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There's a reason that the Andy Carpenter series is at 29 books and counting - the mysteries are consistently well thought out and have grown more complex as the series has progressed, the supporting players are developed enough to have spun off into their own series (but they're still here, too!), and the witty asides and cute dogs stop things from getting too heavy.

The tradeoff for the more complex stories has been less time spent with Edna, Sam, Willie, et. al. in the more recent installments. But this one provides a few new insights into Marcus (don't worry - he's not on trial, thank goodness), by giving him the role of prompting Andy to take the case instead of Laurie. And it's a good one - a six victim shooting at a personal injury/medical malpractice law firm that leads to layers of conspiracy to unravel all the way to the end.

So enjoy this summer's case (presumably the next one will be along for the holidays, as has been the tradition in recent years) on your summer road trip, at the beach, or while you're out with your own Tara, Sebastian, and Hunter.

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC.

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I loved listening to Grover Gardner read this book! He has the perfect voice to pull off Andy's dry sense of humor and nonchalant attitude.

This is one of my favorite courtroom mystery series; this book did not disappoint! I loved the humor, the familiar and new characters, and reading how Marcus beats up the bad guys. I enjoyed how the plot twists its way around Andy's inquiries to prove Nick is innocent but still keeps the reader wondering if Nick really is. The courtroom scenes are my favorite part of the book. Andy always knows the perfect and precise questions to ask to prove his client is innocent. I can't wait to read the next book!

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"Dog Day Afternoon" by David Rosenfelt is #29 in his Andy Carpenter series of cozy courtroom mysteries. It was my first book by this author. I followed it pretty well, so I can say it works as a stand-alone. It is a bit out of my preferred genres.

I recommend this book for readers who enjoy cozy mysteries, specifically with courtroom proceedings.

I liked the main character, defense attorney Andy Carpenter. The narrator for the audiobook is Grover Gardner, who does a great job voicing the main character and the others, as well.

This book features a mass murder in an office with two survivors who ID the shooter's voice, tattoo, and shoes. The suspect claims he was kidnapped and held at the time.

The title seems to be a misnomer because the dogs figure very little in this book other than Andy talking about the case to his dog, Tara, and the suspect's plan to adopt a dog before he was a suspect.

Characters - 4/5
Writing - 4/5
Plot - 4/5
Pacing - 3/5
Unputdownability - 2/5
Enjoyment - 3/5
Narration - 5/5
Cover - 4/5
Overall - 29/8 = 3 5/8 rounded up to 4 stars

Thank you to Netgalley, Macmillan Audio from Minotaur Books, and David Rosenfelt for providing this audiobook in exchange for my honest review.

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Once again, despite his desire to retire his law practice, Andy Carpenter is presented with a case he can't refuse, and lucky for us! This time he really can't refuse - the request comes from Marcus, and if you know the books, you understand why. Marcus is one scary dude - but luckily he's on Andy's team and Andy owes him his life multiple times over. Marcus' friend Nick has been accused of a heinous mass shooting in a law office, where 6 men and women were killed. This has all the usual elements of this series - humor, a good mystery, the usual cast of characters (that now feel like old friends) surrounding Andy, and of course a dog to be rescued.
When I started the series I read the first one or two. Then I found the audiobooks and there was no going back - Grover Gardner narrates each one to perfection. It's one of those instances of the perfect marriage of material and narrator. I recommend this book (and this series) - and highly recommend the audio version.
Thanks to Netgalley and Macmillan Audio for providing a digital copy for an unbiased review.

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Thank you so much to MacMillan Audio for my
complimentary audiobook, and to Minotaur for my complimentary galley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I just love these Andy Carpenter mysteries, he’s a retired defense lawyer and dog lover, basically an all around great guy. It is once again up to Andy and his great group of companions to solve another mystery before an innocent man is sent to prison. I enjoy seeing them all work together to make the magic happen.

