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An Amish Man of Ice Mountain

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Very un-typical, un-Amish and un-traditional story about love and healing. Or not?

The two were somehow meant to be together, but in the "normal" world would their love be going towards the very dysfunctional end. Both are scarred on their souls - Amish man Joseph has fallen victim to the seduction of older sexual predatoress in his youth and has been feeling "dirty" since, not understanding that he was the victim there. Englischer Priscilla realized only after her wedding that she married a psychopath who has been beating and abusing her from the very first day of the marriage. But God can heal even these two broken people and make their love story to go strong.

I must honestly say I was quite nervous to read this book, after the series was being labeled "erotic" in some reviews. And yes, it is - I would not call it erotic (even of some content is quite explicit, but never cheap), but it is sexual FOR ALL OF THE RIGHT REASONS. Yes, it is very open. yes, not for the young readers. Yes, you should be warned beforehand. But it is not the vulgar sexuality to arouse the cheapest instincts, it is about sexuality in its beauty - and yes, even in the purity of the heart, even if it might sound strange in this context. And the most importantly - it is a love story, with the sexuality integrated within. And it just rings true. There, I have said that.

And even more, it is a very Christian story (sans explicit scenes) about healing and forgiveness, about finding peace and trust towards people once again, about leaving your (false) shame in front of the God's face.
And it is a powerful story - you should dive deep and read about all of the amazing love God has for us.

And I just love some of the characters - like Grossmudder May, who is wise above the common wisdom; the bishop with the true heart of the leader and Sarah, the heroine of the following novel (yay!) with the gift of healing. God's power shines through these wise people.

My only reservation is about the speed of resolving of issues - there is no "present time" suffering in the book, every unhappy thing/feeling is solved quite quickly, which I find quite unrealistic.

And now I am off to read about Edward and Sarah in the third installment of the series!
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