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**3.5 Stars**

Melissa, a vampire, is already unique in I need to finish this sentence? I just called her a vampire, so...LOL Anyway, it seems as if the dating agency, Fated Match, she's joined, is unable to find her a match meeting the minimum of a seventy-five percent compatibility, so she agrees to let Abney, her friend and her sire, her father in almost all ways, Lucian's, new mate, change her profile criteria, therefore allowing more opportunities. Melissa has been yearning to find her mate and knows this may be her best chance as the agency deals with supernatural clients. As she's leaving, she's immediately drawn to the sexiest man as he walks in and seems to hone in on her as well. She learns he's interested in becoming a member, and as she has an inside source in Abbey, Melissa learns the next day that she's a ninety percent match with the gorgeous man.

Tarian, a necromance, knows it's safer if he keeps his heritage a secret. He does not want to become involved in the growing tension between vampires and his kind, especially as his people are forced to follow certain guidelines others aren't. Though he may have once fought alongside others like him to eradicate the world of vampires, he no longer believes in doing so. When he learns Melissa, and yes, he's aware of who and what she is, matched highly with him, he agrees to the date as he hasn't stopped thinking about her.

“Rating or not, I would have called you. The computer system is helpful, I suppose, but it doesn’t replace seeing someone for the first time and knowing.” - Tarian
“Knowing what?” - Melissa
A smile flashed over his face.“ That she should be yours.” - Tarian

After just one date, Tarian and Melissa both know they've discovered something special, a connection worth exploring, and they fully intend to. But it seems as if someone isn't as happy for them and decides to take steps to prevent their relationship from progressing. Unfortunately, the facts begin to add up for Tarian after he hears from Abbey, questioning him on a date that Melissa never showed for. Tarian knows his younger sister, Eilin, who has been listening to their grandfather and pushing toward fighting the vampires, is behind Melissa's disappearance.

When Tarian arrives where she's being held, obvious in his contempt and speaks of his plan in dating her to get close, Melissa can't fight the pain she feels over discovering the connection they shared was but a lie on his part. But if that's the case, why did Tarian help her escape and why would he assist her in hiding? Something isn't adding up about this situation, and though she deeply wants to believe Tarian, to trust his feelings for her are real, she's torn as she knows the history of vampires and necromancers.

“But at least you know you’ve got the power to bring a necromancer to his knees.” - Tarian to Melissa

Can Melissa trust Tarian? What if he must choose between her and his people, which means his sister as well? Is she just a means to an end to stop the war his grandfather is pushing for? Or does Tarian view her as more? Was everything on his part a lie, a ruse just so she'd let her guard down? Or did he truly feel the pull between them as she did? Will they accomplish their goal of stopping a fight between their species?  How will Melissa react when she learns Tarian used to hunt and kill her kind, though it's been decades since his life altering epiphany? Will Melissa have her own and realize maybe her people were too aggressive and hasty in their hatred of all necromancers? Will she see the good his people can do instead of only focusing on the bad? Can a necromancer and a vampire be together and get their HEA? Can they have a future together? Or will they face too many obstacles?

One-click now and follow along as two people whose species have been sworn enemies for all time, discover a love that's worth fighting everything and everyone for. This is the second book in the series, but I was able to follow the storyline without any trouble having not read the previous book.

**I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.**
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Sexy, edgy, a dark paranormal theme, this book was very easy to lose myself in and enjoy. The cover alone is worth drooling over and the synopsis really captured my interest. But it was the story that really won me. I like the characters and I loved the plot. This is easily one of the most interesting paranormal romances I read in a while. The author did a great job with this one and has me looking forward to more.
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When the paranormal utilizes a dating agency...  I think I have now read just about every new trope there is LOL.  Cute story.  You can survive reading this alone, but I would suggest reading the entire series.
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