Grover Gardner did a fantastic job as the narrator. He has the perfect voice for the all the dry humor and sarcasm of Andy.

Someday when I am all caught up I will binge the entire series

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I love this book series and the narrator is the best. Andy finds himself with another case, this time someone Marcus knows. He sets out to help Nick who is accused of killing his co workers. It is up to Andy to find out what is really going on and who is responsible for the murders and why. As he goes deeper he finds himself in situations that fortunately he has backup for. Love the dogs and human characters and look forward to the next one.

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Although this was Book #29 in the Andy Carpenter series, this was a first listen for me. I had not heard of the author David Rosenfelt. This was a fairly light hearted cozy mystery. The story line of the six being murdered and how Andy Carpenter methodically went through the case was nice and easy to follow. Looking forward to more of his earlier stories.

Thank you NetGalley and MacMillan Audio for the opportunity to listen and review this advanced copy.

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I wanted an easy listening book for this long weekend!! This latest installment in the Andy Carpenter series was just the ticket.

Andy and Lori are enjoying some alone time while their son is on an international travel gig for young teens.

If you are a reader of this series you will know that Marcus Clark is Andy’s “protector” and strong man when that is needed in the course of Andy’s investigations. He has also been known to occasionally apply his own sense of justice!!

Turns out that Marcus has also had a different part of his life that he never talked about. He takes young men who have been struggling either with personal problems or brushes with the law. He takes them under his wing and helps to find them jobs and a place to live.

One evening Marcus comes to Andy’s home and asks for a favor, he has never asked for anything before.

There has been a mass shooting at a law firm in town, leaving six dead. Nick Winter, one of Marcus’s young friends works there. Because of 2 witnesses - he is being wanted for the murder. Marcus insists that Nick would never do such a thing.

No one can find him - a few days later he resurfaces and heads to Marcus’s home, the person he trusts the most.

The favor Marcus is asking is for Andy to take on Nick’s case and help him prove that he is not guilty.

This was a great episode as it involved a multi-layered plot that at first seemed impossible to unravel.

I always enjoy the courtroom drama and Andy’s humor. You should get a few of the books under your belt to know how all of the characters fit together. They don’t have to be read in order though, so you can dive in anywhere after you know the MC’s.

I can recommend this listen for a fun and enjoyable few hours!!

I received this audiobook from the publisher, MacMillan audio and NetGalley. It was my pleasure to listen to and review this audiobook.

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Dog Day Afternoon is the 29th book in the long-running Andy Carpenter series from David Rosenfelt.

"Andy takes the case of a man accused of killing six of his co-workers. He discovers something weird going on at the firm but has a short time to figure it out before the trial."

This is a plot that's common in crime fiction (and this is "crime fiction with dogs") - a man claims his innocence after being arrested for murder - his friend convinces a lawyer to take his case and prove his innocence. What's different in this story is the crime. I have read a lot of crime fiction but have never seen people do this (no spoilers)
A couple of things made this a tougher read than I expected. The titles of these books all have a canine connection so I expected lots of dog action. There are some dogs here but they don't really have any big moments. I needed more dogs.
The main character is terribly annoying. You know that one friend that has a sarcastic comments about EVERY SINGLE THING. That's Andy Carpenter. His personality takes away from the excellent plot. The narrator, Grover Gardner, does a great job capturing the annoying snarkiness of the MC. He is perfect for this role. Nice job with the other voices also.

If you like sarcasm and cliches, this is the book for you.

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Wow, this was a unique story with twist and turns I didn’t see coming. A perpetrator walks into the Moore Law Firm and starts shooting and kills six employees. Nick is accused of the heinous crime and Marcus doesn’t think he’s guilty. Marcus coaxes his friend Andy, who is retired to defend him. Nick claims he was kidnapped, held captive, and told to call in and confess to this crime. Shocking revelations are revealed when Andy solves this crime. This is the only book that I have read in this series and it was very well done. Grover Gardner did an excellent job with the audio narration. This book was just published 7/2/24. Thank you for the ALC. #macaudio2024

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Delightful read!
And, there's a dog!!!

