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Will It Waffle?

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I am so hungry now, because every single recipe looks delicious! (And boy do I appreciate a cookbook that has a photo for every recipe.)
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Do you have a waffle iron? Do you use it? I have one and I use it to make waffles, just like everyone else who uses one. But did you ever make anything other than waffles in it? Did you know that you could? Well, if you are tired of using your iron to just make waffles, or if you have a waffle iron but have never used it, now is the time to dust off the iron and get cooking! This book covers all the need-to-knows for using a waffle iron, but it also has great recipes too. Everything from cooking waffles (of course!) to bacon & eggs, snacks and desserts. Who knew the waffle iron was such a versatile appliance?!
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This is a really interesting cookbook. The recipes sound good, but what I really think is the best thing about this cookbook is that it kicks in your imagination and you start thinking about all the other things you can waffle. Instead of being something you use once a year, you feel like you can use it once every couple of days.
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