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Very cute romance story with likeable characters and an interesting plot. My music and photography heart was incredibly happy since those were really big elements/aspects of the novel. This book was also really fun and easy to read and definitely the book I would recommend anybody should pick up the heartbreakers if they're looking for a cute contemporary to read.
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Of course I'll be recommending this to lovers of YA contemporary. Rock star romances are so popular right now, and this one is another great one to add to the pile.
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I thought that this was cute! It was fun and had me entertained. I just didn't like that the main character was "I'm not like other girls", then did exactly what she complained about. I know it is supposed to show some growth, but it was to surface and could have been so much more.
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I've recommended this title to quite a number of students who enjoy romance.  This story is every teen girl's fantasy, What young girl doesn't want to fall in love and be loved by a famous musician?   The best part is that the writing and the story are strong and doesn't pander.
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Once I started it I couldn't put it down. If I wasn't laughing from the witty scenes, I was swooning or wanting to scream! If i could described this book in one word it would be rollercoaster!
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About: The Heartbreakers is a young adult fiction written by Ali Novak. It was published on 4/4/15 by Sourcebooks Fire, an imprint of Sourcebooks, 336 pages. The genres are fiction, young adult, contemporary, and romance. There are 2 books to The Heartbreak Chronicles series so far where book two, Paper Hearts will be published on 7/4/17. 

My Experience: I started reading The Heartbreakers on 6/14/17 and finished it on 6/16/17. This book started out great! It had a great sense of humor. I laughed a lot and was unable to put it down. It kept me turning the pages for sure! This book also makes me cry because it discussed about a family member going through cancer and how it affected everyone else in the family. I had to skip that part because it’s just too sad to read.

“If you don’t constantly remind yourself about the good, the bad will seep in and take over.” 2%

In this book, readers will follow the point of view of Stella Samuel, a high school graduate who has a passion for photography. Being a triplet is cute when they always stand out. People like to gawk at them and ask them many twin questions. They have a good laugh when they joke to others that they can read each other’s mind and feel each other’s pain. Taking great pictures is what sets Stella apart from her brother Drew, a jock, and Cara, a cheerleader. When Cara has cancer, Stella puts her life on hold because the college she wanted to go is far away in New York. Cara is obsess with a boy band called The Heartbreakers when Stella and Drew don’t. Since Cara is sick, she worries that she will never get to attend The Heartbreakers’ concert. Drew and Stella decided to go on a road trip from Minnesota to Chicago to obtain The Heartbreakers’ autograph as a surprise gift for Cara. Since Stella is not a fan of The Heartbreakers, she doesn’t know how the boys look like, so when she runs into one of them at Starbucks for her morning coffee stop, she doesn’t realize who he is until she sees him again at the signing. The signing closed by the time she reaches to the front of the line. She runs into the band members again at the hotel, but since she’s in a foul mood, she gives them an earful. Little did Stella know, she will one day become The Heartbreakers’ biggest fan, though, she has to travel through a bumpy road to get there.

“But there’s no guarantee about anything in life. Sometimes you just have to take a chance.” 93%

I enjoyed the first half of the book a lot. I really like the humor in this book. The chicken fight is fun to read. I love the Cheetos ambush. It’s interesting to read about a famous band’s busy day to day tour schedule. I like Stella and her realistic thinking. She knows that photography can’t be made into a career and give herself a second route. I like Stella and her family. I like the boy band and their friendship. I like Oliver and his try at romance. I do still recommend everyone to read this book if you are looking for a book that will both make you laugh and cry!

Pro: family, humor, fast paced, easy to read, photography, friendship, finding oneself

Con: I skipped through the sadness because I don’t want to be sad

I rate it 4 stars!

***Disclaimer: Many thanks to the author Ali Novak, publisher Sourcebooks, and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review. Please be assured that my opinions are honest.

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I am not going to be reviewing this book, but thank you for the approval.
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The romance between Stella and Oliver was a bit hit or miss for me mainly because it was insta-love. There were some angst filled moments in the book, mainly to do with this romance, but all came out alright in the end. I've previously read Novak's other book, My Life with the Walter Boys, and My Life with the Walter Boys is definitely my favorite of the two.I actually really want to read the sequel to My life with the Walter Boys.

The characters were all interesting in the own way a bit flat but still enjoyable to read about.the main character is filled with angst, sarcasm and she's a bit of a snob. Stella for me is one of those characters that I liked and then at times she bugged the heck out of me. She wasn't very likable but at times I could see were she was a bit relate-able. Oliver seemed nice, and kinda troubled I really enjoyed his dynamic with his fellow band mates.I thought the book was going to focus on Cara and her cancer a bit more, but there are only a few chapters that mention her/her cancer.With this being said Cara is very relevant to the plot and causes some major plot twists.Cara was a sweet charector and I enjoyed her and her siblings interactions.

The cover is definitely eye catching and the scene depicted is  intriguing.I definitely think it fits the story. Overall The Heartbreakers was a really cute read  it's pretty predictable but still worth reading. 3/5
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