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I'm a mother who works while my son is at daycare, so this book resonated with me. My son is always curious about my job and what I'm doing when I'm not with him. This was a good book about how to approach that while being silly and well illustrated.
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This is a sweet book that is perfect for young listeners/readers.  The squirrels are cute and their family is charming.
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First let me thank Netgalley for this digital copy. I just loved this book. Walnut wants to spend the day with his Mom but she needs to go to work. It deals with the issue of parent's going off to work and the separation anxiety of the child. Perfect for the working mom. Illustrations are beautiful and amazingly cute! I would highly recommend this book to everyone of all ages.
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I love the relationship between the mother and the child. This book discusses an important topic in any child's life. That is, being left by the parents for work. Miss You Like Crazy, handles this delicate subject successfully and with care.  It encourages a healthy, fun and creative atmosphere. I feel like it would be very applicable in real life! I'm seriously considering this book to any future children I might have. Especially since I'm planning on being a working mother.
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This story was so absolutely precious. I never thought I would love a story about squirrels so much. Whenever I get the chance to read a children's story on NetGalley I always rate it on if it would be something that I would want to read to my own children in the future or read it to the young children that I am a counselor for at the camp that I work at and I think that this would be a great book for that. At camp, the younger kids miss their parents so much and get super emotional with that and this would be such a great book to be able to remind them how much their parents love and miss them as well.
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Really cute, my three year old and I both loved this story. The illustrations were fun and there were a good amount of words on each page so we weren't lingering there forever until he got bored, but didn't go so fast he couldn't take in the pictures.
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I love this book!

I love the sweet relationship between Mom and her son, Walnut. Quite a storyteller, as well. She knew how to answer question wisely.

My fav. scene is when Walnut asked if Mom gonna miss him.
"But I am never really without you," Mom said.
"You're on my computer.
In my briefcase.
At my desk.
Around my neck and on my mind."
"Everyone at work knows you are my top priority."

Sweet, isn't it? :)
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I love this story. I received it as an ARC from Netgalley, but I really want to buy a physical copy to have on the shelf. I think I loved this so much, because I’ve had such similar conversations with my own six-year-old. It can be just as hard to send your child off to school and go to work as it is for the kids. I dread the end of summer vacation a bit, because we get to spend so much less time together, but it is the ways of life and part of growing up.

More to love than just the storyline, are the writing and dialogue. I loved that the dialogue sounded so much more realistic than a lot of other kids’ books I’ve read. The pictures are also wonderful. Though I will say the page with the pocket and then him hiding behind the chair tripped me up a little.

Regardless of whether you work as a parent or not, this is a good book to have. It also helps with kids who don’t necessarily want to go to school. I know my daughter has wanted to skip school just to go hiking and such with me on a sunny day. I’m sure other parents know the struggle as well, and yet this is the first book of this kind that I’ve read.

Still…I know I’ve already kind of touched base on this, but I’ll reiterate that the best part for me was how realistic it reads. Even though there is a fair amount of imagination to be had here, the way the conversation goes is so true to life. Love it.
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Love the illistrations. Great book to show kids why parents work and how they think of family at work. Recommend reading!
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Found a hard copy of this book and read it! Such a cute little story! Just perfect for a "mom  and me" time story for working moms to read their child(ren). Illustrations are so perfect- gentle and sweet and not too busy, just enough for little kids to look at and not get bored. Perfect book!
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This is the perfect book to help a child understand a working parent.  The illustrations are nice and lively, and the story is sweet.

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What a sweet wee book. It is so cute and the perfect story for your little one. The drawings are soft and sketch like, to almost give you a Peter Rabbit feel. Nothing it more fun to read to your child or grandchild than a children's read with a classic feel. I can imagine the hardback version would be beautiful. The story is is lovely and one I will enjoy reading over and over.
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The illustrations and sentiment in this book are sweet.  I really like the way mother squirrel gives in to exploring fantasy when she can't wave a wand and change that she goes to work when her son Walnut would rather she didn't.  I like the specific tokens the mother shares as evidence of how she does take her child with her to work.   I do find many FAQ books awkward, and this is no exception, (this book's question being "Why do you have to work? as euphemistically-voiced by the character as "Don't you miss my like crazy?").  There's a few more idiomatic expressions than I care for (they stilted our first reading since my girls asked for break-downs), and it wasn't clear why they were both leaving until the end (Walnut is revealed to be school-aged),  but overall, I think this could be a great resource for a family who wanted a discussion-point on the topic.
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MIss You Like Crazy is an absolutely charming picture book! 
It tells the story of Mom Squirrel and her child Walnut, who is having a hard time leaving Mom during the day as she goes off to work. She explains how she has to work to provide for them both - and how he is always on her mind.  It is a lovely story and one that I look forward to recommending - its perfect for a single working Mom to read to her child!

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Funny story about a little squirrel who was missing his mom, while she went somewhere... Reminds our childhood.
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