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The Electrifying Story of Multiple Sclerosis

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Well worth the time to read it, Finally a book that breaks down MS. The people suffering and their family and friends would do well to grab a copy.
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Thank you Netgalley so much for this book.
As a physiotherapy student, this book was really helpful. I got to know things about MS which I didn't know.
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It was incredibly informative and the pictures helped me to understand the things I as reading. My grandmother has MS and this really helped me to understand what she may be going through.
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This was informative but seemed to be geared more to younger children and early teens.  It felt more like an informative pamphlet a doctor's office might distribute. The information is basic and not what I expected.
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"The Electrifying Story of Multiple Sclerosis" is a must read for anyone who has a family member or a friend who has been diagnosed with MS. It's a quick and simple read that helps the reader understand what MS is, and what it's like to live with it.  The writing is easy to understand, and I can honestly say that I've learned a lot from reading this.
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Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the advanced electronic copy of this book. This great and informative book breaks down information about MS in an easy to understand way. The artwork enhances the reading experience. This book discusses symptoms, common terms, and treatments, as well as describes what a person diagnosed with MS goes through during the course of an average day. I think that everyone who knows someone diagnosed with MS should read this book to better understand their experience. I would recommend this book for children from 4-5 grade and up as well as adults.
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*I received an ebook copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion via

This is an amazing book to simplify what people with MS experience. I have not been officially been diagnosed with MS but have symptoms that are being watched as the idea is that they might be related to MS and that I might actually have the disease. I loved the ideas of how to experience the different symptoms without having the symptoms. It made me laugh as I experience many of them and was imagining my children trying to put popsicle sticks on their fingers in order to experience what it is like to struggle to pick things up. My nerves and the tingling are the worse part for me. It is amazing how much of an impact it can have. This book would be great to help family members understand those feelings and the other experiences of MS patients and to help them understand what the person with MS might be experiencing.
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My mother was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. My aunt has had MS for most of my life and I had no idea that two siblings could have MS. There is so much to learn about the brain and it can be difficult when it is not simply information but part of your reality. This was informative for me at my 30 year old age and I think those of younger ages could get a lot from it as well. Everything was well written and makes the subject matter a little easier to grasp.
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A great book about MS and how it impacts patients. Very informative.  I will recommend to others. As a nurse practitioner who cares for many patients impacted by MS this book highlights some very important aspects of the disease and care provided.
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I loved this very much! The characters, the actions and even the plot itself! Very inspiring for my own book too!
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This is an excellent book for middle grade and up, to learn about what multiple sclerosis is and how the disease affects those who have it.

I wish this had existed when i was young, when my mother was diagnosed. Maybe she could have given it to me, instead of waiting to tell my anything about the diagnosis until i was an adult.
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The Electrifying Story of Multiple Sclerosis by #Vanita Oelschlager is a very easy read. The book is very short.And when I requested it by mistake I forgot to look at the publish date.
Thank you,
#Netgalley, #Vanita Oelschlager  and Publisher
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A very clear explanation of what MS means. Currently, there are 2.3 million people in the world affected by this chronical sickness whose both causes and cures are unknown. Decades of research were able to offer some basic medical support, including drugs, that might diminish and delay some of the effects. The information delivered in the book is accurate and simple, with an equally informative illustration.
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This book was an eye opener to MS,  I work in the care sector and this book was very helpful and  I learnt a lot from this book, that i didn't know beforehand .I would recommend this book
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This is a very useful, well-explained and nicely illustrated book that does a very good job of explaining Multiple Sclerosis for an audience of all ages.  A complex disease, Multiple Sclerosis is broken down here in a way that is very easy to understand and digest.  For example, this book is the first time I ever had the origin of the term "Multiple Sclerosis" (aka many scars/lesions) explained to me in such a simple way, and the rest of the book followed suit with equally straightforward descriptions, with illustrations.  This is a great book to give to a kid recently diagnosed, or to any family member who needs an introduction to multiple sclerosis.  I really appreciated this book and would recommend it to anyone who has a friend or family member with multiple sclerosis, no matter what their age.

Thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and the authors for the advance copy of this book which helped me understand a complicated disease much better, in exchange for my honest review.
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This is a very interesting and informative read. It is worthwhile reading if you are someone you know is on the MS journey.
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This is a nice quick, easy to understand and informative book about MS. It's great for helping family members and friends to understand the disease. There are some statistics, such as the prevalence of MS, that need to be updated since the book was written. Thank you to NetGalley and Vanita Books for a copy in exchange for an honest review.
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I must start by saying that not all pages showed for me, some partly, some not at all.  

Well done, informative, easy to read, everyone can understand.  You don't need to be a doctor or in the field to get what is said.  And even better with the photos.  

What I felt was lacking... unless it was in the parts that didn't show in the pdf file I received was the family.  You talk about how the family can help the person, but you don't mention what it does to the family...
Let me explain...  My mother was diagnosed with MS 2 years ago, at 58, but I believe she's had it for a decade since she started complaining about her vision, weird tingling feelings in her fingers, loss of balance... doctors never did a thing until 2 years ago when she finally got an MRI, pet scan, lumbar punction or puncture or tab (? sorry english isn't my language) then they saw the white spots in the brain...

