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I enjoyed this book. However, it felt more young adult to me. The main characters were young and in high school. The adults in the novel had less prominent roles therefore it just felt young. Cute story about summer at a country club and the drama that can often come along with it.

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I received an advanced reader copy of this book from Atria Books eGalley via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review - thank you to both! The art on the book jacket conveyed to me that this isn't just a fluffy, light read, and I agree with that tone. TW body issues, sexual harm

That said, this was a fast read that I read in one sitting while floating on a pool raft! I enjoyed the writing and character development - the descriptions of the summer community reminded me of my own summer traditions and memories! It felt well-paced until the end when it wrapped up very quickly. This was my first read by Hannah McKinnon, and I'm excited to read more!

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A great summer read but maybe not if you are considering buying a membership to a summer club! Full of privileged snobs, quirky seniors and teenage brats, this book also has over wrought parents, emotionally breaking kids and a mystery of who is stealing the silver. It is written in a light manner from many different perspectives. All comes good in the end. Which is how I like my novels. Happy Summer reading.
Thank you Netgalley for the ARC.

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This story is a fun summer read in a Dirty Dancing kind of way. Having been born and bred in Queens, I find the characterizations for some of the characters a little dated, stereotypical and very King of Queens, but I still enjoyed getting to know the characters. The interpersonal relationships are great, the story moves really well and I found myself rooting for more than one character. The setting was satisfying, I felt connected and could relate to the family layers that were well written and from a clear perspective of teens, neurodivergent and blended families. Thanks for the opportunity to read in advance of publication.

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I loved The enter intertwining of upper and lower class throughout the book.. in life, it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, the color of your skin, or if you have a disability. Everyone is trying to get by and live the best life they are able to. Just one glance and someone doesn’t tell you their whole life story. .. So as you enter the club for the summer He prepared for the secrets to be revealed not everything is always as it seems.

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A rich people’s club where the entitled rich kids work is sure to be an interesting set up for summer,. When you throw in the new “city boy” trouble is bound to brew and it’s always the new kid…right? I enjoyed this story, but it felt like there was still more to be said as the story wrapped up and ended too abruptly for me.

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grabbed this book as soon as I saw it. Susan Mallery's books are always fun to read and I've enjoyed many of them. This book has three main characters: Paris, who owns her own farm stand; Laurel, who resells items she finds at thrift stores and estate sales and resells them for profit; and Cassie, who is new to town and working at a wine bar/bookstore. Each of these women have issues they need to overcome to find happiness in their lives and all are currently single or divorced.

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This book was cute. A refreshing read. I got through it quick. I can’t really say there is anything special about it, but it was entertaining.

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3.5/5.0 Stars

Mayhaven is a New England private golf club. It’s exclusivity is known. You’re either and 'in' or your not. It's summer, and there’s a lot of drama at Mayhaven.

' The Summer Club' Is a single afternoon, page turner type of book. Easy reader. However, my biggest complaint is that there was not much really going on in the book. The plot felt neutral, no twists, do derails from the story line. The ending wrapped really fast and leaving a sense of confusion by how it ended. While it was an easy and fast read, the plot wasn’t entirely enjoyable for me.

I think this book would be best suited for a young adult, as apposed to an advanced reader.

Thank you NetGalley and Atria/Emily Bestler Books for the opportunity to read this arc. All opinions are my own.

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Mayhaven is a New England private golf club. It’s exclusivity is known and you’re either and outsider or insider. The summer, there’s a lot of drama at Mayhaven.

I sped through this one and read it in one afternoon. It is a page turner and very easy read. However, not much really happened. The ending wrapped really fast and I was a little confused by how it ended. While it was an easy and fast read, the plot wasn’t entirely enjoyable for me. I think this one may be a great young adult read because the main story really focuses on the youth.

“Their world is on that side of the door and our world is on this side.”

The Summer Club comes out 7/23.

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I really enjoyed this book! The characters were all very different and the story was great. Think of an old country club vibe with people of all ages. Reading this book give a perspective on how all the characters see it. great summer read!

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4.5 Stars rounded up. I loved this book! From beginning to end it kept me engaged. I adored each of the characters, even the ones I was meant to dislike. The author painted a picture that I saw the entire time I was reading it. This was such a great summer read.

This story is a story of passion, heartbreak and true life issues.
Set in Massachusetts in a small wealthy town is the Mayhaven Beqch Club where Darcy Birch grew up playing golf and living the good life. But something happened that caused her to let all of her success in the game fade away. Now she is managing working at the club that her father is president of to appease him and her mother.

Meanwhile, new neighbors move in. There is the rich and seemingly obnoxious Stan who likes to flaunt his money around, his new wife and step son, Flick. Flick is a handsome young man moving to a small rich town from a city where life was once hard. Since he has come to town, things seem to be falling apart at the club and he finds himself right in the thick of it causing blame to be put on him, the new kid at the club.

Told from the POV of Darcy, a teenage girl trying to make it in life with uptight parents and a neurodivergent brother in a place where things seem to keep going wrong.
Ned, the father who just wants what’s best for his children and the club that he is trying to run successfully and Flick the new kid in town that happens to be the only person of color that he can see at this elite club.
Each character is captured beautifully and each one will steal your heart.

