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This book was my candy. I love security/protection romantic suspense and second chance! This was an interesting story that's full of the Wilde brothers family, all who are former military who became a tight unit after their parents died senselessly in their youth. This kept me guessing the whole way through as to who took a contract out to kill Camden and why. The second chance between Cam and Eva was steamy and satisfying.

Camden Wilde is the fourth of five brothers and the younger twin to Vaughn by ten minutes. He's former Air Force and was a DC Homicide Detective with Eva Cardoso for five years. He quickly fell in love with the strong, intelligent woman. He hid it from her so as not to cross department lines accepting instead to be her good friend. As she's his plus one at his younger brother Jude's wedding he sees his chance to try to make it more. After a night of dare shots they share steamy drunk sex that night. Eva slips away not willing to face Cam the morning after. They cross paths again when Cam's informant soup shows up dead in Cam's beat up coat he gave him the night before. This starts Cam's investigation as to who has put a hit on him Soup told him about & Eva's as to who killed Soup. All the while she's trying to sort out what she feels for Cam and her former fiancée Preston. This story was delicious on ever level.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Back in the land of the Wilde men!  This group of siblings could start a war or two with all the good looks, charm and grumpiness they have amongst their group!

Eva is a kickbutt detective and she knows not to cross the line in her friendship with Cam.  But he's no longer her partner and she is his plus-one at his brother's wedding.  When her ex unexpectedly turns up at the wedding with his brand new fiancee, Cam does what Cam does and rescues the situation.  Then they both take a giant step over the friend zone line!

Cam has wanted Eca since pretty much the minute he met her but the stars never aligned and he wasn't ready to risk their friendship either.  Now that that particular cat is out of the bag, he wants it all.  But can he get Eva to admit that there's more to them than a hot fling?

Camden and Eva are a great pairing.  She can match him on pretty much anything and he won't kowtow to her every whim - but he'll certainly make sure that she gets everything she needs and more!  Loved the uncertainty of who was actually causing the destruction in Cam's life.  And Eva's mum?  She's never going to win mum of the year that's for sure!

Looking forward to Vaughn's downfall but will it be with another ex of Preston the P&&^K?  Will Reece really take on the challenge of Eva's sister?
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I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. A perfectly written story that has lots of hilarious conversations, best friends - Eva and Cam - turning lovers and the investigation of a called hit on Cam.
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Another winner by Tonya! I love the way the characters are so real. It is a book that sucks the reader in.This Wilde is as sexy as his brother from book one of this series. A friends to lovers book, although a common type of book, so well written and enjoyable to read!
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