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Chuck Black is a genius at writing so much meaning and heart into a small number of pages. I have read his Knights of Arrethtrae series which was intended for a young audience and felt more satisfied than reading some of the larger fantasy and adventure novels out there from other authors. The Rise of the Fallen is no exception to this.

Rise of the Fallen is the second book in a series of three. I still enjoyed and understood what was going on in the book even though I have not read the first book yet, but I plan to get my hands on it. The story follows the least of the angels from his creation, throughout history including the the Flood, the Tower of Babel, Jesus' birth and death, the Holocaust, and up to present times. The story switches between the past and present every few chapters as you get to know Validus. In the past, he rises through the ranks to become the warrior leader of North America in present times. However, the climax of the story centers around how Validus is resigned from protecting the whole continent to protecting one man. What is so special about one man?

This story is a masterpiece.  I absolutely loved the depth to the characters and the connection between the angels. Additionally, the author did a great job providing extra resources such as vocabulary definitions and timelines of history in the front of the book.  I also appreciated the section in the back explaining how pieces of the story connected to the Bible. He did a great job explaining how nothing is truth besides the Bible, but that he wrote a story to bring alive the spiritual battle that is going on based on Biblical evidence. I look forward to finishing the other two books in the series.
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This is a fascinating tale from the perspective of a warrior angel. 

The first book, The Cloak of Light, follows the growth of Drew Carter, a good young man who lost his father as a youth and later is injured during a lab accident. Initially it was thought that he was blind, but he recovered his sight and can see between realms. He thinks he is seeing aliens, not realizing that he is seeing demons and angels.

Validus is a warrior angel who has now been reassigned to guard the human, Drew Carter. Initially Validus thinks this is a demotion as he doesn’t know why Drew is important. The man isn’t even a believer in Christ, although he has a close female friend who is.As Validus and his charge become pursued by the 'fallen' he begins to recognize the urgency of this assignment.

The wonderful thing about this, book two, is it tells the perspective of history, from the beginning of creation, including the fall of Lucifer, many battles over the years and even the birth of Jesus, all through the eyes of Validus. Chuck Black does a remarkable, imaginative job developing very believable scenes consistent with Biblical and historical stories. I enjoyed the character of Validus and his friends as they interact with the humans of each event. There is exciting, detail in the scenes, including blow by blow descriptions in the human and spiritual battles.

The book also has a strong, thought provoking discussion guide. I enjoyed this book two even more than book one and look forward book three. I recommend this to readers who enjoy action and enjoy stories of the angelic realm.
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Sorry, never got around to reading. Will try again at a later date.
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