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30 Lays in 30 Days: The List 1

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I wasn't 100% sure what to expect with a title like this as I was in one of those moods where I didn't know what to read, and so I was randomly scrolling through my kindle till something jumped out at me and screamed: "READ ME." Going into, I didn't have very high expectations and figured that there was going to be a lot of sex in the book with again a title like this. Turned out to be an excellent read and better than my initial expectations and more so too when I discovered it was an Australian book as sometimes they are too cliched using Australian slang which coming from this part of the world can irritate and grind on my nerves. The book starts with Cat whom is newly divorced from her husband who was a complete a-hole, and you get to learn more of his ways near the end of the book, and I loved how Cat grew some female balls and socked it to him. With none too little experience, she decides to write a list of 30 sexual experiences that she wishes to try and have. During her encounters, she sleeps with Jackson, and the sex is ah-mazing. Not wanting to have strings she tries to forget him, but he seems to pop up. Armed with her list, Jackson agrees to help Cat experience all 30 with him -if she will let him? Is Cat ready to be monogamous once again, or does she have some more exploring to do? 
Find out in 30 Lays in 30 Days by Kate J. Squires who is more so a journey of self-exploration in one woman's quest to discovering what she enjoys in terms of sexual pleasure and gratification.
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This was quite a story line. For some who think they may have missed out on things they should have done when young and free, it is a perfect living vicariously story. Cat and Jackson made me feel like I was part of the story. There were fun times, funny times and even a few absolutely awful times. Great story, good characters. nice humor.
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