Thank you to NetGalley and Atria/Emily Bestler Books for an advanced copy of this fantastic book!

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I don’t have a ton to say about this one, it wasn’t a bad read but it wasn’t all that memorable either. It was easy, shortish and fast paced and I never thought about setting it aside but it really won’t have any long lasting impact on me either. I did enjoy the setting of a country club over the course of a summer and I always like getting several POVs which you get here but it was very predictable and the ending was a little rushed. While you could easily read this in a day on the beach there is some heavier subject matter so I’m not sure if I would classify this as a beach read per se. Maybe that’s where I’m struggling, it needed to pick between a light summer read and one with more substance and depth instead it straddled the line and was just ok for me in the end.

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“Secrets, she has learned, are sharp objects to hold.”

This book has some great potential, but unfortunately it fell flat at the end. It was rushed so there some were plot holes that never got resolved. The epilogue had multiple chapters so I’m not sure why all the loose ends weren’t tied up there.

I did really enjoy the themes explored, however, and I was very interested in each of the main characters.


Read if you like:
Country Club settings (but from outsiders perspectives)
Multiple POVs
Autism representation

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5-Star Review for "The Summer Club" by Hannah McKinnon

Hannah McKinnon's "The Summer Club" is an absolute gem that masterfully captures the essence of a New England summer, while deftly navigating complex themes of family dynamics, social class, and inclusivity. From the first page, McKinnon immerses readers in the idyllic yet tightly wound world of Mayhaven, a beach club steeped in tradition and exclusivity.

The story centers around Darcy Birch, a young woman poised for what should be the summer of her life. However, her high-strung mother, workaholic father, and the pressures of being a summer camp counselor at Mayhaven make her summer far from perfect. McKinnon’s portrayal of Darcy’s neurodivergent little brother adds a layer of depth and authenticity to the narrative, highlighting the challenges and triumphs of fostering independence.

Enter Flick Creevy and his unconventional family, whose arrival in their RV brings a refreshing disruption to Mayhaven’s status quo. Flick’s reluctant job at the beach club and his outsider’s perspective provide a poignant contrast to the entrenched elitism of Mayhaven’s members. McKinnon skillfully explores the thin veneer of inclusivity that masks a deeper division between insiders and outsiders.

The character development in "The Summer Club" is exceptional. Darcy and Flick’s evolving relationship is both believable and heartwarming, set against a backdrop of societal expectations and personal growth. McKinnon’s writing is sharp and engaging, with just the right amount of humor and warmth.

As the summer heats up, so does the tension, leading to moments of revelation and self-discovery for both the characters and the readers. McKinnon’s ability to weave these threads together into a compelling and cohesive narrative is truly impressive.

"The Summer Club" is a perfect summer read that will appeal to fans of Elin Hilderbrand and Jennifer Weiner. It's a book that invites you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride while also offering plenty of food for thought about the true meaning of community and belonging. An absolute must-read for anyone looking to get lost in a beautifully crafted story this summer.

Break my heart and make it mend all at the same time.

*** Thank you NetGalley and Hannah McKinnon for the ARC read***
All thoughts and opinions are mine, and mine alone

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Told by Ned, his daughter Darcy, and Flick, the boy next door, this is the story of a summer at the Mayhaven Club which Ned manages. Darcy quit golf, a sport she loved, but no one seems to press her on why. Flick is unhappy with his mother's recent marriage (although her husband isn't a bad guy) and the family's move to the "country." Ned's just trying to make everything work. My favorite character is Austin, Darcy's neurodivergent brother who knows and understands more than his family suspects. Know that this conveys in many ways as close to YA, in part because two of the main characters are teens, but that there are more serious themes. It's a snapshot of classism, teen love, angst, and no spoilers as to the rest. Thanks to the publisher for the ARC. A good read.

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thank you netgalley for the e-arc. woah, i thought this needed a second and third pass of edits. this was also said to be a summer book, hence the title, but it's definitely not a fun or good summer. i'm hit again with the miscommunication trope and god i hate it.

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There were definitely aspects of this book that I enjoyed. There were others that were too much like a soap opera, and I just had to roll my eyes.

All in all, it's exactly what you think. The people that belong to the club are white (99.9%), privileged, and they know it. How they treat everyone else shouldn't surprise anyone. And it doesn't.

This book was ok and if you're just looking for something to pass the time, it's alright.

Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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Thank you, Atria Books, for the gifted copy of The Summer Club by Hannah McKinnon

Genre: Fiction
Format: 🎧📖
Pub Date: 5.14.2024
Pages: 336
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This pains me so much to write because I absolutely adored Mckinnon's last book, The Darlings (it was a summer favorite). But, there was just something about this book that put a bad taste in my mouth. It wasn't the light summer read that it seemed like it would be, the pacing felt off and I struggled to connect with the characters.

I know that not every book can be for every person so I will definitely put The Summer Club in my Little Free Library for someone else to enjoy and then I'll start patiently waiting for Hannah McKinnon's next book (which I'm sure I'll end up loving).

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This book was okay! It’s pretty predictable and I found the characters to be a bit lacking in substance. I don’t know that I would call this a beach read as it’s a little more serious in nature. I think there just really wasn’t a lot going on for me to hold my interest.

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