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Sylvia Brooks is on the rise career wise but when it is all threatened she finds herself having to reach out to the one person she told to stay away, Jackson Steele. Jackson is rising quickly within the architecture world and Sylvia needs him for the project she is spearheading, however she knows if he accepts her offer that there will be no going back. Sylvia is scared to trust and Jackson is going to do everything he can to keep her trust, but unexpected threats are swirling to tear them apart.

This is part one of a trilogy and the type of book you pick up and just immerse yourself into. Sensual read with intriguing characters. I thought this was terrific, had a couple of twists and turns I was not expecting. Anxious to read the next book.
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I loved this story of Jackson Steele and Sylvia Brooks. They were wonderful characters with some really steamy chemistry! I really enjoyed the storyline, and am looking forward to continuing their story!
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This book has sucked me in. I really like Sylvia, there is  a lot about her we don't know. She puts on a good front. Jackson is your typical alpha. He know what he wants the moment he sees it. There were some twists through the book and it ended on a mild cliffhanger. I can't wait to see where the rest of the story goes.
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Say My Name is an enticing erotic read of a second chance at love and life. An unconventional deal wrapped up in secrets. Trust doesn't come easy, especially when demons are constantly haunting your mind. But when fear and isolation proves to not help, sometimes you need a dark knight to slay your demons on kiss at a time. 

While Say My Name focuses on their past and their new beginning, there is more to there is more to their story as the plot continues on. Now that they have found their second chance, is it strong enough to withstand the incoming storm. 

Recommended to my friends who love a good second chance romance, mix dominant males, and twists and turns...
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