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One Funeral

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Loved the banter and the constant sexual tension. Absolutely loved that Cade suggested therapy (even though it seems controlling and patronizing, but that wasn't his intention). Loved that both went to therapy, which shows commitment. Absolutely loved that therapy was portrayed as something good, something that can help you grow! 

After reading my review of the first book,  I agree with what it said: it's slow. But then again, that matches their story. They need to go slow as not to cause a train wreck. All the banter and sexual tension made it bearable and fun to read. So 4 stars from me!
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ONE FUNERAL is the second book in the No Weddings series.  They do need to be read in order. ONE FUNERAL picks up exactly where NO WEDDINGS left off – I love when this is done.

Cade says, ““You’re the best thing I’ve ever waited for.”  That could be said for this whole book.

While I can empathize completely with Hannah’s skittishness in trusting another relationship, Cade gives me goosebumps for his patience, sweetness, and humor.  I loved the slowly building real relationship.  Cade and Hannah have a friendship that is being purposely allowed to grow into more.

Sexy, steamy, funny, playful, and sweetness all wrapped up in a dragon-shaped cake.  I can’t wait to read more!

Note:  While I received this book as a gifted copy, my opinions are my own and are given freely.
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I will not be continuing on with this series and just wanted to mark it as read on Netgalley. Thank you.
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