Les Miserables

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I’m going to say the most important thing first. This is my favorite of the Manga Classics selections I’ve tried so far, I can’t imagine how it can be outmatched, and I recommend it to practically anyone.

After 17+ years of reading manga, I’m not often moved by a series these days. I am beyond impressed by this adaptation of Les Miserables. 

The art style is adorable when it needs to be adorable, the child version of Cosette is aww-worthy and incredibly cute. It can be serious when it needs to be serious, Jean Valjean is drawn in a way that is mature, poised, and fatherly. As is his more sinister-looking adversary, Javert. I really adored the art style for its clean lines and just aesthetically, it completely worked for me. It just looks polished and vetted for quality. But it’s definitely not a style for everyone. The cute aspects might be too cute, especially when it comes to the adult female characters. Subjectively speaking, I liked EVERYTHING to do with this art style. If I could draw, I would want to draw my characters like this. Hoping the artist will or has done other work with Manga Classics.

Now about the storyline and characterization. Lets start by stating that Les Miserables is a 1,400+ page behemoth of classical literature. Unfortunately, not all of the sub-stories were included in this adaptation. The end notes mention some of the sub-plots that were unfortunately missing. This manga volume is 337 pages. I wish it had been 600+ or split into multiple volumes but I can see how that could be an issue, not to mention counter to Manga Classics symmetrical record of keeping to one extra-large volume per classic retelling. That said, I would have totally been open to 600 or 800 pages of this. But what was already present- particularly the character development of the main character, Jean- was already enough to make me tear up at the emotional ending.

I went in blind. No prior interest in nor exposure to the story of Les Miserables. After reading this, I have a determination to read the classic novel someday. Now I know how worthwhile and suited to my interests the storyline is. I’ve mentioned something like this before in another review of another Manga Classics volume, but the broader value of an exercise like this (adapting classics to a manga format) is that within a 1.5 to 3 hour span (however your reading speed is) one can get a fulfilling experience of a classic that might otherwise be overlooked due to length or the difficult prose within. This is what makes adaptations so special. I feel like I have a working knowledge and admiration of the plotting and characterization and am up for the challenge.

Overall Rating – 10/10

Why You Should Try It – Clean, cute, yet versatile art style. Perfectly paced and quick-flowing yet detailed panels, and a storyline that’s so good I’m kicking myself for not pursuing some adaptations of it earlier.

Why You Might Not Like It – The late 2000s-2010s-style cuteness/roundess of some characters (aka moe) might be off-putting. The relentless suffering in this story (it does translate as The Miserables after all) can be hard to stomach.
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Les Mis is always be my favourite musical so seeing it in manga form really intrigued me.

This is a story that's been done through the theatre, through TV, and through film - and in some cases it's really not worked but this did, it really did.

It captured the story so well, showing the grief, the sadness and the power of the story. It brings to light the characters in a new way and shows the story in a new light that I haven't seen before.

A good read, good for fans of Les Mis.
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I have always loved manga and always found the classics hard to get through at times. After finding the Manga Classics I have been able to read the classic stories in a fun and enjoyable way. I always found the classics to be a bit boring and made it seem like I was trying to read a history book, which is my least favorite subject. However, reading them in manga form has made them easier to read.
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Thank you Net Galley for the e-arc 
I have been wanting to read classics and mangas for a lot of time so the idea of manga classic sounded great and this one definitely crossed all of my high expectations.
The story was very smooth and very intriguing I am now more curious to read the classic because I have heard it’s humongous. The characters were described powerfully My heart broke for the characters so many times I even shed a few tears And the art work was just beautiful 😍🙌🏻
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As someone who’s never read Manga before, I thought this was such a fun way to read a story like Les Mis!
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I love it when books make great literature accessible and this one does just that. The story is intact but made easier to keep straight by the fun and well rendered Manga artwork. I’d deinfirely recoomend this book for anyone who is looking to help make literature more engaging.
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I received this via netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

I love they are taking classics and turning them in to Manga. I love this outreach to a younger generation. 

I loved it guys. This book was just what I wanted It to be. The world building was fun and enticing. The characters were very well flushed out. The art work was done very well. I loved the plot of this. I can not wait to read more by this author. I highly recommend this book.
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Two stories of people from different environments that cross with time and changes their life completely. 

