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I am truly sorry I thought my daughter would like this but she did not. I cant review it but I will tell you what she said. Boring. too much cleavage and said a bad word.
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I absolutely loved this combination! combining two awesome things - manga and Emma (or anything Jane Austen!), the best classic romance there ever was! I was absolutely thrilled when I came across this book, and just had to read it and enjoy the visuals that come along with it. Like traditional manga, this book is read from end to beginning, or right to left. 

*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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<i>"A single woman of good fortune is always respectable and well-liked!"</i>

Of all the Manga Classics series, this is the one that jumped out to me the most with it's gorgeous, super-cute cover art.

The art inside posed a slight problem though... Po Tse is doing the art for this one again, and her Mr Knightly looks identical to the skeevy womanizing guy from Pride & Prejudice. It's really quick jarring having the villian suddenly pop up as the love interest -- they are absolutely identical in design, and the sameface problem is very jarring.

Emma's design is a delight, though. She's very cute and expressive, and serves well as the heart of the story. There's a few imaginative new designs in the mix, too -- Mrs Weston is lovingly rendered, and Mr Martin turns out looking great.

The absolute, endearing adorableness of Emma throughout really won me over to the story, and before long I was wrapped up in the story I only really remembered from the Gwyneth Paltrow movie. I missed some of the depth provided by the book and the movie, particularly about Mr Churchill, but overall this was a really fun adaptation and one of my favourites from the Manga Classics series.

<i>Thank you to Udon Entertainment for sending me a low-resolution review copy in exchange for an honest review.</i>
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Review for Manga Classics: Emma by Jane Austen, Po Tse, Crystle S Chan, Stacy King
Reviewed By Hannah Rose

Badly Done, Emma! Who doesn’t cringe at those harsh words directed at dear matchmaking naive Emma Woodhouse? This is the story of a girl who could not stop mettling and the men and women who loved her for, and despite it. Set in a time where showing one’s ankle would have been reputation ending, there’s surprising amount of mischief to be had. I have always loved this story and seeing it done as a graphic novel has been an extra pleasure. The characters felt fresh and the story line is easy to follow and is a great comfort read. I would recommend it for fans new and old alike of Austen and of graphic novels. Together they make the perfect duo! I hope to read more like it soon. Thank you! Reviewed by: Hannah Rose of
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I did not enjoy reading Emma as much as I anticipated. The story was ok. Emma is a delusional girl and a match-maker. She assumes two people are in love and tries to set them up for marriage. Even though she was the protagonist but I didn't like her much in the start. At the end, she gets better when she realizes her mistakes. It's nice that these manga options for classics are available.
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Manga Classics: Emma by Jane Austen, Stacey King and Crystal S. Chan

Star rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Format: ebook galley

Summary: A manga adaptation of Jane Austen’s book Emma, Emma Woodhouse believes herself to be a skilled matchmaker but her matchmaking is more meddlesome than anything else.

Review: I received a galley for review from Udon Entertainment via NeyGalley.

While I’m not as familiar with Emma as other Austen works I thought this was a really good adaptation. It was fun to read and the art was great.

I don’t think anything significant to the story was left out which is important. I think the art made it more clear how meddling and ridiculous Emma is for most of the book. I liked the character designs and the clothes were great.

As a fan of Jane Austen I thought the manga was a great new media to enjoy. I could see myself rereading this several times. I would recommend this to my friends that enjoy Austen to read. Definitely cool and I would like to read more from the Manga Classics series.

Recommendation: If you’re a Jane Austen fan this is some great new media to enjoy her stories.
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Emma is the second Manga Classic I read. This Manga is based on Jane Austen's classic novel Emma.

I did not enjoy reading Emma as much as I anticipated. The story was ok. Emma is a delusional girl and a match-maker. She assumes two people are in love and tries to set them up for marriage. Even though she was the protagonist but I didn't like her much in the start. At the end, she gets better when she realizes her mistakes.

Mr. Knightly was my favorite. Tall and handsome. Not to forget, he is sensible and a gentleman - always talking some sense into Emma.

I have given two stars to the story but I would love to add two more stars just for how beautifully this Manga Classic was created. The detailing is absolutely beautiful. I loved looking at them closely and took my time to read each page.

I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This is probably the least favorite of Jane Austin creation. 

Emma is just...irritating. Match-making all the time even if she is not that good. (Ok she was half good as mentioned in beginning of the book) but that other than that one couple, she caused nothing but confusion and heart-break including her own.

But regardless Manga was amazing and even after some time I was able to overcome Emma's childish attitude and liked her. May be in comics everything passes quickly where as in novel things feel stretched sometimes...may be!
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Because I love the original classic by Austen I knew I'd be interested in this adaptation, and I was not wrong.

I love the story, the characters and the setting Austen is always capable of creating. That being said, the adaptation of the novel must have been very hard -- picking what to incorporate and how to capture the vibe of the novel while being confined to speech bubbles. However, the author has done a very good job with it, kudos to her!

This is the very first manga I have read and I found the instructions for newbies like me on the back (read: starting point) of the book very clear and didn't have too much trouble with it. However, the art is... weird. Don't take me wrong, I liked it! But it reminded me of a cartoon. Again, I'm not saying that this is bad or that I should've been expecting it, I'm just saying that it's different.

It was a really quick read and I'm excited to read more of the classic adaptations these authors have come up with!
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Maybe it's because I just read Manga Classics: Pride & Prejudice, buuuuut I wasn't as enthralled with this manga adaptation of Emma. It was still pretty good though, hence the rating, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I would have liked.

The art, again, was good. Even though it's the same artist, I did prefer the art in the adaptation of P&P just a little bit more. The writing was also in the style of the original classic and was understandable but there were a few instances where I was a tad confused what was happening or what the characters were saying. This might be because I'm not as familiar with Emma as I was with P&P.

