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Love in the times of immigration.

Alma is an undocumented Mexican teenager. Smart and hard-working, she dreams of a better future.
Evan is a rich boy, successful football player, enjoying the good lifestyle.
But what happens, if they fall in love? And if Alma and her family faces the deportation process?

This is partly a love story of crossed lovers from different backgrounds, partly a political issue raising story.
And I have mixed feelings about both. I see what the authoress meant by having the characters like that to bring the issue of immigration-but they are clichey. Strong, hard-working and beautiful girl? Popular footballer with an heart of gold? Strong focus on their physical looks and hormone-driven desire (even if the novel is in reality quite clean)?
But the main emphasis is on love, not body-and I like that.

Also the immigration issues-while I understand the impact on people's lives, I do think that there are two sides of this coin, so to say. Being European in the times of immigration crisis here (although it is different), I see both pros and cons. I know that is is a novel and not an academia thesis, yet some balance would be nice.

But I applaud to the covering of another dark issue-the sexual abuse. Flor's story is just heartbreaking. And I wish for more justice to be served here.

All in all, this is not a bad book. There are values and stories to be valued. It just does not personally work for me that much, but this might not be the case with other readers.
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