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I was interested in reading this book, because I have read some discussions about it; and also some information and explanations from the publisher concerning manga in general, and this book in particular.

I have read the original 'The Scarlet Letter' but this is my first manga book.

I enjoyed reading this book. It took me a bit of time to get used to the direction of the story in terms of pages, and on each page. I was surprised how quickly I adapted to this though.mI thought the use of black and white in general for the illustrations, with only the scarlet A in colour, was very effective. I liked that. There are some interesting pages at the end about how the manga version was developed from the original story.

I know the general story from previously, so found the storyline easy to follow. I can't comment on how easy that would be for someone who doesn't already know the plot. I can imagine that this Manga Classic would serve as a very good introduction to the original novel for many young people, and would make the original novel easier for them to understand.

At some stage I will choose another manga book; probably one of a story I do not already know, so that I can experience how well that works for me.

Thank you to Udon Entertainment and to NetGalley for an ARC.

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This adaptation has it all: beautiful illustrations faithful to both the time period & manga-style graphic novels; and, faithful adaptation of the original text, with end notes about some of the artistic and textual decisions that were made. I'm glad to have finally read this book, and I look forward to our library adding it to our collection!

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I love the traditional storyline and I absolutely love that it was made into a manga. It keeps with the traditional story while adding illustrations to keep even the most fearful reader engaged. It reads like the traditional manga style while keeping with the storyline of the book. It is absolutely amazing and the illustrations are perfect. I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone that loves the classic but wants to read them with a twist.

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Perfect re-telling of the classic Scarlet Letter story in manga form. Would entice readers to enjoy the story much more in this format, than in novel.

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I love the illustrations in this book. it gives amazing detail and you cannot mistake what the characters are feeling. I do wish the illustrations had some color besides the red A. I love this story. I think manga kept to the story line. the book is a quick read which I read in one sitting. I love the story line and always have. I love Hester's character. she takes a bad situation with pride, strength, and an I do not give a damn attitude. she turned her bad situation and turned it around into a wonderful situation. we could learn a lot from this story

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Another great manga classic. The Scarlet Letter is harder to make accessible due to the unpalitable nature of some of it's themes but Hawthorne's classic is in good hands here. This was far more compelling than the original and the MC was made more sympathetic by the glorious Artwork.

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A fantastic retelling of The Sarlett Letter, the artwork really brings the characters to life telling so much of the story through this actions and expressions.

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Teachers and parents of teens, I have a treat for you! I recently joined NetGalley and fell down the incredible rabbit hole of free books. Free books just to read and review! I got a little overly excited, which I have since learned is common for a NetGalley newbie. But, I wanted to read them all! Give me all the books!

Imagine my silly delight when I stumbled across a Manga Classics version of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s class, The Scarlet Letter. As a huge fan of this novel (as a reader and a former teacher), I could not pass this opportunity up. Now, now. I know there are always the purists, but I think the purists need to chill out. Kids need to see the classics in a form they can appreciate. And, for many students, this form is manga.

Am I saying this manga edition is a replacement for The Scarlet Letter? Absolutely not. The problem with manga editions or graphic novel editions of any classic works are that the beauty of the language is simply not there. The reason Hawthorne and Dickens and Austen stand the test of time is because of the words they used to tell their stories. A manga is not made to incorporate lengthy sentences or sophisticated vocabulary.

However, the benefit of adding this manga edition of the classic work to your library is that it is a great supplemental tool for teaching the plot, characters and symbolism. Even with most of the words stripped away, the plot is still clear. The characters are illustrated well. And symbolism is expressed with art. I could see using this material for an additional resource while I was teaching high school easily.

Will students be able to write an essay or pass a test by reading this edition? No. Will they possibly enjoy the story more by reading it alongside the assigned text. Yes. Give it a try!

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What happens when a woman breaks the foundational rules of the Puritan beliefs? As a part of the Puritan community, she is forced to wear the letter “A” in scarlet on her chest at all times, to represent the adultery she committed. She refuses to expose both the child’s father and her own husband, despite the township’s demands. But secrets run deep and even the best in the community may yet be revealed as hypocrites to the faith they so strongly uphold.

Manga Classics: The Scarlet Letter is a classic rewritten. It takes the renowned The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne and illustrates it with gorgeous manga. This version of the tale keeps to the original as much as it is able, including the most important scenes, characters, and plot. The tone of the story and the characters from the classic version are upheld well, showing the impishness of little Pearl and the stoic bitterness of her mother. The dense, descriptive prose that nearly defines Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter could not be communicated in this Manga version, however. Manga is known more for its illustrations and plot, making the descriptive prose nearly impossible to communicate. The speech of the characters was also written in a more modern style to accommodate the younger readers the creators hoped to draw with the Manga adaption.

Manga Classics: The Scarlet Letter is a beautifully crafted Manga perfect for readers who wish to experience a classic without wading through the dense prose. But I would still recommend reading the original to get the full effect of the story.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. All opinions shared are expressly my own.

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Not the best revival of A Scarlet Letter, but the artwork is beautiful.

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A fantastic adaptation of a great classic. The visuals certainly give the story an edge that I don't recall thinking about or feeling when I read the book years ago. What an eye opener and so fun.

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A classic represented perfectly in another great manga adaptation. Even though I‘m not a fan of dramas, I read the Scarlet Letter in my Bachelor and I enjoyed it more that I thought I would.

The original novel takes place in Puritan Boston in the 17th century. A young woman, Hester Prynne, stands accused of adultery. Her husband, a scholar much older than her is claimed as dead and while waiting his return Hester takes a lover and has a child fruit of that affair. Refusing to name the identity of the father, Hester’s punishments are to carry a scarlet letter A on her breast and public shaming. Amongst the crowd, Hester’s missing husband, calling himself Roger Chillingworth, observes and swears to take revenge on the unknown man that ruined both their lives.

Once again the artwork is amazing and it represents perfectly the emotions and the meanings of the original novel. The adaptation is perfect, the characters have depth and all the emotions that I felt when I read The Scarlet Letter for the first time, resurfaced. I could practically see the tension between Hester’s husband and lover! Hester proves to be a very strong and passionate female character. She endures her punishment and after she is banished from the Boston community, she makes intelligent and accurate observations on the social behaviour that makes this period of history. Roger Chillinworth is, for me, the villain of this story. His thirst for revenge and his obsession make him a very dangerous character. I think of him has being arrogant and self-absorbed. Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale, Pearl’s father, it’s not the strongest male character. The young theologian is tormented both physically and psychologically by his sin of having an affair with Hester.

I really liked the original novel and its depth and this brilliant adaptation deserves all its 5 stars! Can’t wait to read more Manga Classics!

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