I think my enjoyment was a bit hampered because I don't like the characters and plot of Emma as much as P&P. I've watched the movie adaptation a couple of times but besides knowing who Emma, Mr Knightley and a couple of other characters are, I'm not very familiar with the plot. This was a good refresher for me, and I started remembering everything as the story went along. It also reminded me of how little actually happens in regards to the plot in the original novel.

The character sketches in between chapters were a fun and insightful little addition and the notes at the back were interesting to read. I think this manga adaptation of Emma will be perfect for anyone who either wants to refresh their memory, experience a classic in a new, unique format, or for someone completely new to the story.

3.5 stars rounded up
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Of all the manga classics I've read so far this one is the first to inspire me to read the novel it's based off of. Fantastic and funny and enjoyable.
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Another great story comes alive by the amazing artwork of this team. You could feel Emma's jealousy and anger. But also her love and kindness came over greatly.
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Emma is the Jane Austen romantic classic. This adaptation is written in Manga style, with wonderful illustrations to accompany the text. This is a graphic novel format and is appropriate for readers of all ages. 

Emma Woodhouse is a young lady who lives with her father at his estate. She loves nothing more than to play matchmaker for her friends. She is not interested herself, apparently. Their neighbor, Mr. Knightly, often visits. He and Emma sometimes disagree on various things. Emma’s meets a boarding school student, Harriet Smith, and they become friends. Emma tries to make a match for Harriet too. A farmer, Mr. Martin, is interested in marrying Harriet, but Emma advises against it due to the ladies’ social class. If you are assigning this book to a class to read, this could be an interesting point of discussion. Social standing was very important during the times this book was written and it affected many aspects of daily life. This could be a great social studies lesson or class discussion.  The other point it raises is the level of education among the various social classes at the time. Everyone did not have access to free public education. Farmers were not expected to stay in school past a certain age, if they attended at all. The higher social classes were educated in the arts, music, reading and public speaking, writing, etc. You could have your class look at the differences between life in those days compared to modern times. 

Emma’s matchmaking activities are not always successful, leading to hurt feelings in her friend Harriet. In her eagerness to make what she thinks is a perfect match, Emma tends to ignore the feelings of others. She doesn’t do it intentionally though. She also fails to notice that someone has romantic feelings toward her! Will she resolve these issues and make things right? Read the book to find out!

Manga is a Japanese graphic novel format in which the book is read from back to front (from the American perspective). You start at the back and read the pages from right to left. It is not difficult at all and you will get the hang of it after a page or two. Teachers using this book as a class assignment could use this format to open a class discussion on reading style differences between Japan and the US. Printing is not left to right and forward to back in Japan. Words are written top to bottom of the page. Pages are read right to left. Are there other writing or printing styles in other countries that your class could explore? It’s a good opening to a lesson on cultural differences. You could even assign your class an art project where they create their own Manga books, writing their own stories and illustrating them too! 

Emma is one of the new books in the Manga Classics series, which is adapting classic tales for a modern audience. The adaptations are excellent, retaining all the elements of the original stories. The artwork is phenomenal. I still can’t get over how an artist is able to convey so much emotion with a few pen strokes. Manga characters have large, expressive eyes. Their feelings are written on their faces, conveying subtle emotions to the reader. 

I really enjoy these Manga Classics and highly recommend them to any reader who wants to enjoy the classics. I also recommend these to teachers who want to introduce these stories to their classes, be they English or art classes, or even social studies.  You can come up with plenty of curriculum surrounding these books and your class will enjoy reading the Manga format. I hear students complain about reading all the time, saying it is boring, but what kid doesn’t like the graphic novel or comic book? Have them read these books and I think you will hear them finally say they like reading!
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I quite literally dove blindly into this one because
1) I've never read a Manga before
2) I've never read Austen's Emma

It all worked out well for me because the art was GORGEOUS and the story was very well laid-out so it was a quick read. This was important to me because I took a really long time to finish reading Pride and Prejudice because of the lengthy prose. But after reading this, I'm really interested to go for the full-text version of Emma which, I think, was the intention here. Well done! I'm looking forward to reading more classics in this format.
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This was a quite delightful comic. Entertaining and beautiful.

Full review to come in Goodreads and in Booklikes
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Emma is a young woman who has convinced herself that she shall never marry, for she is content with the way her life is.  She is also convinced that she is a kiler matchmaker, and is determined to help friends and aquaintances find their true love.  She has made a new friend, Harriet, who has unknown social standing, but Emma convinces her that she deserves a high standing husband.  Emma sometimes fails to take others feelings into account, which  leads to heartbreak and misunderstanding in several cases.  Frank comes to town, and Emma is excited to see him, for he is surounded by much mystery and intigue, and Emma tells herself that if she were to marry someone it would be someone like him.  Jane is another person who comes to town, but Emma greets her with much less enthusiam.  Emma's matchmaking schemes unfold, and create much trouble for everyone.

I give this 4 out of 5 stars. 

I did not give this the last star, because the story was somewhat predictable, and I like to have a bit more surprise, but overall the story was rather enjoyable.  

I really loved the plot line.  I love stories where there are rather independent girls, and they are totally oblivious to who is in love with who.  Once again the art that acompanies the story is magnificent.  I loved that Emma was so sweet and trying to make things better, but was really oblivious, and made things worse.

I didn't really like that there wasn't much surprise in the story, but I still really enjoyed the novel.  

I would reconmend this to those who enjoy classic books, and want to see a fresh take on Emma, or to those who want to read Emma, but can't get around all of the outdated writing and language, or don't like to read, for this requires minimal reading. 

Quote of the book "If a woman doubts wether or not she should accept a man, then she certaintly ought to refuse him."  (Austen 269)
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