I Tried Until I Almost Died

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 13 Jan 2020

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From perfectionism, legalism and control to peace and grace. 

If you are a perfectionist struggling with the need to control, to achieve and with the burden of not being good enough UNTIL *you have it all under your belt* (insert your driving mechanism), read this book. 
It is not perfect. It is prolonged, very simple and I do not disagree with a lot of things from the theological point.
But it is a book written with so much heart! And I think that there are things that God wants to communicate you through this book - at least He did that to me. While I was reading, my heart was changing somehow, some answers came to me (not exactly the answers related to the topic of this book, but the (unexpected) answers to the questions of my heart nonetheless). Which has not happened when reading some more "wise, profound, specialized" books. 
So while this little book is not perfect, but it has a message you might want/need to hear.
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Are you tired of trying to measure up to the world's difficult standards? Do you want to exchange your anxiety and frustration for God's divine peace, blissful rest and relaxation? In a culture that over-emphasizes accomplishment and ever-higher goals as the hallmark of success, we are hopelessly driven to do more, strive more, achieve more and be more. We get mercilessly caught up in the ruthlessly turning treadmill of rigid, self-imposed rules that wreck utter havoc in our lives. The pitiful end result of all this stress is anger, frustration, and anxiety that prevent us from living a life of peace in God. For seemingly endless years, Sandra McCollom lived in this death-like trap. Worn out from striving for a perfection she could never attain, try as she might, she cried out desperately to God for help. God answered Sandra by setting her on a trend-setting, life-transforming journey to discover the abundant riches of His grace. In "I Tried Until I Almost Died," Sandra shares how she exchanged her burden of anxiety and fear for God's divine peace. This book will teach you how to taste the exuberating freedom of trusting in the perfect power of God's grace.
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