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Rating: 3.5 stars
The art was good, but story drags a times, especially the last third. Strong start thought.  It drew me in quick.
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"It is a wonderful thing to have great expectations!"

I really enjoyed this manga. I read Dickens' book a few years ago and I did not remember much, just something here and there. 
In this manga I really liked the characterization of the characters and the places. The drawings are beautiful and perfect for the story, the choices of the scenes very apt. I liked how they designed Pip's growth. Even the situations are well represented. When there is need of suspense, images create suspense, when there is need of some anxiety and fear the images convey those sensations, thanks to the chosen shots. Now that I'm talking about framing I can say maybe that I almost seemed to see a movie or an anime instead of reading the manga.

A very good read, suitable to bring the most difficult readers closer to Dickens and the classics. As always, the publisher does not disappoint.
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Great Expectations is about Pip who becomes a gentleman through a mysterious benefactor. He falls in love, tries to discover who his benefactor is, and deals with the family he left behind and how he has changed from the boy who wanted to be a blacksmith's apprentice. 

This is a great example of why I like the Manga Classics series. If I was reading the original book I would have most likely DNF'd it. I wasn't a fan of the story line and it's not a book I would read again. What kept me going was the artwork and how fast-paced the manga is.
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I recieved a copy of this book through Netgalley and thanks to the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
This is a great manga adaptation. I have always loved anime or manga adaptations of books like Diana Wynne Jones's Howls Moving Castle or Darren Shan's Cirque Du Freak. 
I'm a great manga/anime fan and a book addict so the combination of two of my most favorite things in the world s heavenly and this adaptation of The Great Expectations by Charles Dickens is just another example of that. 
This is for people who prefer to read illustrated books as it's easier to imagine the story and doesn't require as much concentration but also for those, who are curious how a deep and complicated book like Great Expectations could be seen through the eyes of  an other person. 
I read the original book one year ago when I took an exam for certificate in English. It's one of my favorite classics as Pip managed to stay on my good side throughout the whole book, a rare occurance when it coes to classical books like Wuthering Heights or Pride and Prejudice. I was curious to see how it will be turned into manga. The art is great and the story follows the book precisely. It's was fun to read. A great book for your afternoon tea.
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Beautiful adaptation! I really liked the condensed version of this rather depressing classic tale, the artwork makes it a far more pleasant read than would be the case with the original version, but then I'm not a fan of Great Expectations. 

Both Pip and Estella are quite awful, each in their own way. I dislike Pip more for how he turns out, because he is loved by Joe and has a great friend in Biddy, so he has less of an "excuse" to grow so weak-willed and shallow. He is given a lot of chances in life, but does nothing but live beyond his means, look down upon his former friends and be less than grateful once he finds out who his true benefactor is. Estella is brought up very differently, taught to hate and use men, to turn away from love. So even though she hurts Pip & others, she is herself also a victim of her warped, loveless upbringing. 

I'm not a fan of the story itself, but I do admire the way it was adapted into a manga and really love the drawings! 
Pip stays very recognizable as he grows older and starts dressing in a more sophisticated style. The same holds true for Estella, Biddy and Herbert. Very well done. 

Visually it's the scenes at Miss Havisham's house, when Pip speaks with Miss Havisham and/or Estella that are the most interesting. The artist really knows how to capture the tragic, poisonous mood and Estella's beauty stands in stark contrast to Miss Havisham's faded looks.
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This book is generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

My star rating is in regards to the story and characters than the art. The characters I only liked were Joe and Biddy, I found Pip really annoying. To be honest I don’t really get the point of the story of the book. I love that these  classic stories are turned into manga as it’s a good introduction to the stories without wasting the time to read the novel and not liking it. I loved the illustrations and the use of the black and white.
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As this is a manga, so I don't really expect much from the storyline because I understand that the illustrator has to compress everything into so much pages. Alas, this manga still help me to understand a little bit about what is going on in the story. Basically it's about Pip who lived with his sister and his sister's husband, a blacksmith named Joe. And then as a brat, he tried to change his destiny. When he got the chance, he wanted to move on and even being so pampered with the privilege he had. 

The manga classic helped me to understand more about the story so I can't say anything about the story since it's not the mangaka who made that. I would applaud how the mangaka managed to create the storyline and everything. And the graphic was so beautiful too so plus to that!

I wish the ending would be better because it's not satisfying enough, like I feel there's still things needed to be said. But since I didn't read the book (yet), so I guess this is enough for me.
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Another win for the Manga Classics line.  The classic Dickens story works perfectly in this format.  The main story stays the same, though they may have skimped on some details.  Still, someone who reads this will have a working understanding of the story.  

A young boy, Pip, is offered the chance to become a proper gentleman and, you know, the grass is always greener so he jumps at the offer without truly knowing who made the offer.  He thinks he knows.  He thinks it'll get him the girl.  Convicts, a scorned woman, and his meager upbringing all combine for a sometimes dark and sometimes hopeful story.  The art work is beautiful and very fitting.  

Highly recommend this book (and series in general).
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The last time I read Great Expectations was in one of my high school English classes and I remember not being a fan of it. I really enjoyed this Manga and the storyline! In high school, I remember not being able to get into the story because of all of the descriptions. I am a very straightforward person and it definitely led me astray from the theme of the book. This was very enjoyable because the reader was able to find description in the art, but, in this case, actually added to the story, for me. Maybe I’ll take one more crack at the novel because I had such a positive experience with this Manga!

We start in the early nineteen century following Pip browsing through a churchyard in rural Kent, England. While perusing, an escaped prisoner looking for some food stops him and demands to see Pip’s parents, however, Pip lives with his sister and her blacksmith husband. Pip sees the man taken into custody and later is sent to live at Miss Havisham’s house.

