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Orbs III: Redemption

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If you are willing to suspend belief like you are reading a fantasy book, you might enjoy this one more than I did.  As the title suggests, this is the third book in the Orbs series.  There seems to be very little that is new with the format of this installment of Orbs, all we really see is find the bad guy, shoot the bad guy, run out of ammo, use ridiculous tactics.
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I hope there are more books coming in this series, but with earth about finished and dry there won't be survivors for long.  Sophie and her team decide to join forces with the sub forces and put all their hope in Project Redemption. With help from Alexia the computer running their damaged biosphere they hope to launch to Mars.  The Organics and Spiders are winning the battle for earth and the action is as vigorous as always. A great Science Fiction series, for mature readers since violent warfare is a major part of the story.
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It's a well written book.   It's fast paced and leaves you guessing what will happen next.  I had not read the earlier sequels to this.
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Exciting, adept ..especially since hovering over entire novel is sense that it is all about to end.. we follow appropriately named Noble, military leader, attempting to an impossible task ..on another side, an intelligent woman gets to recover from psychic dreams of protecting last earth children ..for their new home..more than core story, each character has their own apocalyptic dream. There is no escape, however,, yet they plough on .. we are on tenterhooks throughout . Really gripping.
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Book 3 sees Sophie and her team struggling to survive. There is very little left of the original team and the biosphere that they are hunkered in is their only salvation, that is until sabotage from within causes something to happen and the team have to reach out to Captain Noble for help. Will they get help before they are over run? 

Wow, I thought book 2 left me breathless, but whoa, this one was non stop!! Talk about action packed!!! My poor heart couldn't keep up with everything that was going on. Not only did something happen the biosphere, but they found hope! They have found alien poles on the highest summits of mountains around the world. They hope that the weapon they created will disrupt the signal, thus giving them time to attack them and the alien ships. They also found encrypted messages from different bases from when the attack first happened, but one stands out because it was sent after. It's from Offutt Air Force Base and this base may hold the answer to getting survivours off of earth. 

As I said, the pacing was extremely fast paced! So much happens that I was on the edge of my seat throughout. I kept imagining it as a movie while reading, and I honestly think it would make an amazing one!! The author really brings the scenes to life with his descriptive writing and any time I hear a scratch/scrap sound, my first thought will be alien spiders!!! 

My emotions were spent while reading this! The characters I've come to love are put into situations that had my emotions all over the place. A sign of a good book is one where you become invested in the lives of the characters, and I was invested! Sophie, Rodriguez, Noble, the boys... all of these have captured my heart. I was rooting for them the whole way through. 

In all, the 3rd book was amazing. It was action packed, exciting, entertaining, well written and developed and held my attention till the breath taking end. I really can not wait to dive into the final book later today!!
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The best book in the series yet. Can be read as a standalone, but is even better as the culmination of the series. Hooks the reader from page one, and keeps you submerged in a world where the last of the humans are battling it out against seemingly invincible destructive aliens. A must read for alien sci-fi and dystopian enthusiasts alike.
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Review: ORBS III: REDEMPTION by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Anyone who ponders the possibility of a global apocalypse needs to read this outstanding series. So does anyone who doubts the existence of the survival instinct in humans, or who needs inspiration to hope. The destruction of the planet is close to complete, and the terrors for the survivors at the Cheyenne Mountain Biosphere and on the submerged submarine Ghosts of Atlantis have never been greater. It seems only a miracle could turn the alien tide, and miracles are few and far between.

Author Nicholas Sansbury Smith vivified the apocalypse for me (as he did in his TRACKERS series), so that I was present in each moment. His descriptions of the varied species of aliens, and their history on Mars, was splendidly described and comprehensible.
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