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When I requested this from NetGalley I thought it would be a popular science book aimed at girls. Not a bad idea since girls seem to be underrepresented in the natural sciences and there's no harm in getting them excited at a young age.

When I downloaded it and saw the cover I discovered that my earlier assumption had been wrong. The book presents itself as a women's fashion magazine, but with science instead of fashion and beauty tips. Well, I thought, that might be fun. I'm not a big fan of the typical 'beauty' glorifying publications, words like 'must-haves' send shivers down my spine, so a satirical take could be quite entertaining.

OMG, like, literally, OMG.... as if a pumpkin-spiced-latte-Starbucks sipping teenager and her BFFs (or besties, or whatever) have thrown up on a page and have it published.

If you're going for satire, subtlety is key, if you overdo it it seems like you mean it.

there's very little actual science in this book and some of it is just wrong. Proper science in an alternative wrapping could be fun, but this"in the section "Hot Reproductive Sex Tips":

At the exact moment that the sperm enters the wall of the ovum and meiosis begins, stick your finger in his butthole!

Yes, that would be fertilisation, not meiosis!

I haven't read the whole thing, it's tiring to see women consistently being portrayed as inferior to men with a focus on lipstick and swallowing sperm.
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