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Channing O'Banning and the Rainforest Rescue

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Channing O'Banning is loosing her best friend to a boy. It is the worst in her young 4th grade life. It gets worse when her family invited when her foe Marco's family invites her family to Costa Rica. However, she discovers something new about herself and her new friend Marco.

With low key Christian message on kindness, Channing learns a valuable lesson on people and the environment. Help your child be an advocate for the environment in this fun read.

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Within the first pages of reading, Channing O'Banning and the Rainforest Rescue by Angela Spady I made a connection with the main character, with the following quote: Luckily, I keep a pencil stashed in my ponytail, just in case I need to give an autograph or draw something cool.
For those that know me, I too keep a pencil in my ponytail so it is accessible to write when I am reading, running errands, or doing homework. So of course, I fell in love with Channing right away, she is my kind of girl. Channing O'Banning and the Rainforest Rescue is the first book in the series of a fourth grade girl, her friends, and her classmates. I like how the characters are relatable of children of all ages and will bound to be books that provide personal lessons to be learned (friendships, trying new things, forgiveness). Students may even learn a few things about science, as I found that the information used about the Rainforest was accurate. The final pages of the book include information about the rainforest, a list of practical ways students can participate in saving the rainforest, and a website to find out more information.

From the publisher: What Happens When Your Least Favorite Person Is Your Only Hope for Rescue? When Channing O’Banning’s BFF goes gaga over new boy Marco, Channing wishes she could send him back to where he came from. Her wish turns into her worst nightmare when Marco tags along on her family’s dream trip to Marco’s home country of Costa Rica.

With her secret sketchbook in tow and adorable pot-bellied pig, Teeny, by her side, Channing embarks on a high-flying adventure through the Costa Rican rainforest. But when the feisty fourth-grade artist makes a few wrong turns and gets lost in the jungle, she discovers that maybe Marco isn’t so bad after all. Through her wild escapades, Channing learns just how important it is to keep the earth—and friendships—healthy.

Angela Spady is an award-winning art educator and curriculum author. Her innovative teaching practices have been featured in Kentucky Teacher, on Kentucky Educational Television, and on PBS. She lives in Leburn, Kentucky. Tammie Lyon is the award-winning illustrator of numerous picture books, including the Eloise series and Let’s Hear It for Almigal. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Perfect for early/junior chapter book readers. Plenty of adventure and learning about the rain forest! Looking forward to adding Channing O'Banning series to my collection.
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My daughter enjoyed the story but the format was really difficult for my kindle.
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Like most kids, Channing O'Banning has big dreams, high hopes, and a vivid imagination. In her case, these did not in any way involve science class! She loved art, drawing, coloring, but she definitely despised science! Channing soon learns that her best friend, Maddy, is smitten with the new kid on the block, Macro. Channing can't stand the new guy, especially because he likes science, and this presents a major threat to the friendship. 

Then Channing's parents drop a bombshell on the family regarding their summer vacation, leaving Channing full of dread and misery. With some encouragement from her new friend Marco, Channing comes to appreciate science - plants, animals, and a new culture, especially the rain forest. She also learns valuable lessons regarding friendship and how to be friendly to your environment. 

The end of the book has fun facts about the rain forest and practical tips for anyone to become more proactive with saving the rain forests. 

This is a fun book about friendship, forgiveness, and exploring new things. I would recommend this book to all children ages 5-12. I received this as a free ARC from Thomas Nelson Children's Books on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I never laughed so much! The cutest book ever and I read it to my niece and she is 6 and loved every second of it! Can't wait to get some more of these books so that I can read the rest of them to her!
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This book was very humorous- my children and I had several laugh-out-loud moments. It also was very educational and had a good moral to the story. We enjoyed learning about the rainforest and ways that we can help to save it right here in our town. I liked how children are encouraged to forgive each other and to talk through their feelings and to try to reconcile when they've had an arguement with a good friend and that you shouldn't judge a new classmate without getting to know them.
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BFF troubles and an exotic trip filled with animals—young readers 6–10 will love stepping into the world of spunky 4th grade artist Channing O’Banning!

Fourth-grader Channing O’Banning always has a colored pencil stuck in her hair. A girl who prefers her sketch book to her math book—or any book, for that matter—budding artist Channing is the star of this new chapter book series. With parents who think she’s from Mars, an annoying older sister who acts like Queen of the World, and a surprisingly cool Nana, Channing navigates the fourth grade in hilarious stories every kid can relate to. For fans of Judy Moody or Junie B. Jones, Channing O’Banning’s antics will be familiar and welcome—and parents will love that Channing always learns a biblically based lesson.

Channing and best friend Maddy have always been inseparable—until now. Maddy is smitten with Marco, the new boy from Costa Rica—and Chan doesn’t like it one bit. But Chan’s ears perk up when Marco tells the class about the quetzal, a beautiful bird that lives in South American rainforests. Chan is determined that she will someday capture the bird in her sketchbook.

By a weird twist of fate, Channing’s family takes a trip to Costa Rica with Marco’s family. Determined to not let Marco ruin her trip, Chan sets off to find the quetzal, but she discovers more than she bargained for: first impressions aren’t always correct, and it’s so important not to judge others.

This is the first book in a series of cute children's chapter books. It's great for early readers who are just starting on chapter books. 

Book one sets up the series, introducing the characters. There's Channing, the cute quirky fourth grader who loves to sketch in her sketchbook. There's Maddy, who is Channing's best friend and also currently a girlzombie who is gaga over a new guy at school. There's Conner, Channing's other best friend who is a brainiac who knows everything and takes every opportunity to let you know it. 

There's Nana, who owns a pig as a pet, and loves to teach sweet little lessons to Channing about life. And there's Marco, the new kid at school who Maddy is currently crushing on. 

This story follows Channing as she tries to get her best friend back from Marco who she thinks "stole her." Throw in a trip to Costa Rica with her family and the adventures never end. 

There's a lot of educational material in this story, as well as a cute life lesson that's perfect for children aged 6-11. 

Five stars for cuteness and educational properties. 

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A story with adventure, funny parts that have you laughing out loud, very loveable, has some friendship quarrels, and learning that people are not as you often first think they are.  There was encouragement to extend grace, forgiveness and love.  This was a great read!  One of the BEST parts, they have an adorable pet PIG 
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