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I loved this book. I was always itching to know what comes next. These are the types of horror books that I like. Something was always happening and I was on the edge of my seat listening to it. I needed more and more.

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Thank you NetGalkey and publisher for this audio.

I am a horror fan but this one was not for me. I stopped after the first couple of chapters.

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A creepy, enthralling horror tale with a kick-butt female main character named Harley. The story begins with a happy playful tone between Harley and her new rich boyfriend. Then a sinister past and secrets come into play, and the games turn deadly. Harley is such an amazing character with a blend of kindness and rough edges. The plot was fast-paced and gripping, and I liked how it played out. I highly recommend this book for fans of slasher horror and creepy secret societies.

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First of all thank you so much for this audiobook!

I still don't quite know how I feel about this one. After knowing it's a novelisation of a movie, it now makes a lot more sense to me as to why the pacing felt the way it did. At time I found it jarring with what felt like two protagonists with Harley in the therapy sessions and Harley at the manor. It felt pretty standard horror for me and didn't feel like the story was that original. However the audiobook in itself was great and the narration was fantastic.

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⛧Wicked Games by J.H. Markert - This was definitely fun. Pretty dark, but still fun. I actually had no idea this was a novelization of a movie, so now I kind of can't wait to see the movie. Harley was such a bad-ass character, but it sucks what she had to go through to become who she was in this story.

This audiobook is narrated by Leila Allarie

•Thank you to @dreamscape_media

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I want to thank Netgalley and the author for gifting me the audio version. I don't know I was very excited to read this. The cover is great and the synopsis sounded interesting, but as I listened I don't know this was just a miss for me. This book has very very strong language that just seemed unnecessary. Very slow going and was just a no.

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This is just a basic horror movie with heavy character development, and I am someone who prioritises plot first. Harley is a badass, but at the same time, she feels kind of cliché. For having such an emphasis on building up the main character the antagonists have lazy motivations, evoke not feeling and act dumb at parts. There just ends up being no tension.

It takes 45% of the book for the games to get started, which is way too long when I expected a fast-paced survival horror. This is more revenge/torture porn which is not a sub-genre I reach for.

I didn’t know this was adapted from a movie, so I would give the author another chance because I don’t know how good the original work was. .

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I found out about half way through my read that this is actually a novelization of a movie, which is kind of neat and I feel makes sense. The plot was predictable and honestly I feel like I've seen this particular story told several times before and, honestly, told better. However, I can't attribute these faults to Markert considering he was just fleshing out and further developing a movie.

I feel like there were two distinct stories being told here- the first of Harley through her therapy sessions and the second Harley at the manor. While I enjoyed each story individually- I didn't like them together. I feel like jumping back and forth was disjointing and jarring and made it so that I couldn't get fully invested in either. Especially with Harley's therapy memories happening out of chronological order. I did really like Harley, and thought she was a total bad ass.

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Wicked Games.
This book is one thrilling ride. I was drawn to this book because of the description and the really cool cover art. To my delight I was hooked as soon as the narrator started reading.
I love the back story that is given to Harley to really get your investment in her. I loved how free yet tortured she is. How she pushes the boundaries and challenges everything around her, all the while is still a very broken little girl.
Once the action started, man oh man did the action start. This book was truly a haunting thrill ride. It gives, You're Next and Ready Or Not vibes. If you are looking for a dark, twisted, mystery thriller than this book is for you.

Really enjoyed this book.

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I just finished Wicked Games by J.H Markert Audiobook - Narrator Leila Allarie and here is my review.

Harley hasn’t had the best start in life but she is in college and she has a roommate who she actually likes so things are looking up. After a couple of dates with a rich boy, he invites her to his country estate for the weekend. Her roommate tries to talk her out of it. The house has a reputation. The murder suicide is a fact but the rest of the rumors… The sinister things they say happen… Hearsay.

Harley goes against her roommate's warnings because there are things she doesn’t know about Harley. She isn’t innocent either so when the games begin, she knows she can hold her own and there is something the people there don’t know about her… She has the will to live…

Game on.

Firstly I am biased. I am already a fan of J.H Markert (fangirlie!) so I knew to expect the wildest of rides. The narrator did a fantastic job of conveying the kind of badass MC Harley is and kept the story moving forward in the most wicked way.

Even with how hard Harley is I felt connected right from the get go. I love it when people underestimate women and get smacked in the face with it.

The thriller/horror mix you get with this book is perfect. The reason for Harley being brought to the house is epic and I did not see it coming. It’s got some super cultish vibes to it and I loved the cat and mouse game they play throughout the house. Harley keeps her cool because she has lived through things no one should have to live through so she is no one's victim.

It gets more and more gruesome as the book goes on and I love how it ended. I had no idea this was a movie and now I know what I am doing later!

4.5 stars.

Thank you to @netgalley and @dreamscape_media for my gifted copy

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Well wow, just wow! This book is compulsively readable in every way shape and form, I even finished it in one sitting. Harley our badass heroine has been invited to the country manor of her new boyfriend for a weekend getaway. Things go well, that is until they don't and intruders break in to the house at night intent to attack Harley for reasons unknown. But Harley is no wimp and has been around the block before. She's tough, smart, tenacious and has a rage deep inside her that the intruders know nothing about. And boy, they are going to be sorry they messed with her. This is a fast paced horror thriller that really delivers. It's gory, but that's OK. Harley is a force to be reckoned with and I was rooting for her the entire way. The narrator did a great job as well. Highly recommended for fun. 4.5 stars.

