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The review copy only contained a few chapters so this review is based on what was available to the writer and not the entire book. A fair proportion of the sample copy contained the introduction and reference material with only a very small proportion of the sample being the actual chapters of the Study Bible.

The CEB Study Bible seemed to contain some nice quality photos and images of locations and items referenced in the text. The Chart of Major Offerings was an interesting summary of the types of tributes mentioned in the book of Leviticus.

Overall it was too hard to write a comprehensive review on the Study Bible due to the limited amount of the actual book given in the sample provided.
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The CEB Study Bible is an easy-to-read modern translation that is very comprehensive in its commentary and resource material but is written from a liberal and ecumenical. theological perspective. It contains both the 66 books of the Protestant Bible plus the Apocryphal books that the Roman Catholic church recognizes as Scripture.

If this is what you are looking for, you will enjoy this Bible.. 

However, if you are looking for a trustworthy Bible  with commentary and study notes that are written from a more conservative theological perspective, than this is not the Study Bible for you!
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Sometimes everyone needs help understanding ancient meanings and to line up the rich layers of history and revelation.  This bible is awesome!  The translation itself is very clear and concise. It is just like reading normal, everyday English. The notes are excellent and they are unbiased toward a particular theological viewpoint. This bible has become one of my favorites. I use it in conjunction with my Quest Study Bible and my Holman Christian Study Bible. The CEB Study Bible is exactly what it says it is: readable, reliable, and relevant invitation to grow in God.
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I really enjoy this translation! It's a nice break from my typical translations. It's also a FANTASTIC addition to one's study. If you find yourself suffering from the 'lullaby effect' with one of your 'traditional' translations, do yourself a favor and try this one. There's nothing more dangerous in one's personal Bible reading/study than 'thinking' you've read a passage, when in reality you just glazed over it with you eyes because your brain checked out due to familiarity. The CEB is super easy to read, and it does a decent job with the translator's desire to emphasize readability and comprehension over the more rigid word-for-word translation.
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Quite thorough and insightful. It gives a nice conservative evangelical interpretation. I'd recommend adding this volume to your stack of study bibles
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Well, to start with, I was expecting the entire bible, but instead I was presented with the book of Mark. That's okay, because Mark was more than enough to explore the features of this study Bible.

After being presented with an introduction, this version started on with the text proper, where the verses were presented with other notes and other verses that support what is being said. As an example, the 2nd verse referred to prophecy and several verses and references were presented that supported those references to prophecy. Other verses were presented with clarifying statements taken from the Greek New Testament.   The text also points out parallel text from the other Gospels.  The version itself is clear and easy to read. I am not a big fan of adding words to make the verse smoother and easier to understand. Such as when Christ feed the crowds in 6:49, his instruction was to seat people in groups "as if they were having a banquet". 

I have other study bibles, and other versions of the Bible. I have copies of them on my Kindle so I am able to go back and forth comparing what is being said and how it is being said between the various versions of the Bible.  This could very well become a new tool in my go-to books and I look forward to having it a part of my arsenal.

Pick it up when you have the chance. I think it will make a good first study Bible if not another you can add to your resources.
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I was very glad to see this study Bible offered in netgalley. I am currently doing a Bible Study and like to have a couple different translations to refer to. This is one that I was curious about. 
Overall, this Bible packs a lot of info into its pages. The wording wasn't as different as I thought it may be. It also contains pictures that show historical or geographical aspects of text. Charts and diagrams were in it as well.
Would I buy this version of The Bible? I'm still on the fence but not totally opposed to doing so.
On a sidenote, this is a sample and contains The Gospel of Mark and a teeny sampling from the Old Testament.
I received an Advance Review Copy of this book. All opinions are mine.
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This is a great study Bible. The Common English translation is approachable for any and all. This would be great to use for individual or group study.
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The CEB translation is easy to read and follow. Although this isn’t my favorite Bible translation, it is well done and very easy to follow!
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A study Bible using a paraphrase translation approach

Being the owner of various Study Bibles in different languages (German, English, French) based on different translations (Luther, NLT, NIV, ESV, La Bible du Semeur, Segond 21) and being the owner of the CEB New Testament and CEB Psalms for Kindle, I was interested in the approach that this study Bible uses. The translation which is used for the CEB Study Bible is between a paraphrase (e.g., being used for "The Message") and a thought-for-thought approach (e.g., being used for the "New International Version). The CEB Study Bible is published by Abingdon Press.
I was provided with a sample from the publisher through NetGalley that consists of the Introduction to and the Gospel of Mark, as well as excerpts from Exodus (parts of the introduction, chapter 7:13-19 and 26:24-37) and excerpts from Leviticus (Introduction, chapter 6:18-23). The sample provides also a part of the pages that are usual in Bibles such as "unique features" (e.g., the article about "The Authority of Scripture" by Joel B. Green), reliability, relevance, editorial board, contributors, editors, and translators. Very sadly samples of the maps are missing.
The text of the study Bible is presented in a simple column with the cross-references in the outside margins (whereas other study Bibles use a two-column approach and place the cross-references in between the columns). Some people consider the single-column approach favorable for a more easy readability, but in my opinion it depends also on personal preferences. The study notes are placed underneath the Bible text in two columns. The "Side-bar Articles", e.g., about God's Kingdom in Mark 3 are placed on a pale blue background between the Bible text and the study notes. I was missing the little maps in the study notes, e.g., about Jesus' ministry that can be found in other study Bibles such as the "New Life Application Study Bible - New Living Translation" or the "La Bible avec notes d'étude Vie Nouvelle - Segond 21".
Since I am not a mother-tongue English speaker (that would be German) and since I am neither a Hebrew nor a Greek scholar, I trust the quality of the translation to the over 110 scholars from the 22 faith traditions who have worked on this study Bible. In any case I have discovered that the CEB Study Bible contains far more cross-references than the CEB New Testament - Kindle version.
I recommend this Study Bible for those who want to use a study Bible that is easy understandable and has a good readability. For those who prefer a "thought-for-thought" approach a study Bible based on the NIV, NLT, or a similar translations is recommended whereas for those who prefer a "word-for-word" translation, my recommendation would be a study Bible based on the KJV, ESV, or a similar translations. 

