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I read Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls at some point last year, and it was so forgettable that I completely forgot to even add it to Goodreads (and I'm on here updating my currently reading list at least once a day, so that's saying something!).

It starts off strong: a June's ex-best friend allegedly commits suicide, but June doesn't believe that Delia would have done that so decides to solve her murder. Cue a montage of detecting: sneaking into Delia's home, harrassing her ex-boyfriend, and crashing the party of a well-known drug dealer whom Delia had links to.

Then things get BEYOND WACKY. I can't go into it because of spoilers, but let's just say that this book requires extremely high suspension of disbelief and that's not something I've ever excelled at. I'll be honest, a lot of it has been completely erased from my mind, but I can remember finishing the story and just staring blankly at my Kindle for a few moments because I just couldn't comprehend how crazy everything had gotten.

The characterization was pretty weak: at one point you jump between June and Delia's narratives, but I kept having to flip back to the beginning of each chapter to see who I was following because there was no differentiation in their voices at all.

This is the second Lynn Weingarten book I've read, but I don't think I'm going to be reading any more because they've both been horribly forgettable.
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This is such a hard book to review, because on the one hand I loved it and on the other hand it really bugged me. It started off so well - strong characters, a strong storyline and, in the beginning at least, it felt like a good thriller: it was tense and it kept me guessing. And then, alas, it went too far and I felt disconnected. It started off so strongly and then just sort of...fell apart and honestly, that made me sad.
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Already reviewed and feedback sent ages ago. Not sure why these are duplicating. But please find review content at my archived blog 

- Thanks! Sorry this is a little haphazard. Just trying to clear my Shelf here. :)
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