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When I accepted this book I did not realize I had read it before.  I had not been good about reviews when I read it.  The book shows the clash of cultures and ways of life. How do you live in  such a harsh part of the world?  The author describes the beauty as well as harshness.  I don't find the characters all that interesting.  I was more caught up in the landscapes and animals. I liked the book.
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The Last Savanna is an early Mike Bond novel set in Africa.  The descriptions are wonderful, but the story of chasing poachers and a trek through the desert didn’t resonate enough with me. The characters are well drawn, but it’s too far out of my mystery comfort zone, though I love his later Pono books.
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Wow, this was very different. The author let us follow inside the thoughts of every single character including the animals. Took a little while to get into but it was great. The end did surprise me though but that is good. Often the end is to predictable. I really liked this story. I have to thank #MandevillaPress and #Netgalley for letting me read The Last Savanna by Mike Bond.
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I've read several books by Mike Bond and I've enjoyed them all. This one was no exception. Fast paced and easy to read. I highly recommend this book.
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I really wanted to like this book but sadly just not for me.
The writing is good but characterisation is very important to me and I couldn't engage with any of them. I'm sure The Last Savanna will appeal to a lot of people but I'm not one of them.
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Be ready for a lot of surprises. Lots of unexpected twists and turns. Great read. This is the third book by Mr. Bond that I have read and I have 'SNOW' waiting in the wings. A real adventure - this time in the deserts of Africa!! Makes you feel like you're there. I know I read it with a drink always available. 
It seems fantastic that these stories are based on his real life experiences!! 
Another of Mike Bond's book recommended.
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There are many interesting things about this book, the story is compelling while being bleak and dark, the prose is wonderful, descriptive sentences that make you think you are seeing the action.  Unfortunately, the situation in Africa is not bright and cheery, it is, as the author proves reverting to the pre-colonial tribal way of existence complete with the prejudices, conflicts and desperation associated with anarchy.  The author's ability to create word pictures brings all this home along with the emotional hopelessness common with such regression.  A wonderful book about a terrible situation, read it for the prose and for the education of what our fellow humans face on another continent.
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I found The Last Savanna a very descriptive book that makes you really feel and see what's going on while you read it. There are a couple of parts where you are reading the thoughts of a poor lion and elephant when they are being killed and I literally felt sick due to how awful it all was. 
Several times while reading this book I really had to stop and wonder how sad it is that there are humans on earth that can the things described because they are just so desperate to live and have no other choice. 
You constantly feel sorry for all of the characters and there really is no positive things I can mention, but I guess this dark and desperate mood is exactly what the author was going for to really open up the eyes of the reader. 
I did struggle to finish reading this book and really had to force myself to push through to the end. The ending did surprise me and made me feel even more disappointed because it definitely wasn't what I was expecting to happen. After reading The Last Savanna I felt extremely glad that I don't live in those conditions or have to deal with the issues raised on a daily basis. 
In all honesty I just found this book really sad. I know that the author is trying to get a very important message across about what happens in this part of the world so I guess they've done a good job.
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I have found out that I just don't like reading Mike Bond's work.  This should have been a good book, but I don't like his stuff.
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I cannot in good faith give a review of this book because I couldn't get past Chapter 6.  The first chapter immediately drew me and held me tight.  The next five completely lost me.  I kept falling asleep in the middle of each chapter and finally gave up after finishing the fifth.  It may have gotten better, I just don't know.  And never will.  This one is going back on the shelf.
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A very well written book.  The description of East Africa made me want to know more about the area.  A very good read and thought provoking.
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DNF at 60%

The book blurb does not accurately reflect what this novel is actually about. Instead of receiving a novel about poaching and a group who are fighting against it we get a bland, cliche filled novel. 

The beginning was okay as the reader is introduced to the poaches at work. The reader gets to view the poachers as people with dreams, goals and troubles and not just as monsters. I liked this as I've never liked one-dimensional baddies. Once MacAdam was introduced to the novel it took a turn for the worst. He was an unremarkable and unlikable character. Then Rebecca was added as a love interest and the only feature she introduces to the novel is for a prize to be rescued/one. I also disliked the writing style as I found it too convoluted, I understand Mike Bond was trying to describe the wonder of Africa but it just came off as long, unnecessary and boring. 

If I could describe this novel in one cliche it would be "damsel in distress."

Thanks to Netgalley for this ARC.
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The Last Savanna is a gritty thrilling mystery. While i like the the writing style and the story line,I found the book much too violent for my tastes. But I guess that is the way of life in the Savanna!
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This book was not my cup of tea. Set in Africa, MacLean is an Englishman who leaves his wife to go hunt ivory poachers. Simultaneously, the book follows Warwar, one of the poachers, after he kills a bull (male elephant) in revenge for killing his brother (and for the ivory, of course). I made it through about a third of the book before I stopped. The story seemed disjointed, and I was constantly getting lost. Warwar’s alone.... and all of the sudden people are around him.... he’s chasing the bull, and all the sudden the bull is dead? I think the writing style and the subject matter weren’t meshing with my interests, causing me to accidentally miss parts of the story. Other key details turned me off, such as the poachers drinking a mixture of camel blood and milk. This is a very strong, masculine story that I’m sure will appeal to a lot of people, just not me.