This book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley free of charge. The reviewer was under no obligation to offer a positive review.
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It used to be that there was just one or two different versions of the Bible (think King James Version), and since I "just didn't get it" (understand the archaic words) I gave up trying to read the Bible. Now, the Bible world has exploded into dozens of different versions, including this one with the Common English Bible in normal everyday English. I feel as though my eyes have been opened and I can actually understand it now. Don't give up, if one version isn't for you, keep trying! There is  version out there for you, and this one is a great place to start.
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Greatest book of all times in a language easy to understand.  I use a Common English Bible but the study Bible will make my time in the study of God's word even more enjoyable.
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Librarian: Won't be purchasing. We honestly don't need any more Bible translations, and they're kind of hard to get past the censors anyways. However, other libraries may feel differently. It's
Reader: I own a LOT of different Bible translations. And I do mean a lot. In fact I have an entire shelf of them. (My flatmate in Uni was a religious studies major, and we used to consult our bookshelf of Bibles to see how the different translations stacked up. Then we compared it to similar passages in other religious texts. Yes, we were geeks.) So I'm always interested in checking out translations that I don't already have.a copy of. The CEB is adequate. It's not the best translation I've ever read, but it's not the worst either. I appreciated the fact that it was worked on by more than just Christian academics. The study guide information was good. I may pick up a copy of the full book for myself.
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My Thoughts:

I was only provided the Book of Mark for this review, but this chapter was easy to read, concise, in modern language so a teen could understand and seemingly unbiased.  This contemporary study bible is easy to read and an excellent translation. Each chapter includes a brief history of the writer and background relating to the upcoming chapter, great notes and cross references throughout are nicely placed aside so easy to ignore if you do not wish to read them.  An excellent addition for study.


Publisher's Synopsis:

The CEB Study Bible gives you the tools, illustrations, and explanations necessary for making informed decisions about the meaning of the Bible. The notes in this study Bible don't tell you what to believe. Instead, they give you the context for what the books of the Bible meant to their earliest readers and what the Bible means right now.

The CEB Study Bible is for encouragement and challenge, for guidance and reflection, for study and prayer:

    The reliable, readable, and relevant Common English Bible translation in a single-column setting
    Detailed book introductions, outlines, and notes from the finest biblical studies professors
    Full-color throughout, including more than 200 illustrations, photographs, maps, and charts
    Hundreds of thousands of cross references
    More than 300 indexed sidebar and general articles
    21 full-color maps designed by National Geographic and fully indexed 

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received a copy of this title for review purposes, free of charge, from NetGalley and the Publisher. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. This Review is my honest opinion.
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Nice study bible, notes are very clear and precise. Thanks to NetGalley,the author and the publisher for the ARC sample of this bible.
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I have been using this regularly in my daily Bible readings, and have come to enjoy and appreciate the CEB translation--accurate, understandable, articulate. Though I quibble with some of the translation choices, I realize that the particular words I find rich with meaning are not current today but rather historically churchy, so this translation communicates well--in "Common English." The notes, introductions, design, additional informative features, photographs and more add immensely to the rich value of this resource. Highly recommended.
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I really enjoyed readed this and can’t wait to incorporate into my daily routine.
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I appreciate the effort of putting this together.  Anything we can do to get the truth of God's Word into the hands of the people so that they can see the faithfulness of God is awesome.  Thank you.
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I did like this book. Though it was similar to a lot of other bible study books I've read so it wasn't something new or exciting. I will say it was a fun read though and I thoroughly enjoyed it!
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This Bible is just what I was looking for.  It’s similar to the ESV, in the way that it’s easy to read and comprehend, even for a spiritual dummy like me.  A lot of the scriptures have been lost and misinterpreted due to translation, so it’s easy to be skeptical about the content.  However, making a cross reference between this and Strong’s Concordance, a lot of the meaning is consistent, for the most part.  So, I can trust myself to read it freely without much cause for contamination to my soul.  It is certainly very comfortable to read leisurely, without delving into a deep study session with all my guides and tablets.  This Bible is a blessing!
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