Jean Valjean is a prisoner who after years finally is free, able to leave the prison and can start a new life. The one problem is that no one wants to give him a chance to work and place to sleep because of his past. The only person who helps him and at the same time give him a purpose is a priest who welcomes him in his home. 

Fantine is a young mother of Cosette. Father of the little girl left them so Fantine needs to take care alone of her daughter. On the way to the new city where she is supposed to find work, she met a family Thénardiers who promised her to take care of her daughter while she will be gone for work. 

Fantine and Jean Valjean meets soon and have no idea how much impact they have for their future. 

I’m so in love with this story. I can read this book and watch movies over and over again. I’m so happy that I found this manga so it gave me another chance to see this story all over again in a completely new version. The drawings and this adaptation of the book were well done and had all the details which were important to show this story. The best part of it is that you don’t even need much time to read it. It takes only a few hours to read it all. 

I would like to thank NetGalley and the author to give me the opportunity to read this book. I very enjoyed reading it.
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Les miserables. The artwork was beautiful. They stuck very close to the story and it was a direct representation of the original prose along with manga style animation. 
For those who do not feel brave enough to take on the original work by Víctor Hugo, this is a good alternative. It provides the story and a visual aid. I highly recommend it
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Les Miserables in Manga is yet another one of my favorites. It highlights the main components of the story in a graphic novel. It’s brilliant. The more exposed I become to manga novels, the more I love them. My only complaint about this one in particular is that the text in some parts (mainly the letters Fantine received) was too blurry to read and if this text was adopted for a classroom usage, this would be a problem. 

Thank you NetGalley and Manga Classics for this eARC. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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5 stars!
Copy provided by Net Galley in exchange of an honest review.

I love,love,loved this version of Les Misérables! The artwork was stunning and it summarized the story very well. I felt really entertained throughout reading this and I would definitely read more of these amazing mangas!
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After reading all of the Manga Classics that NetGalley has been willing to share I have decided that I will definitely be buying physical copies. These are Manga adaptations of classics. Classics I have never read before, but now interested in tracking down. Great job guys and girls! Thank you for the opportunity to read this.
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I was unable to download this title. However I was able to look up some sample pages and it looks amazing! Will purchase and make an official review as soon as possible
Thank you as always for the chance
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I haven't read the actual book, but I have seen the musical and the movie and this was just as good. The adaptation was amazing. If you want a full experience read it while listening to the Les Mis movie soundtrack. It's so good because the scenes and music match perfectly.
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This was my first manga and I loved it. Les Mis is one of my favourite stories and productions so I knew I would love this. The art work and storytelling was fantastic - I would highly recommend.
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I loved this retelling of the Victor Hugo classic. Beautiful illustrations and amazing story. I love this idea of writing classics in to Manga form for the current generations preferences. i honestly did not read the original, and I ALMOST want to after seeing the manga, except I do not re-read books. Even though this is a manga and the book will have more detail  and various differences, I still love the manga and do not feel a need to read the original.
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I was really excited to read and review this. But unfortunately I could not download it. It wasn’t available for kindle download. Thank you for the opportunity though. I hope this becomes available for kindle download soon.
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My favourite classic 'Les Miserables' in the famous Japanese Manga comic format. Beautiful illustrations and word bubbles precisely convey the story of Jean Valjean a convict who is pursued by Javert, a police officer & Fantine, a single mother's struggle to give a proper life to her daughter, Cosette. If you are a beginner in classics or you don't want to read the original unabridged editions but still you want to know about the classic story, this one's the perfect pick for you. Once you are used to reading in the Manga style, it's easy-to-follow. Don't miss out reading your favourite classics in their Manga style.
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Why would a villain be doing good things?

I love this classic, I'm somehow drawn to this story in whatever format there is, movie, book or in this case manga. I can imagine people discovering the story through the manga format and that just makes me very happy. 
I'm currently also reading the original, unabridged version.. which is BIG, very big. And that is where my problem with this manga version lies: It was too short. The original version is 1400+ pages! So understandably, they had to make some cuts, which I don't mind (I mean we don't really need Bishops Myrial complete backstory am I right?) except that is made the story feel rushed at some times and thus made for less impact on me as a reader. I still highly enjoyed the story and format, but I wished it had been longer!
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This is beautifully done. The heartbreaking story we have all come to love teamed with beautiful pictures with that whimsical anime charm.
This would be a great option if you were looking to get your teens into reading classics without it feeling a bit dusty.
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