Miss Havisham is a bipolar, old lady who still lives in her past when she was to be married. As a revenge of sorts, she has a young girl, Estrella, make Pip fall in love with her. But, the more time that Pip spends at Miss Havisham’s, the more he wants to live a life like the elite.

In his favor, Pip receives a message that he will fall into an inheritance, so he starts living like he always dreamed. He assumes Miss Havisham is behind this.

One day, an old friend visits, and he treats him like a commoner. When in reality, this friend was just delivering a message that benefited no one else but Pip. Ugh! He is so intolerable and probably the worst character ever created!

Who is Pip’s benefactor? What is the deal with Estrella? What is the relationship of everyone in the story? Will Pip ever realize his actions and change back to his old self? What price will Pip pay to reach his aspirations?
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What a beautiful story. I had never read the original and I'm so glad I read this manga version because I thoroughly enjoyed reading through illustrations. And from my previous experiences reading manga classics I have understood that they are accurate when compared to the original. 

The illustrations were spot on. Every character felt like they were actually meant to look like that. Estella looked gorgeous. Biddy not as pretty as Estella but cute. I loved these detailing and accuracy. I also like how fast you can finish reading these when you can days and months reading the original.

I wish more and more classics in the manga version. I'm religiously going to read all of them. And also recommend them to others.

Thank you Udon Entertainment and NetGalley.
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*I received a copy of this book through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

First of all, the artwork was absolutely gorgeous. I really liked the way emotions and expressions were portrayed. Everything was detailed despite its shortness. 
I don't really read Dickens, or when I do, I just stop reading halfway because something doesn't click with me (I honestly don't know why). But this book made me want to read his works. 
Highly recommended especially if you want to read classics but don't know where to start!
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3.5 stars! I am so glad I found these adaptations of classics in manga form because I have always been interested in these stories but not a fan of reading the actual classics so this series works out perfectly for me! The Great Expectations is a very interesting story I’d say, I wasn’t sure what to expect going into it but the characters and plot are very well written. The ending didn’t quite satisfy me and I wish there had been more romance but it was nice to see a change in Pip’s character, considering how much of a brat he was at some parts of the story. The art is absolutely beautiful and I will be definitely be picking up more of these books in the future.
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4 stars 
I dont know what it is but, me and classics just dont mix. However, I am loving these Classic Mangas. They make the story interesting and the art is beautiful. Not having read the original I still got the main gist of the story and rather enjoyed most of it. 

I feel as though the pacing is still not were it needs to be. At certain points in the book I felt as though I missed a page because the scene jumped around. The one in particular I'm thinking about the end of chapter one going to chapter 2. "Its about a missing convict" and the next scene they are running with Pip leading the way showing them where the man is.  I mean I still got the story but in some spots they dragged out scenes and others they bypassed them. 

Another thing, maybe it's just me but in some panels it was hard to see what was happening, mostly in the action ones. But I still had to guess what was happening- I dont read manga often (this is my second time actually) so it could just be me.
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Beautiful book and illustrations. Such a fan. This was my first graphic novel and I am so glad it was this one because I love this book so much. 5 stars
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I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

Actual rate: 4.5

Great Expectations was the first classic book that I read -I had high hopes for the comic adaptation as I loved the book. 

I love the comic, didn't stray from the original book and plot. The exaggeration of characters dilemma was something that I expected from a comic adaptation. Other than that, this comic is amazing for readers who prefer comics over books -if they wish to read The Great Expectations
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This was my first attempt at reading a manga classic where I didn't already know the original story - I don't know if it was because of this, or simply because I just don't care all that much for Charles Dickens in general, but it had a hard time keeping my attention, meaning it ended up taking more than a month to read.

The drawings were gorgeous as always, but the story itself felt more abbreviated than the other manga classics I have read (mostly Jane Austen), and the plot was too bleak for me to ever really care for the characters. However, I'm more inclined to blame Charles Dickens than the adaption.
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This was an fun and easy to follow manga adaptation. I have yet to read the novel so I cannot accurately judge its accuracy to the original, and while the story was interesting, I did feel like some of the depth from the original had to be left out. Beside that, I really enjoyed the art style and it did make me more intrigued to one day read the novel. I would therefore definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to know more about Great Expectations who isn't quite willing to pick up the full book.
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Another great hit by Udon! Did Dickens justice. Always love seeing how these artists will translate a classic into illustrations
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My mother read Great Expectations to me when I was a child and this Manga Classic of Great Expectations brought back many memories and creates an eagerness to reread the original. This is my third Manga Classic so starting at the “back” of the book and reading right to left are now very easy.  The illustrations are beautiful really helped to convey the message. True to being a summary, the words were minimal but accurately get the gist across.

This is a 5-star summary and has 5-star illustrations.  Many times, the classics can be a bit unapproachable. Reading this book first may very well make reading the actual book next much more understandable. It will not however, give you all the information you need to ace the test. I would highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to enjoy a graphic summary of the book or to augment their reading of the classic.

Thanks so much to Netgalley, the publishers, and the author for providing me with a copy for an honest review.
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Review: I've already read Great Expectations. The 5/5 is due to my enjoyment of this story. This is nicely stitched together and fits perfectly with the original story. The emotions in this is well written, illustrated that you can feel them.

Recommend? Yes, definitely. Great fit for kids (or adults) who may struggle with the classics. They can be intimidating for readers. But this expresses and shows the story in a way that is easier for them. Love everything that makes classics attainable.
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