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This was a fun, fast paced and easy read but ultimately it was pretty forgettable and didn’t really stand out in the field. Would recommend if you’re looking for just some quick entertainment.
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Requested for review trough bet galley. Found it to be a standard adventure although it lacked some tension throughout. The characters were a little flat.
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I am on a roll, my friend!

I'd like to steal a line and say "I'm on a rollercoaster that only goes up, my friend" but that's like begging for the next book to suck. So all I'll say is luck is on my side, cause that's two books in a row that I've enjoyed immensely and lately, with my luck, that's mercy ^_^

So I'm going to go for a simple bullet list cause I'm actually supposed to be doing something else, but who cares? Procrastination at its best.
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