Andy Carpenter is a lawyer. His friend Marcus does not say much, and never asks for anything.
So, one day, when he asks Andy to represent his friend, Andy does. No questions asked.
However, the guy he is representing has just been accused of shooting up his workplace and killing many. Marcus does not believe that he could've done this. Can Andy prove him right???

As he takes on the case, we are taken on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs and sideways...

Very sweet!
4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for me!

Thanks to #NetGalley and #MacmillanAudio for an ARC of the audiobook in exchange for an honest review.
This was released yesterday, 7/2/24.

#DogDayAfternoon by #DavidRosenfelt and narrated animately by #GroverGardner.

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Andy, a famous, somewhat non-traditional lawyer wealthy from an inheritance, has declared himself retired. However, when his friend Marcus asks for a favor he can’t ignore he steps back into the spotlight and represents someone who appears guilty. But Marcus feels it’s quite the opposite.

Though this is the 29th book in a series, only a few characters would need an introduction. It stands alone quite easily. And for those who enjoy audiobooks, Grover Gardner won’t disappoint with his great narration.

If you like legal mysteries with courtroom drama, there’s just a touch, but enough that most will be okay with it. And for those who enjoy books with dogs, this will have enough to make you happy, too. (As a side note, if you love Rosenfelt’s style of writing and dogs, you will love his book DOGTRIPPING. A true story about his move from California to Maine, and the beginnings of a dog rescue foundation.)

While I didn’t find this story a complex mystery, it was still sound and enjoyable. David has a wonderful following. I recommend you give this author a try.

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At the moment I finished this book, I would have given it three stars instead of four but in retrospect, I cannot punish an author for my frame of mind, which given that I had just gotten a knee replacement, was exceedingly poor. In fact, I chose this particular book because it was light and fast (less so for me than normal under the circumstances). I have the Kindle version and the audio, though I listened to more of it than read because of my attention span which was better with audio, a tribute to the author who managed to keep my attention.
This novel involves a retired lawyer who lives in New Jersey who runs a dog charity. A friend of his, Marcus, asks the lawyer to defend Nick who is charged with a mass killing at his place of employment. The case starts out looking bleak for Nick but our protagonist figures out whodunit, of course.
It is hard to distinguish this series from many other similar cozy mysteries except that the dogs are more of a backdrop than in some (versus an integral part of the plot). In fair disclosure, I will say this is book 29 and I have not read any of the others. However, this book will definitely make me pick up future ones and perhaps check out some of the past ones. It was a pleasant distraction from my pain!
Thanks to MacMillan Audio for providing me with this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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In the book Dog Day Afternoon, author David Rosenfelt continues his bestselling Andy Carpenter Mystery series. Once again Andy is coming out of retirement. And this time its to help his long time investigator, Marcus Clark. Clark rarely says much and is secretive about his personal life. But Clark takes disadvantaged young men under his wing, gets them jobs, a place to live, and a chance at a different life. But when one these young men, Nick Williams, is accused of a mass shooting at his work place, Andy is asked by Marcus to help. How can he say no? But what is really going on at Williams work? And who is telling the truth? This was a great story that continues the series. The audio-book narration was very good by long-time narrator Grover Gardner. I would recommend this book and the series. I received a copy of this audio-book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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I was just describing this book to my husband and I believe the perfect way to describe this is “the book version of a good episode of Matlock.” Now, when I say that it’s intended as a compliment. This intriguing who done it did such a good job that I didn’t even come close to figuring out the plot twist. The best part of this book is that it’s all plausible! There aren’t any out of left field plot twists that are insane just for the purpose of thrilling. I really enjoyed this story. The main character had the perfect mix of confidence, cockiness & dad awkwardness.
A great feel good thriller!