Many thanks to Net Galley and Dreamscape Media | Dreamscape First for an ARC copy of the audio book.

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Harley is willing to take a chance on this new guy after just two dates. He invited her to his home estate where his parents committed a murder/suicide. But Harley is savvy and tough and looking for love.

And so this fast-moving, violent and twisty thriller begins. Harley is a compelling MC, the pacing is tense, the story is crackling.

A solid thriller that kept my attention. I regularly crave a good dose of feminine rage.

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I will say that those awful monsters deserved everything that Harley did to them once she discovered their wicked game. There are no supernatural elements but those are not needed for humans have the capacity for great evil all on their own. And I will say that it was interesting from the first bit with the lightness of Harley and Kiel going off to his family mansion with the tension that you know something is going to happen but Harley is a survivor of the highest order and once the power goes off, It is impossible to stop listening. Yes, it is quite gory but as I stated before, Harley is an angel of vengeance and all that violence is necessary to rid the world of the true trash.

The narrator does a good job with the story and this was a great audiobook.

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*4.5 Stars On My Instagram Account*

"Hell hath no fury like a woman whose been nothing but fu&king scorned!"

WHOA! Excuse me while I catch my breath. Listening to the wild slasher, with the most badass female heroine, Wicked Games by new horror King James Markert, was exhilarating and exhausting at the same time.

Based on a movie by award winning director Teddy Grennan, now on Apple TV, this original audiobook from Dreamscape First, belongs to our survivor and takes no prisoners, Harley. She's aptly named because like the motorcycle she's strong, powerful and the best at what she does when put to the test. And boy is she tested in this one.

Harley's new boyfriend invites her to his family home which is it's own urban legend where a murder suicide took place once upon a time. Despite her best friend Jules begging her not to go, her curiosity gets the best of her. It's all a perfect day exploring the house and land but then night falls. Home intruders wearing creepy masks invade the home with torture and murder part of their game. However they don't know Harley's fiery past, her anger, her vengeance for her murdered father or her must-survive mindset, but they are about to find out their opponent Harley plays to win.

This was my first time hearing voice actress Leila Allarie but I hope it's not my last. She knew the assignment was, gore, horror and badassery and she nailed it.

Now this is a Markert project so you know there are twisty twists, like how the intruders seem awfully familiar with this property and Harley. It's rare the movie is first and then there's a novelization of it but I'm continuing Slasher Saturday watching the movie. I will let you know if it's the director or the author that wins these Wicked Games.

I received a free copy of this audiobook from Dreamscape Media via #NetGalley for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

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This audiobook took me a while to get into. The first 20-30% were a little confusing since I didn’t know any of the characters. Once I got the hang of them, then it was easy to get lost in.


Pretty much this is a rich people kill poor/lgtbqia+ people (whom these rich people consider “trash”).
What I liked:
Bad ass fmc
What I didn’t like:
“Homo” and the F slur were used. It didn’t add to the story. We know these people were evil.
One of the women gets raped and was a virgin. lol who even brings that up when they’re on the verge of being killed. “Oh I’m sorry you got raped. You were a virgin.”

Overall, this audiobook is entertaining and you can easily binge it.

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3.5 stars.

A novel full of action, blood and female rage that gradually got more and more far fetched as it neared the anti climactic ending. Still entertaining and recommended for fans of the slasher film You're Next. I liked the narrator and I think she did a great job of giving the characters their own individual sound.

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Thank you Netgalley for the advance audiobook copy of Wicked Games by J. H. Markert in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed this final girl story. It went a totally different way and kept my interest. I read it all in one night.

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Wicked Games by J.H. Markert

Haley seems to be an unlikeable and difficult character in Wicked Games by J.H. Markert, but as the story moves quickly and gruesomely forward, she becomes way more than her PTSD childhood. This 6 hour audiobook is a wild ride through an on-line date, a weekend away and into a seemingly planned home invasion. The narrator, Leila Allarie, was enjoyable and kept the tension and storyline moving quickly to a gory and fabulous ending. Haley is a very underestimated, powerful female character who I cheered on more and more while gradually learning her history. If you like horror, tension and twists and a lot of blood, this is for you.

Thank you, #NetGalley/#Dreamscape Media for the advance audiobook copy!

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No gory details were spared in the writing of this book!

This is a story of emotional healing in the most satisfying way 🔪
Harley is in the process of finding her self and facing her past traumas, she is attempting to be unapologetically herself and in the process she finds Jules who is her polar opposite.

Harley and Jules don’t always see eye to eye. Jules was born into money and she can’t possibly understand why Harley does the things she does, but no one will tell Harley what to do!

Harley eventually finds herself in a twisted game that forces her to face her traumas head on. Harley must use everything she has learned from her life struggles if she wants to survive.

The book starts off slow, the first %40 of this book is character development and back story it seems to drag but %40-%50 point you start to see how important the character development really is. This story comes full circle in multiple ways!

Healing ❤️‍🩹 self care🔪justice 🩸

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A pretty good thriller that had some good moments despite the somewhat overdone plotline. The writing was very good, crisp with a fast sense of pacing. I enjoy Markert's writing and am looking forward to more of his work.

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