Thank you to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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I received a free advance e-copy of this book and have chosen to write an honest and unbiased review. I have no personal affiliation with the author.   This is a dark and beautifully written novel.  Mike Bond is a very descriptive and colorful writer.  Africa is amazing and beautiful.  He paints the extreme beauty of Africa as well as the dark, savage, and dangerous side of Africa with words that create amazing pictures in the mind of the reader.  ‘The Last Savanna’ is about the ongoing battle between man and nature.  We see all of the weaknesses of man including good and evil.  There are ongoing issues as Africa struggles with corruption and poachers.  The ending was a surprise to me as it was not what I expected.  This is an extremely well written picture of Africa and well worth the read.  I look forward to reading more from Mike Bond in the future.
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I really truly wanted to like this book, especially since I studied a lot about Africa while in college. I've been fascinated with the history of the continent, and the resilient people that live there. While Mike Bond captures the  beauty of Africa through description, he doesn't truly get to the heart of what makes Africa the amazing place it is.

I cannot dispute the fact that Mr Bond writes a great thriller. At the same time, I had trouble connecting with the characters. It seems a little bit like a white savior story, which is tenuous given the history of Africa. Why are the Somalis always the bad guys? This book shows what devastating things have happened in Africa, but placing  the blame clearly on the African people without acknowledging the years of colonialism, and the devastation that it caused is a part of why Africa has so much strife.

 At the end of the day, I wanted more from this novel, and I did not get that.
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In a nutshell this isn't the book I thought I was going to get. I thought Africa, poaching and a thriller trying to save Elephants, yes please! I have strong opinions about poaching and I love animals, especially elephants! I expected a realistic, gritty but hopefully hopeful story about the fight against poaching. That doesn't seem to be what this is about.

I have looked at some other reviews in order to see what's going to happen, and i'm so not interested. I can already see MacAdam has no interest in saving the elephants, he doesn't give a crap. He just wants the thrill of killing, of action and adventure. It's not about saving the elephants at all.

MacAdam and his wife Dorothy are on the rocks. She wants to go back home to England...and apparently he deals with that by...searching the country for his ex-lover Rebecca? Seems she gets kidnapped by the poachers and he spends a lot of time pining after her. From what I gather his thoughts, and you spend a lot of time in his head, go between how beautiful Africa is, the thought of killing and him pining after his ex-lover when he has a wife and she is also in another relationship. It doesn't sound like a romance I can get behind, especially when it ends up such a big part of the story (even some glowing reviews which make up the first 5% of the book mention how it's a wonderful romance...that's not what I signed up for when I wanted to read this book, also how is cheating a wonderful romance?).

Also MacAdam is sexist. One quote that I did read in my short time reading this "He felt suddenly that women had emptied men through submission and fidelity, stolen their power by demanding that they not wander, not war, not hunt, not fertilize other women. What weaklings, how feeble we've become. I too. To call this life."

I can understand wanting to travel and needing to hunt for food. But why do we need war? And why do you HAVE to cheat? And what's this power stuff? From what i've heard it doesn't get any better. I also think this book ends up being racist but i'm not entirely sure. I am white in the US so take that part with a grain of salt, something about it just didn't sit right with me.

I wanted something to address the poaching crisis, a thrilling read that painted a realistic picture of it but with hope. Not a main character I can't stand complaining about his wife, women and pining after his ex-lover while not giving a crap about the elephants that he's supposed to be saving.

I am aware I can't judge the entire book for myself seeing as I DNF'd it, but combined with hating it at the start and reading other reviews to see where it goes, and it doesn't appear to get better and I just can't push on anymore. It's making me not want to read and I have no time to read books i'm hating. If you want to give it a chance go ahead, please don't let me stop you, I just hope you enjoy it more than I did.
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This book held great promise to me.  I was hopeful to learn more about Africa and read an engrossing tale.  Unfortunately, The Last Savanna, by Mike Bond, started slowly and ended slowly for me.  It picked up a bit in the middle, but soon seemed to become repetitive.  It is a tale of a brutal murder, kidnapping, and trek through the desert from the perspective of the kidnappers (a group of Somalis), the kidnappee (Rebecca, an archaeologist), and the would-be rescuers, MacAdam and M'kele.  It had its points of interest, but overall I felt that it fell flat.
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The Last Savanna is a gritty, no holds barred look at poaching and the poachers, as well as the lengths they will go to aquire a product to sell, even when it is a human.

It started off as a pursuit by MacAdam and his friend to track poachers, but the book evolves when those poachers happens across Rebecca and her team, killing two people and abducting Rebecca.

A twisted, terrifying tale that has the reader sitting on the edge of their seat to see what happens to all those involved.

I would recommend this book to every lover of thrillers.

Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with the opportunity to read and review this book.
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I first read a Mike Bond book I found on NetGalley and it was drawn in by the intense emotions he brings with his work. To quote my husband "is this a true story? I feel like I am living it with the author". The Last Savanna has that same feel and I am sure as I read more of his offerings, they will carry the same intensity. There are very few authors that can bring to the pages the feeling that you have experienced the story from within as Bond can. 

The Last Savanna is set in Africa and details the Somali ivory poachers, Ian MacAdams the hunter with his love of country and disintegrating personal life and Rebecca Hecht - MacAdams former love and archeologist who is kidnapped by one of the poachers. 
There is a quote in the book "Like Malaria, Africa. Once bitten you can never shake it." The book reads much the same, once you start it you can not put it down.
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