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I requested this one back in the day as I had every intention of reading it. However, its been years and I still haven't gotten around to it and while I feel guilty at not reviewing a book I think that I need to admit to myself that I won't be reading this one anytime soon....if at all.
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Legacy Of Kings by Eleanor Herman is a book I initially tried to read via eARC. I should preface by saying that I really feel no big difficulty or difference between reading via my Kindle and reading a physical book. Both are valid ways to get the story across and both are formats I enjoy reading. Anyways, I was having SUCH A DIFFICULT time getting through this. Not that it was bad, per se, just my attention kept wandering and I couldn’t stay focused. So, I put it on hold for… years… until I came across Legacy Of Kings on Scribd via audiobook and decided — hey this would be a good chance to FINALLY finish this book.

Eleanor Herman’s foray into young adult fiction, Legacy Of Kings, is an exploration of the origins of Alexander the Great. Of course, there are four point of view characters. There’s Alexander, obviously. There is this girl named Katerina who started from the bottom now she here. Well, actually, she’s now at court, Alexander has the hots for her, and she has the hots for ANOTHER point of view character. Jacob is that other character and he will have to compete for Katerina’s heart. Meanwhile across the sea in Persia, is Zofia, this princess who is betrothed to Alexander. Given that this is Ancient times, of course they have not met, LOL. Zofia is all about changing her destiny and searching out the Spirit Eaters. So, yeah, there’s a lot going on. Also, Katerina wants to Alexander’s mom because she has something negative to do with Katerina’s mom. And well, that about covers the plot.

Okay, so this book D R A G S. I mean, I wanted to like it more. I’ve read adult non fiction by Herman and enjoyed it. She wrote Sex With Kings and Sex With Queens which are basically all about the real life affairs of royal figures from the past. So, you know, here for it. Alas, this book kind of lacked that salaciousness. Yes, I know it is written for young adults and not adults. Still, I don’t know. I was bored in both forms. There were some parts that were intriguing. I liked reading the point of view of Katerina — she’s very interesting and the secrets she uncovers, whoo boy. Otherwise, eh, so bored. Although there’s a scene with Zofia that is very difficult to listen to. Talk about heart rending.

Ya know, I really can’t tell if it was the narration or the book that was off putting. I mean, I liked the narration fine. There was not a part where I was like please just pluck my ears off, I cannot take this anymore. Anyways, the audiobook is narrated by Graham Halstead and Jennifer Grace. It’s 16 hour and 34 minutes long. Ultimately, there is nothing all that wrong with Legacy Of Kings, it just was not really the book for me in any sort of format — but hey I gave it the old college try! You might be more into it than I was, however.
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I've finally read this book! Yay! And... oh, how I wish I liked it more. It wasn't bad, but it was sooooo slow. Between the multiple points of view and the world/word building, it felt like forever before things finally got interesting. At least the writing was okay!
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Ancient history has always been my favourite, and this book speaks to my Homer-loving, mythology-crazed, history-obsessed soul. It's the perfect mix of history and fantasy, and I wish it would spark an entire genre of ancient epics told in a modern way.

The historical details are vivid, the characters are compelling, and the villain is terrifying. This book is basically everything I didn't know I was craving in a book, and I can merely hope the sequel is just as good.
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Sadly I DNFed this book. These are my reasons:

- The pacing was too slow. And because the events happening in the novel weren't so entertaining or like interesting for me, I just couldn't keep up.
- At one point, there were too many POVs I was confused. I know it's a big cast and there is a lot of content, but it sometimes loses the attention of the reader to be changing to so many points of views in a single book.
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I never had a chance to review this before it expired. I'm sorry!
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A great read. It's a mingling of history, intrigue, romance, murder and magic.
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I had so much faith in this book but I had so many issues with this book. I will firstly say that I am not a history buff and that was always my least favorite subject in school. It bored me (now I'm older, I have more appreciation for it). My biggest issue with this book was too many points of views. Way too many. And I really only cared for a handful of the stories. I don't mind having that many characters in a story but I do mind hearing about their stories from each individual character. It was just too much.
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