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I absolutely love all things Andy Carpenter. His sarcasm and wit always leaves me laughing out loud. I am always so sad when I finish the book because I have to wait a year for the next one. If you have never read David Rosenfelt's Andy Carpenter series, what are you even doing with your life LOL. Always 5 stars!!!

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I enjoy this series—it offers a nice blend of humor and mystery. This installment is better-constructed—and more satisfying—than some of its predecessors (including in the K Team spin-off series, of which I've read the first three).

Of course, some threads remain the same throughout the series. Andy continues to describe himself as rich and lazy—he wants to work as little as possible. That may be true, though he works plenty hard when he's engaged in the cause. Fair enough! As always, dogs play a part in the story, including Andy's dog serving as sounding board and trusted “adviser” to Andy on their walks. Grover Gardner returns to narrate the audiobook. You may remember that I haven't been as big a fan of his narration as many of the series' devotees. Either he's growing on me or he's toned down his noir detective voice substantially . . . or maybe a bit of both. If you've been following me for a while, you'll know that Marcus is possibly my favorite series character. He talks more in this one, but it's a relative measure.

Specific to this installment, I perceived a higher level of violence. This, too, is a relative thing—it's not Lee Child's Jack Reacher–level violence—It's just more than I remember from previous installments. I absolutely adored the old folks who help the case investigation via Andy's computer expert, Sam. They're a hoot! Too, I especially enjoyed what spurred Andy's aha moment. I'm not going to spoil it for you.

This unbiased review is based on an audio ARC supplied by the publisher—Macmillan Audio from Minotaur Books. Publication is expected July 2.

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The Andy Carpenter books are like a warm hug from a cuddly dog and this one is no exception. Great little mystery with plenty of laughs and the best part…the dogs!!! The narration by Grover Gardner was perfect.

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(4.5 / 5)

When defense attorney Andy Carpenter is asked by his mysterious and stoic associate Marcus to defend a man who is accused of a mass murder at a law office, Andy agrees, perhaps less reluctantly than normal. Though the accused man's alibi is a bit sketchy, Andy begins to uncover a complex conspiracy that could possibly prove his client's innocence...if only he could understand it enough to use it.

I have not read all of the books up to this point, but I've read enough to know that Marcus has been a background kind of guy for most of the series. For him to be more involved is an interesting change for this book, which is important this far into a series. One of the things I've always enjoyed about these books is the variety of characters Andy uses in his investigations, which grows a little here and there. Marcus was always the comforting protective presence who had little personality, which I never felt detracted from the books. Here, though, we see a little bit of character development, yet not so much that Marcus doesn't remain a bit of a mystery.

These books are normally in 1st-person perspective, but there are bits here and there from 3rd-person to show the reader things that Andy doesn't directly see. I don't know when this started in the series (or if it was new to this boo), but it threw me off at first. I think that's just because I have recently been going through the series from the beginning and have not encountered this yet. The only complaint I really had was that the conspiracy started to get a little convoluted and difficult to follow, with a lot of names that I struggled to remember. It all came together well in the end though. And Carpenter's trademark wit and sarcasm are in full force in this book.

This series has become something of a comfort read for me. Or more accurately, a comfort listen, since, though I've enjoyed the books from the first one I read, once I started at the beginning with the audiobooks, it amplified my enjoyment a lot. Therefore, receiving an ARC of the audiobook was a real honor. I highly recommend this book (especially the audio) for fans of mystery, crime fiction, and courtroom dramas, and though there are some over-arcing storylines throughout the series, you don’t really need to start at the beginning (though I’d still recommend it).

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Thanks to #NETGALLEY AND #Macmillan audio for the free arc of this title. I was given access to the audiobook and the narrator and the story were both excellent. This was the first David Rosenfelt title I had listened to and had no problem following along with the cast of characters. The mystery was very well crafted and very fast paced. I liked the use of humor since it was a multiple victim murder it helped not be such a dark listen to.

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