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Moira Fowley-Doyle has been gaining more attraction in recent years due to her most recent release which a lot of people love. I have a copy of this for five years and I only just read it. I think that while a lot of new books are gaining more attention, this book is still worthy of a second look.

Before I get into the review, I do remember this being some controversy over some words that she describes a type of people in the book but when I tried to find it wasn't there so I might have made it up. She does use the word, 'gypsy' in this book so consider this if you want to. Even though I'm not part of this community when I read it, it did make me stop so...

I have to say that I loved writing. From the first page, I was hooked with her words and I just wanted to keep reading. Moira Fowley-Doyle knows how to intertwine fairy-tale style writing with a creepy flare so well and at some points, I was a little creeped out. I never knew what was coming next and I loved the undertones of spooky that are littered throughout the book.

I think that as the story progresses it does get really strange but it goes to an ending that is really fitting and it ties it all together. At points, though I was scared of the characters as the whole notion of the Accident Season is that all lives are at stake and that all the characters could die. You do definitely feel this throughout the book and it does lead to a satisfying ending.

Of course, all of this information would be pointless if you don't like the characters but I really connected to them. I enjoyed that the characters were mainly part of a family and the close bonds that they had. I also connected to Cara as a character and the interest over Elsie was the main reason why I kept reading. Also, this book has some nice romances, although one is kinda problematic, it does resolve itself and one of them is also sapphic.

Basically. I would recommend The Accident Season for a read if you enjoyed Moira Fowley-Doyle's other books or if you are new to her. I would like to read more.

The Verdict:

Moira Fowley-Doyle offers a spooky and captivating read that goes much deeper than a lot of other reads, making you feel creeped out.
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So, I was going in mostly blind. I knew it was about a girl and her family being prone to accidents during the titular Accident Season. That's pretty easy to figure out. But there was so, so much more to this story than the accidents. I was expecting a mystery, but I got mystery along with basically every single other thing I could want in a book.

First, I found the writing to be lovely and mesmerizing. Everything about The Accident Season was incredibly atmospheric- I felt the damp October weather, the general creepiness that surrounded the story in every page. That isn't to say that the whole book was dreary, on the contrary, the characters were so well fleshed out, so relatable, that they positively shined.

Let's start with said characters! Cara and her family are the main focus of the book and the accident season in general. This isn't something happening to everyone, this is isolated to these four unfortunate souls (Cara, her sister Alice, her ex-step-brother Sam, and her mom) who have to be very careful during the month of October. Cara's best friend Bea, who is also friends with Alice and Sam, is a tarot reader and predicts that this accident season will be extra awful. There is a bit of romance (the slow, non-insta-lovey kind that makes me particularly happy) that I absolutely shipped, and a huge part of this book is family related, since they are the ones affected by all of this.
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I'm going to have a hard time reviewing this book. The Accident Season has an addictive quality to it - I read the whole book in one sit. It was eerie, melancholy and a little disturbing. Everything the author aimed it to be, I'm guessing. While reading, I felt like I was in a dream, just floating in someone's memories. Everything around me disappeared, and that sensation is always something that I seek when reading. I want to experience something that I couldn't even imagine. The Accident Season accomplished it.

There is a twist/surprise element near to the end. A lot of people have said that they saw the twist coming, but for once, I didn't see it coming. It would be interesting to read the book a second time, now that I know what is coming. Would the book be still as mesmerizing and have the same kind of magical realism feel to it the second time around? Maybe, most likely not. That being said I think the book is best experienced knowing little as possible when going into the book. At best it surprises you and leaves you a bit hollow inside, in a good way. 

Now about the one element, a lot of people have very strong opinions on. It might be a small spoiler, but it is introduced very early on in the book: the romance between the main character Cara and her ex-stepbrother.  To be honest, I'm not sure myself yet what I think of this, I just finished reading the book. While I do not like the idea of sister/brother romance, this wasn't exactly it as they weren't related by blood. They both knew it was "weird" and they struggled against it. The romance wasn't the main theme in the book, but it was a significant part. The book is more about how broken we are, and how we can still live on despite of it. But I think some readers might find the romance off-putting, this time it was ok, in my opinion. 

I find it very hard to pin-point the whole reading experience - did I just really read all of that? Did that all happen? Now, I can't say that book was 5/5 stars because sometimes the characters were a tiny bit too teenager-y (so angsty and rebellious) and while the writing was captivating, it tended to drag on at times. But I did like The Accident Season. It had a clear concept, it provoked so many emotions in me (both good and bad), I liked the surprise element, and I will remember the book for a longer than just this one evening when I read it. If you liked All Our Pretty Songs by Sarah McCarry and We Were Liars by E. Lockhart, The Accident Season is also for you.
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LOVED THIS, love her, it’s so spooky and atmospheric and amazing. I bought a copy, I rave about it constantly
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I am not going to be reviewing this book, but thank you for the approval.
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Excellently written, brilliant twist in the tale. I really enjoyed this perfect for fans of Miss Peregrine.
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