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Falling for the Prodigal Son

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I received an eARC of this book via NetGalley. Here is my honest review.

I started this book years ago and then, just didn't finish it. With the recent #reviewathon hosted by NetGalley this year, I have been going through my Kindle and trying to tie up forgotten reviews. Even though it had been awhile since I picked up this book, it didn't take long to get back into the story. Second chance stories tend to be like. 
It's a great trope for a romance book and is a sweet story. It just felt pretty unbelievable. I felt that there was a real lack of character development and relationship development, and not just between the hero and heroine. The relationship that Sterling had with his parents seemed strained and never felt like they had any resolution or growth.
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Summer Again was once named Falling for the Prodigal Son, but I like this title better.  Sterling was always the rich lonely boy lurking in the shadows of the camp while the kids had fun.  His parents owned a fancy resort with a summer camp for troubled kids attached.  Lucy was one of those kids fifteen years ago but she's come back to manage the marketing for the Inn.  Upon his father's illness Sterling was requested to return from jaunting over Europe and run the Inn, never expecting to find his "first girl" working for his parents.  I wouldn't necessarily call this a second chance romance because as kids they were just experimenting.  Lucy was a very likable character, strong, intelligent, stubborn and lonely.  Sterling started off as this tough guy wanting to make changes to the Inn and then skip town but I like the man he became the longer he hung around.  Beautifully written romance with true heart and real situations.  I received a copy ages ago from Netgalley, with the original title, but returned to it nearing the release of the second book in the series.
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