The Daughter of Highland Hall

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The Daughter of Highland Hall: A Novel 


I enjoyed Kate as a character. She was interesting, had a mind of her own (although sometimes she did let others influence her), and was kind. I especially enjoyed as a character because of her honesty and willingness to admit her faults and follies to others. Throughout the novel Kate showed enormous growth as a person in her everyday life and attitudes as well as her faith in the Lord. In the grand scheme of things Kate was my favorite character to read about.

Jon was an amazing guy to read about. He was kind, thoughtful, and strong in his faith. I loved how he quietly encouraged Kate to follow the Lord. I also adored his devotion to Kate even when he thought he had no chance to being with her he still looked out for her and expected nothing in return. I only wish I could have read more about his time in India. Overall as a character Jon was very well developed and a true gentleman.

Secondary Characters:

Julia: I loved Julia she was so sweet and kind to everyone even Lady Louisa who could be a rude and harsh. Her devotion to her family and those she cared about was beautiful. Her relationship with William was breath taking and was couple worth looking up to.
William: William could be stoic and very firm at times but as the novel continued I realized he was just doing the best he could. His devotion to his family (even those who could be troublesome such as brother) was refreshing.
Lady Louisa: I could not stand Lady Louisa she was rude, cruel, and demeaning to others. The entire novel I she belittled Kate, spoke poorly of William and Julia, and was downright horrible to Jon at times. The entire novel I was hoping that Kate would stand up to her. Needless to say she was least favorite character.

The plot of this novel was good. I enjoyed watching Kate and Jon's relationship develop and I enjoyed seeing them both develop. Their work in the East End was interesting. With that being said I felt that this novel lacked originality. There was nothing that set it apart from any other novel. At the very heart this novel was a romance that was like many others with the plot going along the lines of boy falls for girl but the girl has better prospects and secretly the girl is falling the boy. I am not saying that the plot was bad or boring rather it did not separate itself from others.

Overall this novel was a good read even though I felt that the plot was a little flat the characters were superb.
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Nice historical, romance that is well written and has moving plot complete with subplots.
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I didn't enjoy the story of the second book quite as much as I did the first, though I loved seeing the characters again (yes, this series does need to be read in order). Katherine is a rather humorous character (the presentation scene was...interesting, to say the least!) I found her rather stuck-up in the first book and didn't expect to like this one much, but she really did turn into a sympathetic character pretty quickly, as she tries to figure out what she wants to do with her life and finally deal with the grief of having lost her parents.

I received an ecopy from Netgalley for review purposes.
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Characters have little depth and plot developments are not well founded while rushing to tidy everything up with a bow at the end.
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