She can walk fine, let's say 95% fine, her memory loss is horrible, mostly short term, so I get it when you say it's a desease people don't see, unless you can't walk or need a cane or a wheelchair... that I understand.  But the big problem is her mood and she doesn't notice it.  So I think this well done book should have a part about how the person acts and destroys the family.  Not just think that it's our job to take care of the person and just deal with it.  She's so mean you wouldn't believe it.  I do everything for her and she's moody and yells at me (her 35 y/o daughter) and acts like a child slaming doors and crying with no tears... tells me I do it all wrong, I clean, cook for her but it's either too salty or not enough or this or that...  She does nothing but sit in front of the tv all day!  And that's not because of the MS trust me!  And makes it all worse by going to bed at 4 am (or 4.30) and drinking... not the MS either!!!  And smoking of course.  So all that to make her memory work better... she won't listen to us... 

You should mention the stress on the family.  She really destroys us!  Now I am aware that maybe it's not the MS or not just that, maybe borderline or bipolar, never diagnosed, I don't know.  Our neurologist never said it was or wasn't the MS making her act, behave, such an awful way with us so I really don't know.

But when I say it's bad I mean BAD!  Like she wishes us gone and we tell her the same, but with her memory loss she then doesn't remember what she told us or what we said.  She acts crazy and mean then it's forgotten and she's calmer.   It's "easy" for her, but us we don't forget.
So much stress from the moment I wake up, not knowing what mood she's going to be in, how she will bring me down again and again and treat me badly...

And her inability to make ANY decision, that I can believe is the desease.  She will stay in front of her wardrobe for an hour to decide what underwear (yes you heard me) to wear... and again will get upset and throw stuff around and violently shut doors...  she will ask me ten times a day if I've seen a tv show to know if it's good and she should watch it, that I don't mind I don't point it out that she's already asked I just answer again but my father does point it out and it makes it worse, I don't believe you should tell the person "you've already asked this yesterday or earlier today..." 
She acts slow in everything she does (aggravated by her alcohol use/abuse, lack of sleep... no more than 4 or 5 hours a night), but she doesn't need help getting dressed or anything, her case is mild, but really slow even to eat, like you can see her brain trying to tell her to get the fork with food in there... 

Trust me when I say that it's not only the person suffering, I bet us the family suffer more than she does.   
And I mean no direspect to anyone, I believe every family and every situation is different. 

Her MS is so "light" so far she's not on meds or anything, the doc said it would do more harm than good, she goes to the physical therapist once a week for 30 minutes to do some gym, YES that's her only treatment (30 mins of gym), and she hasn't gotten worse in 2 years!  So I can't even imagine how she'd behave if she was 'worse'.  

We have a good neurologist, from the start she explained it so we could understand and what I got from it was there is a line between 2 dots in the brain and when those lines are broken the info can't go from point A to point B... 

She goes to the neurologist (with me) every 4 months, has a full scan or pet scan or MRI once a year... 

Again, no direspect for anyone and I hope it didn't come accross as me being a bad daughter or anything, I do EVERYTHING for her and I don't even care I never get a "thank you" but she never says anything positive to me or show any affection and it really is like I don't have a mother anymore.  It is that bad, yet her MS is "mild".  Situation is bad to the point that in the house we all stay as far from her as possible to avoid her, avoid conflicts...  so bad I barely eat (90 lbs) or sleep do treat myself badly (SI) and am so nervous, anxious, tense... 24/7 the only time I can breathe is when she's not around, meaning on vacation, I don't go with them, god no! 

One person told me there should be support groups for family members... maybe it's not just me then.  I do everything for the woman and just wished I felt some kind of affection, like I have a mom and not just a thing to take care of!!!

Thank you to NetGalley for the opportinuty to read this book for an honest review.
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Vivid presentation on the brain's and body's reactions to Multiple Sclerosis. With easy to understand terms and explanation The Electrifying Story of Multiple Sclerosis describes this condition in a dynamic way that would support the teachings in any science class, doctor's office, or patient support service. Job well done. 4-star. #JozefBookandBrew
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"The Electrifying Story of Multiple Sclerosis" by Vanita Oelschlager is a good book for people to read if they have a family member or friend with Multiple Sclerosis .  The book is easy to understand and is informative.

I have had Multiple Sclerosis for 12 years now and there are still friends/people that do not understand what's it like to live with something intangible, cant be seen, felt,  or touched. Constantly I am told but you don’t look sick...

Because Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that someone will live with for years, or even decades, it is important for family and friends to understand what the person is going through and learn how to give support.

Multiple Sclerosis used to be feared because it was so unpredictable and doctors knew very little in how to treat it. Thanks to good research and great doctors, people can live with MS even though there is not a cure yet. The Electrifying Story of Multiple Sclerosis is written to help people understand what it feels like to have the disease and how to help.

This I requested and received an Advanced Readers copy from the publisher and Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own
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