-old vampire who needs to hide from some people who want him dead. Solution? Fake dating.

Maybe it's because I once considered going into tax accounting, but I had a riot with this one. Reginald and Amelia had fantastic banter, and Reginald's flavor of chaos is one of my favorites. I enjoyed this one more than its predecessor, as it was plotted out better and wrapped up nicely. It's still full of tropes galore, but I preferred Amelia as a grounded and practical narrator. That's my girl!

It did feel like some things were left unresolved, particularly pertaining to Amelia's dynamic with her family, so I was left somewhat unsatisfied with the ending. Overall, though, still a solid, goofy vampire romance!

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This book was such a delightful read. I read My roommate is a vampire and I enjoyed it but did not feel especially attached to the main characters. This book however, I loved the leads. Reggie and Amelia had my whole heart, I finished the book in one setting because I couldn't put it down. I loved the dynamic between he two leads and it felt unique but still cozy and heartwarming. I really enjoyed this.

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This was a fun and cute paranormal romance. I really enjoyed the fmc alot and how she had no idea that vampires were real lol. The main characters Reggie and Amelia had chemistry though the mmc was a bit boring at times. I thought the fake dating plot was okay even though it didn'[t seem neccessary to the story after the blizzard. The main characters start their fake dating stint after the fmc goes to the mmc to recollect a favor, she needs his help in getting her family of her back.

There were some humorous moments, centuries old vampires, a secret society vigilante vampire group and more in this. I liked the romance, it was a bit of a slow burn but once they got together they were in it. There is a bit of steam and blood drinking which was good. After reading this I think i need to read the other vampire book by the author. Thank you Berkley for this arc for an honest review.

Read for:
- Paranormal romance
- Opposites attracts
- Vampire/human pairing
- Some steam
- Fake dating

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So I loved this book as much if not more than My Roommate is a Vampire!
I am obsessed with these characters!
Who doesn't love the fake dating trope? Through in Vampires and it's bound to make my little PNR heart happy!

Amelia and Reggie are absolutely amazing! I loved them so much, seeing them get to know each other and then of course fall for each other was amazing!
Such a page-turner! I cannot wait to get this paperback on my shelf!!.

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Wasn't as intriguing as the first. Found the FMC to be interesting enough, but the MMC was pretty bland and ridiculous despite being a literal vampire. And just didn't care for the plot besides the fake dating.

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My Vampire Plus-One by Jenna Levine is the sequel to My Roommate Is a Vampire, featuring returning vamp Reggie and the object of his affection, Amelia. This is a fun continuation of the series, definitely some major spoilers for the first book, but works as a standalone for the most part. Amelia is trying to get her family off her back about her lack of relationships, and so comes up with a plan to get Reggie, a person she literally just ran into, to pretend to be her boyfriend for the next family wedding. A time-honored trope, some funny moments, and a few spicy scenes. A great leisure read.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the eARC.

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Amelia Collins is a successful CPA who spends more of her life at work than anywhere else. With familial pressure mounting to bring a date to an upcoming wedding, Amelia must scramble to find someone for her date. A run-in with the oddball Reginald Cleaves solves the problem. Reggie is thrilled to help, but, as a notorious vampire, he has his own problems to deal with and Amelia might be just the one to help.

My Roommate is a Vampire was a fast, fun romp and My Vampire Plus-One seemed likely to follow in its footsteps. Unfortunately, I didn't find this one as satisfying as the first. It was partially a character thing. I could somewhat relate to Amelia, but Reggie's chapters were a weird mix of 'centuries-old-vampire' and 'borderline disturbing naivety'. Think adolescent boy infatuated with his female babysitter. I also found myself wondering what the main plot line was supposed to be or where the story was going. Overall, I just couldn't muster up much enthusiasm for this one.

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3.5 ✨I don’t think I enjoyed this one as much as My Roommate Is A Vampire, but it was still really fun. This is an interconnected standalone with MRIAV. Cassie and Frederick do make a lot of appearances in this book which is always fun! There wasn’t a whole lot of depth to this book, but just a fun rom com time.

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A charming tale, "My Vampire Plus-One" by Jenna Levine is a refreshing take on the vampire romance genre. It's not just about bloodsucking; it's about finding love in unexpected places. If you're looking for a lighthearted, witty romance with a supernatural twist, this book is a must-read.

Meet Amelia Collins. She is a successful woman who is tired of the constant questions about her nonexistent dating life. When yet another family wedding invitation arrives, she decides to put an end to the inquiries by finding someone, anyone, to pose as her date.

Meet Reginald Cleaves. He’s a centuries-old vampire who agrees to play the part. Little does Amelia know that her decision will lead to unexpected twists and turns in this delightful paranormal romantic comedy.

The chemistry between Amelia and Reggie crackles with humour and warmth. Reggie's centuries of existence add depth to his character, and his loyalty to Amelia is heartwarming. As they practice their faux-mance, Amelia discovers that her first impressions of Reggie were far from accurate. Suddenly, being in a real relationship with a vampire doesn't seem so bad… it's downright fang-tastic!

Levine's writing is captivating, witty, and engaging. Her characters leap off the page! She effortlessly blends romance, humour, and supernatural elements, creating a delightful read. The pacing keeps you hooked, and the dialogue sparkles with banter. The world-building is vivid, allowing readers to immerse themselves in the paranormal universe where vampires exist alongside humans.

Levine's attention to detail shines through, whether describing the opulent wedding setting or Reggie's charmingly quirky habits. The secondary characters add depth and flavour to the story, making it feel like a close-knit community.

Levine's storytelling is enchanting, leaving readers eagerly turning the pages. "My Vampire Plus-One" is a delightful blend of romance, humour, and the paranormal. Whether you're a fan of vampires or simply enjoy a well-crafted romance, this book won't disappoint.

Thank you to NetGalley and Berkley Publishing Group for a temporary e-ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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Loved this sequel! I really enjoyed finding out about Reggie and I loved Amelia! They were the prefect fit for one another! I also enjoyed the continuation of Frederick and Cassie's storyline! Yay, she turned! Hopefully, there will be a third, maybe about Zelda? She seems like a character that needs to be developed!

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I really enjoyed My Roommate is a Vampire and I loved My Vampire Plus-One even more! Reggie made me laugh so much and I had a lot of fun with how opposite he and Amelia were. The two of them figuring out their relationship had me giggling.

Jenna Levine does a great job writing a paranormal story that is both funny and sweet. I felt like I was watching What We Do in The Shadows but make it a romcom. Vampires having to deal with modern technology and taxes makes for comedy gold. The fake dating in this one was also fun.

If you want some paranormal aspects but want to also laugh this is your book! I hope Jenna Levine writes more in this world or continues with paranormal romantic comedy. May I suggest funny werewolves? I'd definitely be in right away!

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I really enjoyed this book! I love paranormal books and this did not disappoint. Reginald and Amelia were absolutely perfect. I loved getting to see Reginald in his own book.

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